1. M

    Duo valve

    Hello peoples, happy new year and all that. Having a problem with the heaters in the car, and from what i've read it seems that it might be the duo valve, but i have a couple of questions. 1. Do all cars come with the duo valve, or only ones with air con/CC? 2. Where can i find it under...
  2. C

    Quick duo valve query

    Star shows a duo valve stored fault. No idea what the duo valve (valves?) was/were so I checked this forum and now I'm an expert ready to roll, ahem. Can anyone confirm that the valve operates by pulsing fully open/shut, rather than opening progressively? Also, with ignition on, but engine not...
  3. S

    Heater duo valve

    How easy is a duo valve to fit, i:e can a novice diy it? any help would be appreciated. thanks for reading
  4. shanksy

    W124 Duo Valve

    Hi, Simple question but can't seem to find the answer anywhere : Is the duo valve the same from a 300ce as in a e220? Cheers Lee
  5. gtione

    Mercedes Bens Duo plus child seat

    Has anybody purchased a Duo plus child car seat from MB. I was just wondering how much they cost and what you think of them?
  6. shanksy

    Duo Valve

    I know the problems with the duo valve are well documented. My 220 coupe was quite lightly specced so im not sure exactly what heating system I have. I have the left/right temp dials and the fan speed and position dials but thats it, does this mean I have just a standard fan / heater or is...
  7. B

    w202 Duo valve

    Hi, Unfortunately my c class is blowing out hot air on the passenger side regardless of temp setting. The Drivers side is ok (cold when set to cold and hot when set to hot). I have done a search and want to know if i am right in thinking that this is a problem with the Duo Valve?
  8. M

    Dell inspiron 6400 core 2 duo Laptop WXVGA Screen, Multimedia

    £170 .ono cash on collection OR may post.... ---------------------- Dell Inspiron 6400 Centrino Duo Core 2 15.4" WXVGA High resolution & Anti glare & GLOSSY LCD Screen (1280 X800) Intel Centrino DUAL CORE 2 X 1.66GHz (3.32GHz) 256mb ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Hypermemory Video Graphics...
  9. L

    where can i find a duo valve in my w220 s430

    well. as above... i did try to find it on there forum but have been unable to do it. so could anybody tell me where i can find duovalve in my car. cheers
  10. M

    W202 Duo Valve

    Hi, If someone has the Heater Duo Valve from A W202 or maybe is breaking the whole Car please give me A shout. Thanks Mas
  11. A

    Test Duo valve

    Hi all For some reason after my side vents have been blowing lovely cold air and ive stopped the car for say 5 mins - when i get back in and and restart the car they sometimes blow very hot air? Also - it seems to say very hot until i turn the temp control dial all the way to cold - nothing...
  12. ourkidone

    Duo valve

    I have a MB220e and the heater is blowing continuous hot air,could the problem be the heater control valve? and where is it situated? Thank you
  13. M

    Duo Valve

    Hi Guys, Today i thought i'd have a crack at following parrot of dooms instructions on servicing my duo valve as one of the valves wasnt working, when i opened it up i found that it wasnt working because it was stuck. i followed the instructions and cleaned all the bits and lubricated. when i...
  14. Donald

    W124 Duo Valve - Location

    Just a quick one,having searched for ages on here i cant find out where the Duo Valve is located on my W124 Estate.Got a wee small heating issue and i think this might be the problem. PS- this is a fantastic site full of interesting posts and threads:rock:
  15. lynall

    W210 duo valve elec question

    Can anyone tell me when ign switched off does the duo valve shut up or stay in its last programmed position ie open or shut? Thanks Lynall
  16. design guru

    W140 Duo Valve

    I am looking for a Duo Valve for my W140 S320L 1995. Front DuoValve.
  17. coupe deville

    Bl00dy duo valves.

    When I bought the car the heater temp was full hot, this forum gave me the know how to strip/clean the duo valve. Been perfect up to now, now its back to full hot. I thought the duo valve would be ok so I've been checking other stuff, fuses, cabin temp sensor and vacuum, heater controls etc...
  18. Crazyjester900

    Duo Valve HELP!

    hey guys, Thanks to yet another great HOWTO i have removed my duo valve. Now that it is out i need help cleaning it. what should i clean it with and how do i clean out these pipes????? It's sitting in my garage now so speedy help would be great appreciated :) thanks again guys...
  19. F

    w124 Duo valves - heating.

    I've been trying to resolve the temperamental heating in my 300E. It doesn't always blow cold. Hot is no problem but when switching the dials to cold, warm is the best i can get. Sometimes it will stay on hot. I've had the duo valves apart and clean up all the parts (twice) and initially it...
  20. vijilants

    Great link on repairing duo valves / temp controllers

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