1. RichardF

    R129 duo valve/coolant circulation pump

    Okay so coolant leak from this area, stupid place to put them under the brake servo, can't see properly or work easily down there. I suspected the duo valve, I've had the thing apart in the past, to clean it up when jammed. However I can't see any obvious leak, the coolant circulator...
  2. K

    Duo Valve C220 CDI, easy to replace?

    Hi, My 11 year old C220 duo valve is a little lazy and Im thinking of replacing it, the price of the part doesn't seem to bad but what is it like to change? I can do most things although I am wondering if I should price it up at my local Indy. Regards, Steve...
  3. H

    W220 S350 Duo Valve replacement

    New to me car fixing continues.... Having jumped into older car ownership I fully expected to have to fix few niggles to get things ship shape, and I haven't been disappointed so far :-) Following on from my last thread of replacing the Crank Postition Sensor...
  4. AMGeed

    E55 duo valve

    Can any of the Indy's give me a rough estimate to replace a heating duo valve on a 2004 E55K please? Or of course anyone who has recently had this work done. Took my sister and Dad out for a run this afternoon and there were complaints from the back that there was hot air blowing at the rear...
  5. S

    Mercedes Duo Plus for sale

    I've just listed a Duo Plus seat on ebay and it reads like this... http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/151282422136?nav=SEARCH The item number 151282422136. The auction is for a brand new Mercedes Duo Plus child car seat. The seat has never been used in a car (with or without a child) and has not been...
  6. K

    S320 (W220) Duo Valve easy to fit?

    I believe my Duo Valve is faulty as there is very little heating although cooling is fine. If I were to find a used one can they be fitted fairly easily or do they need to be programmed to the car like an alarm module etc. Any ideas of a good place to get one from? S320 2004...
  7. J

    w124 duo valve information sought

    I am an infrequent poster here, so I will say hello. I have a s124 E300 diesel T (124.191). The car has factory fit air conditioning. The heater on the driver's side defaults to hot and only very slowly goes to cool and only then if I set it to maximum cold. The passenger side seems...
  8. M

    W124 duo valve screw

    Just managed to shear one of these whilst reassembling after a duo valve clean and heater matrix flush on a 1994 E300D estate. It's a M3 x 45mm and like a wood screw, but engaging in plastic. Torx/star pan head. Does anyone have a duo valve which is u/s which might provide one ? The duo valve...
  9. O

    W126 Duo Valve Repair Kit

    Hi All, Does anyone know the part number of the Duo Valve repair kit for a W126 300 SE, and the name of a supplier for this kit Osprey2
  10. E

    W202 Duo Valve

    In short i have a 99 C240 which only gives out luke warm heat, if i disconnect the duo valve heat is restored. Anybody know/think that replacing the duo valve will cure this or am i barking up the wrong tree.
  11. J

    Apple iMac 1.83ghz intel core duo 2gb 320gb

    Selling my trusty Apple imac (White plastic 2006 intel model) due to moving over to a portable mac. specs are as title (had memory and hard drive upgraded from standard) X1600 Ati Radeon graphics card isight video camera gigabit ethernet wifi (airport extreme 802.11g) Superdrive (DVD...
  12. Charles Morgan

    W210 duo valve

    wanted - no need to be new.
  13. Charles Morgan

    W210 duo valve

    Olly having done my evaporator, the air-con is now delightful. However, one problem remains. In a seemingly random way the right hand side vents (driver's) would start blowing hot air without any regard for the dialled in temperature, which was always warmer than the left anyway. Olly...
  14. SpanishBattery

    Duo valve capacitor value? (cheap fix)

    I've traced the heating problem on my W208 to a single capacitor (I think it's a capacitor), but I'm having real problems identifying the value. It's a blue ceramic disc type and the markings on it are: 07 K20 RU (the R is reversed and joined to the U) ______ 9946 My guess is it's a 20 Pf...
  15. N

    C32 AMG Duo Valve..........

    As the title..........where on earth is is positioned under the bonnet? Or does a 2003 have a mono-valve? It has the dual auto with the digital readout and the red and blue temperature buttons.....any help most appreciated...
  16. Borys

    W202 duo valve

    Hello every one, Small prob accured recently.All vents blow hot air only apart from the middle one.When I turn ac on after a while its cold then when I start the car again all windows steam up badly.Read on the forum that usually is the duo valve failing.Is there any way to say for sure before...
  17. T

    1996 e300 d duo valve P/N?

    Hi, Trying to idetify my dead duo valve, its from an estate diesel, with A/C. It has the exit port going to front of car, pump, two soleniods, then pipes on other end, two going to the matrix I assume, one with incoming arrow and what feels like the hot flow, and then a blanked off pipe exit...
  18. shanksy

    Duo Valve Tutorial

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial on replacing the Duo Valve on a W124 ? Mine is the non A/c model. I have trawled the usual places, peach parts etc and cant find anything. I have the replacement unit, garage quoted me £110 + VAT to fit but would rather do myself if possible. Thanks
  19. shanksy

    Duo Valve

    Hi all, I'm looking for a replacement Duo Valve for my '94 e220 Coupe W124 with the M111 engine. The part number I have been quoted at MB prices (£240) is 0018303984 After searching for a cheaper used part using that number however, I find the same part number is listed as for the M104...
  20. shanksy

    Duo Valve

    Looking for a replacement Duo Valve for my e220 coupe (W124 '94) it has the M111 engine. Ive been told the part number required is 0018303984. Thanks Lee
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