1. optimusprime

    new w124 front wing passenger side ebay

    Just spotted this on ebay new genuine mercedes passengers front wing near side . I need the driver side, but this is 1/2 the price you will get one from the maimn dealers .Now the seller said its genuine you will need to make sure before you click buy now button .I will have a stamp on inside...
  2. optimusprime

    ebay item number 140992636494

    I was looking for a magnet to fit on to my spin on oil filter, And looking i came across this , Filter Plus i found it tucked in the listings . Ebay number 140992636494 Just put it on the filter right now .A clever idea and an easy fit . ..
  3. optimusprime

    w124 coupe on ebay spare parts .

    Just came across this on ebay if anyone needs any parts . Item number -- 311924837177 By the way the wings are nbg . Thats why i was there .

    Another Ebay scam

    2008 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Limousine 4dr | eBay Mercedes-Benz S Class 6.0 S65 AMG Limousine 4dr Sometimes I wonder where the brains that nature has given people, goes.
  5. Z

    Ebay beware of hacking

    I had nothing to do all afternoon so gave Ebay Motors a bashing how would you like a 2015 Disco decent mileage for £12,000,the motor traders web site has been taken over as have at least 4others of course you have to pay a deposit within two hours.
  6. CLSMark

    eBay nightmare...

    Last night I sold my iPhone, I fell victim to an internet troll. Never paid and left me negative feedback. Here is the lovely correspondence Any of you guys had similar? Sent from my iPhone 7plus, which is exactly the same as the iPhone 3/4/5/6. Using Crapatalk
  7. I

    W124 Bits on ebay - others available

    Mercedes E-Class W124 rear view mirror, excellent order | eBay Hi, Breaking the car in the other items link. Please call 07808 369922 if you need anything, I'm running out of room. I only wanted a headlight lens and look what happened! Cheers, Paul
  8. Darrell

    Selling on ebay

    I've never done this before but after putting in all the details of the item that I'm selling it's telling me I must enter my pay pal details. It's a cash on collection sale and I haven't got a pay pal account. Must I have one anyway?
  9. Bluepaul

    Ebay rear parking sensors.

    New to me W211 which I'm really enjoying. The only slight problem is that it doesn't have the rear parking sensors. I can get a kit off of ebay for next to nothing, and I've used them before to fit to a mates car, which worked fine. The question is, can I get away with the basic kit or does...
  10. CLSMark

    My head unit for sale on eBay

    Happy to sell out of eBay. Just ping me a PM https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232343234990 Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  11. Kip W211

    Engine oil from eBay

    Hello guys I wanted to ask about your opinions What do you think about it It is worth of buying and use in the engine of course Auction number 152455267495 Mercedes Benz Genuine Engine Oil 229.51 Low Ash Oil 10L C Class CDI Models Thank you
  12. Darrell

    Ebay purchase.

    My wife wants to buy a Boardman bike off EBay . It's got a buy it now price. I want to see the bike for condition and size and as it's not a million miles away I can do this without a problem. This is new to me so do I press the B.I.N button and back out if it's unacceptable?
  13. M

    New appendage.

    Ten minutes ago my daughter pointed out that something was sticking out of the letter box. Upon investigating I was pleasantly greeted one of the best things I have ever witnessed, indeed the girls could not believe that their daddy had got quite so excited about finding a knob sticking through...
  14. C

    I'm Selling 4x 19'' Genuine A45 'Facelift' alloys & tyres on eBay

    As above please copy and paste into the eBay search 192175816886 for further details Thanks Mark
  15. optimusprime

    mercedes 190e 2 litre recon cyl head on ebay

    This is a part is on Ebay .My friend told me it was on there , as some relation of his is selling it .As they no longer have the car . It was recond and info is in the listing on Ebay if interested item number is-12354156670 .You would be happy with this cyl head And the .price is £185
  16. flowrider

    Ebay fraudster warning

    If anyone comes across an ebay member Davikandra-8 please be cautious. My son sold him an engine cover for a Seat Leon which was paid for, delivered to the purchaser and signed for only for the fraudster to do a chargeback with PayPal. My son has tried to make contact but had no response. The...
  17. Adamccc

    19" AMG Wheels and Tyre now on eBay

    19" AMG Wheels from my CLS63 AMG 19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels in Satin Black | eBay As New Bridgestone Tyre 285/30/19 (Cost me £240 and covered 100 miles before coming off for new set of MSS) New 19" Bridgestone Potenza 285/30/19 | eBay
  18. amar

    W124 hardtop on ebay

  19. S

    Ebay and Email Hacked

    My uber account was somehow hacked a couple of weeks ago resulting in me deleting the app and no longer using uber. Not sure how this happened as I don't use uber on pc Yesterday, I had to change my password in order to log into ebay and saw messages stating "unauthorised use of my account"...
  20. E63AMG

    A bit or Chinese eBay bling [emoji23]

    Not for everybody granted, but worth a play for £20! Should be good for a couple of bhp & a couple of tenths off the 0-60 mph time.
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