1. E

    E-Class -COMAND not working properly after windscreen replaced

    I don't know if anyone can shed any light on this problem with W213 widescreen COMAND. Windscreen had a crack and was replaced by MB main Dealer (at cost of nearly £700). After this, the COMAND is not fully working - after entering a destination the time does not count down as you drive to the...
  2. Y

    E-class 200d or 220d?

    Hello everyone and it's my first time on here. I am about to order a brand new E200d (SE) factory made for November, however the dealer has a brand new E220d (SE) available immediately at around the same price. As far as I can see on the mercedes website, these cars engines are identical in CO2...
  3. T

    New E-Class Coupe - Wheels decision

    Hi all, I am about to purchase my first ever Mercedes having previously been driving BMW or Audi. I've decided to go for a new E-Class coupe and am considering upgrading to the 20" alloy wheels. I've heard that the ride can be a little firmer but is there anything else I should be...
  4. addbuyer

    E-Class Estate All Terrain

    Likey :thumb: or no likey :doh
  5. P

    W211 Eclass Kompressor Auto 2006

    Sometimes ( hot weather ?? ) car does not rev well and hestitates ( feel it before it changes to 3rd ) under light throttle. Under heavy throttle its fine. No error codes. Does anyone have any ideas please.
  6. K

    Anyone gone from E-Class Estate to C-Class Estate?

    It's big. Toying with the idea of down-sizing my W211 E Class 320 cdi Estate to the equivalent age smaller petrol C-Class Estate. As it's very hard to get dealers to allow test drives unless you guarantee to buy their car, I'm asking on here for your valued opinions if any of you have made...
  7. T

    E-Class Cabrio Prices now on MBUK Website...

    I'll have to start saving..... :cool:
  8. T

    2013 Mercedes Benz E-Class Avantgarde or Sport?

    Hi there, I am looking to purchase a 2013 Mercedes Benz E250 CDI Saloon (in the older 4 square lights look) but am unsure on the Avantgarde or the Sports model? From what I can gather the Avantgarde has full leather seats and is more of a luxury feel to it? The Sport version has half...
  9. M

    Petrol saloon/coupe E-Class under £3000

    I have a new role which means visiting customers.( self employed ) and I would like a stylish car that isn't too brash but nice looking- hence the E-Class I like the shape of the 05/06 E-Class Kompressor I will only do about 6k miles a year so want a petrol saloon/coupe and not worried...
  10. 2

    2016 E-Class W213 Interior Mirror

    Hi, Does anyone who has a new E-Class have a rattle in the interior mirror. The garage say they have fixed the issue by replacing a 'bracket' they ordered from Germany but when you just tap the back of the mirror (very lightly) it sounds and vibrates like a very cheap bit of plastic which is...
  11. J

    Mercedes E-Class S213 (Estate) - Quality Issues

    I have taken ownership of a new 2017 Mercedes E-Class 220D at the end of March. The £50,200 car has been fantastic...for the first 1000 miles. The Good: Consumption average around 46mpg Air suspensions are fantastic. Driving quality is excellent both in Sport+ mode for fun and Comfort for...
  12. O

    Brake Pad Wear Indicator - E-Class W212

    The 'Check Brake Pad Wear' warning light on my 2013 e-class illuminated for the first time today and I am wondering what percentage are the pads worn when this light comes on? Reason for asking this is that my car is due to be part exchanged in a month and I am relunctant to change the...
  13. A

    W211 E-Class Roof

    Hi, Can someone please let me know the part number for highlighted part in the attached picture. This is the part where you put the rack for any overhead luggage. This is for W211 E270 cdi 2003 model. Thanks Azeem
  14. A

    Mudflaps for W213 Eclass ?

    Evening all, just wondered if anyone has successfully managed to get a set of mudflaps for a W213 Eclass saloon ( AMG Line ) , I'm trying to get a set of the body moulded type but they seem to exclude fitment to the AMG line & Sport models ? ? Any help greatly appreciated :thumb:
  15. F

    Dealer settlement for 2016 E Class

    Hello all, I am looking to give up my car for nothing more than a dealer finance settlement as I have bought a new car it has become my weekend car and I sometimes drive it less than 6 times a month! Details of the car as below, E220 AMG Night Edition (2016) Obsidian Black Metallic...
  16. N_Jepson

    Q: W213 E-Class Media Register HDD

    Apologies if this has been answered before (I did search the forum). I've recently taken delivery of a W213 E Class with the latest comand with but for life of me I cannot see the option (or how to) copy MP3 from a USB stick to the HDD part of the Media Register. The dealer has said it is...
  17. B

    eclass e200 estate rear suspension

    my E200 estate has a problem with the rear suspension some times it is sitting way down it comes up after a few minutes on tick over then it may not happen for weeks any ideas?
  18. G

    2014 EClass telephone

    Hi i have e class which receives texts and can be read out on command is there a way to send texts via command
  19. A

    W211 (E-Class) LED Cluster for Right Rear Brake Light

    I had to replace the whole offside rearlamp unit on my 2005 C-Class Saloon because one lens was broken. This means that the working LED cluster from the unit I removed is available if anybody needs one. If your car is the same body-type, and needs a replacement brake light LED cluster, this...
  20. Bruce Wayne

    Mercedes Benz Luggage Net Mesh Pocket Boot Floor W212 W213 C218 E-Class

    Hi all, I have a spare luggage net as per the tittle. It came with my E-Class 220d but never used it. See photos. Mercedes Benz Luggage net Boot floor Black Part Number: A 212 868 00 74 Black New £35 plus postage. Alternatively you are more then welcome to collect, I'm based in...
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