1. S

    Cd player in the glove compartment wont eject

    Any ideas how i can eject the cd holder. It wont eject when i press the eject button.
  2. fast_eddie

    NTG 2.5 won't eject or load CDs

    Hi all, A quick question to those who know these things: I loaded a commercial CD into the NTG 2.5 (6-DVD changer in the head unit) today, first time in a while. It did not recognize the CD, but shows slot 1 occupied. Try and eject it, it does not come out but then shows slot 1 as empty. Does...
  3. T

    Cd will it eject from command unit

    Hi guys Have cl 500 yr 2005 Anyone got a quick fix for my cd problem. I inserted a pucka cd into the command unit but it is not reading it. Keeps saying no cd -- and it won't eject the disc. I put in in the correct side up. I've never had a hint of problem until today Any quick fix to help...
  4. SchwarzesAMG

    No DVD Eject Comand NTG2 (CLK W209)

    Hello, recently i installed a comand ntg2 unit in my clk w209 unit was wroking properly for some days and with it i received a 9.1 version dvd of the maps, when i inserted v12 update lasted for 4-5 seconds and units started acting weird, i had no sats on the gps etc. So withing engineering...
  5. C

    w203 command unit v2 wont eject nav disc

    I have w203 c class I believe it is command v2 unit .The nav was working intermittently. ie. I started the car, the Nav splash screen would load and would say no disc inserted then half way through the journey. The cd slot seemed to start recognise the nav cd and the maps would load up ok but it...
  6. rossy

    w220 S class 2000 Nav disk eject?

    My Nav will not eject the disc...? Is there a reset?:wallbash:
  7. BTB 500

    Drive won't eject CD - advice?

    As above! The CD drive on our home PC has an audio CD in it which won't eject (it's been there some weeks - the machine also has a DVD 'combo' drive which is fine). The CD isn't "jammed" as it will play happily if you fire up media player, just that I can't get it out. Tried the various...
  8. J

    cd wont eject c class w203 2003

    can anyone help ,looks like my daughter has put a cd into the console on top of another cd(because i cant find the one that was in earlier)it said no disc inserted so she put another one in,how do i remove the comand unit and remove these.
  9. H

    Audio APS 30 Unit will not eject CD

    I'm installing an Audip 30 APS into my W210. Yesterday I had the speed signal sorted by the ICE shop (CAN Bus wired in ) and after a few runs, the unit is now navigating really well. However....now I have another problem : the Eject button does not eject the Nav CD ! When I press the button...
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