1. D

    Delay in engaging reverse gear

    Hello everyone. I have a 1998 A160 W168 with an automatic transmission (722.7). Ever since I bought it a year or so ago it has had a problem with the reverse gear. When selected, it will engage fine when the engine is cold, but then it only engages after a delay when the engine is running hot...
  2. M

    W210 E240 Auto occasional problems engaging drive

    Sometimes, if I shift to neutral when waiting at traffic lights the box does not want to engage drive when it's time to set off. I move the lever to 'D' but nothing happens, though it always engages eventually after a bit of shifting the lever back and forth after about 15 seconds or so...
  3. markjay

    Engaging a Suspect - from Around the World

    PCSOs show how to engage a suspect: http://metro.co.uk/2015/03/28/knife-wielding-man-trips-up-and-gets-tasered-in-failed-robbery-5125006/ French Police demonstrate how to not engage with the suspects...
  4. C

    W202 C230 Supercharger not engaging

    Last couple of days my supercharger wont engage. It was working perfectly before, and then I got in the car the next day and nothing. I have driven it several times since and the supercharger has not engaged once. Will be getting the car checked out by a garage this week to read codes but...
  5. robjogs

    clk 230 compressor not engaging??

    Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on why the supercharger wouldn't engage ??
  6. Azim

    car not starting, gears not engaging

    hi, i purchased a w211 about 2 months ago...and so far i have spent £500!:mad: But now it seems that i will spend more than that....I took a drive from Leicester to Birmingham (50 miles) in the rainiest weather ever! Got to my destination and the car would not come off D...No reverse...
  7. A

    juddering as engaging clutch

    Dear Techies, The other day I was stuck in traffic, forgot I was in 3rd gear and I lifted off the clutch very suddenly to move and the car jolted backwards and forwards then stalled (as any car would if put in a gear too high for it). Now since this has happened, every time I engage 1st gear...
  8. R

    ML270 Auto box not engaging neutral

    Hi. I have a 2005 ML270 and have a problem with the automatic gearbox. When I apply the brakes in order to stop completely, it does not engage itself into neutral. So although I'm stationary with the brake on, the car is still trying to pull forward. My temporary solution is to slip it into...
  9. P

    Jerk / clunk when engaging Drive

    Hi My c200 (1999) has started to jerk when from cold it is put into D or R. However, it doesn't always do it. Could this be wear in the drive couplings? Or low fluid? It drives fine otherwise Cheers.
  10. boomtings

    W124 e320 not engaging 5th gear

    my car will not change to 5th gear. What are the possible causes for this? I found a thread somewhere , that stated to loosen the throttle cable by a turn. should i try this? regards Boomtings
  11. C

    Difficult engaging 1st & 2nd when cold maual gearbox

    I have a 2001 270cdi manual and have great problems getting 1st & 2nd when cold. After a few miles it is fine. Any ideas
  12. A

    Drive Delayed Engaging

    When the car's in Neutral and I go to Drive and accelerate there is a delay before it drives. I had a gearbox oil leak which has now been repaired and instructed the specialist to top it up again as expected but was wondering if its been topped up enough. Does this sound like a low fluid level...
  13. jasohal

    A/C Compressor not engaging ?

    Guys, Just had the codes read from the ECU on my 320 coupe. A/C Compressor clutch not engaging came up.. Funny thing is I haven't tried the A/C for about 2 months now so did not really notice anything. Anyway, I tried pressing the EC button as per normal - light goes out but no cold...
  14. alesantana

    202, 250 Td Vibration When Engaging Drive

    PLEASE HELP: W202, 250 Td Vibration When Engaging Drive PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!!! W202, 250 TD Estate 1999. Automatic. When the car is cold I get a vibration :mad: (Front-right) as soon as drive is engaged, that disappear as the car starts moving. I don´t get the vibration when engaging...
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