1. M

    Are om646 engines all the same?

    Hi, i'm looking to swap my 2008 Sprinter 646 engine. I did that once and put second hand engine from vito van. Only needing to change cover and sump. As it's 9 years already when euro 5 was introduced it is really hard to find low miles sprinter or vito euro 4 engine. Would any om646 engine be...
  2. D

    W203, C klasse, Cdi engines.

    Hello there, I`ve read horror stories concerning camdrive chains stretching/snapping etc. Cdi 200; 220, 270 engines. Which are fitted with a single chain and which are fitted with a duplex chain? and which years if changes have been made? Still running my trusty e300 td (duplex); but `er...
  3. c180081c

    Brabus Xtra Power for Petrol engines

    Has anybody had any experience with the brabus tuning box for the petrol engines? Seen these retailing for £1400 are they worth a punt if one appears on eBay? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. S

    Vito 2.1 Engines smoking when idling

    Hi there everyone, this is my second post! I have a vito 111cdi and when it's been idling for a short period it starts bellowing out white smoke and think with a hint of blue in it if that's possible. When accelerating the smoke gets worse for a short time then disperses. Anyone have any ideas...
  5. 190

    New Mercedes Engines

    Straight sixes are back and the there is new 48 Volt electrical system that has been a long time coming. It powers what would usually have been belt driven auxiliaries and an electric turbo. Electrical power comes from a "Dynastart" type combined starter and alternator in the flywheel...
  6. 219

    Germany to ban combustion engines by 2030 ?

  7. D

    How do engines get their sound?

    Was at a meeting this morning and got chatting to what turned out to be another petrolhead who's just bought a brand new M4. He loves the car but the sound that emits from the exhaust is actually quite offensive and it's starting to take the gloss off the ownership quite quickly for him. So...
  8. sjmaxwell

    pair of M113 air filters (and other engines) - A2730940404

    Brand new genuine Mercedes air filters for M113 and other engines in original box £35, free post to mainland UK
  9. Cyclone1

    New PCS Under Bonnet Cooling Tank and Accessories - 55k Engines

    New PCS Under bonnet cooling tank and fitting accessories. Consists of; PCS Cooling tank 5m 19mm ply hose 8 x 90 deg bend connectors Radiator cap for the tank Everything you need if you want to improve cooling on the 55k Engined cars. Provides lower temps and is a great upgrade for...
  10. A

    W211 facelift engines in prefacelift body

    Hi. I made the decision to replace my accord for something more comfy. I would be looking for w211 but with limited budget. I've heard the best option is to buy facelift model. However it came to my attention that they are some models around 2005 having eg. prefacelift body (no visible...
  11. E

    Have Red Bull Racing paid anything for this year's engines yet?

    Large yellow French registered artic parked in layby opposite the Tilbrook factory yesterday for more than 4 hours. Renault Formula 1 decals on the lorry. Wonder if there is some "friction" still? Maybe waiting to collect last years old unwanted engines?
  12. Gregor

    Most reliable petrol engines

    Hi, What are the most reliable Mercedes petrol engines? I mean, modern engines, let's say fitted in cars up to 10 years old now.
  13. 350e

    Why all future engines might be hybrids

    Redditch, UK 19 August 2015 At the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, GKN Automotive will demonstrate new technologies that will make hybrids the driveline of choice for future drivers. The company’s stand (Hall 5.1, B32) will also display the torque vectoring all-wheel drive system that drives...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Engines According to Halfords

    Pretty much sums up Halfords in general to be honest: Obviously written by the ex-McDonalds worker who has started. HERE
  15. ShinyF1

    E Class V6 Petrol Engines

    I'm thinking about replacing the trusty S210 and fancy a rare petrol V6, either in late facelift S211 or early very rare S212 E350 guise. Is there anything to be concerned about with the engines in these models? Would a very late S211 be a better bet than an early S212? Would be glad to hear...
  16. D

    Why dosnt the CLA have cleaner CO2 engines??

    Was considering the CLA as a company car but was staggered to find that the BIK tax value is shockingly more expensive than the C Class. Why is this?? In essence its only an A Class with a boot
  17. A

    Replacement Engines

    You guys have been brilliant for advice so thought I would ask this one here too and hope thats ok. My son has our old 318i 2.0L "03" reg BMW that I need to get a reconditioned engine for/fitted. Are there any recommendations please? Car has been in the family from nearly new so dont want to...
  18. gaz_l

    VAG twincharged engines

    Evening, all. I've been thinking of chopping in the Panda for something a little more lively, and something that's flagged up as a possible is the Skoda Fabia Vrs/VW Polo Gti/Seat Ibiza Cupra in their 1.4TSi 180BHP guise. However, it does appear that there may be issues with timing chain...
  19. A

    Brabus D5 for sale CDI 280 300 engines 5 cylinder

    Brabus D5 (iii) Tuning Chip Mercedes ML GL G C E R 280 300 CDI diesel remap | eBay for sale on eBay looks like a bargain
  20. T


    Hi. Does the M276 engine suffer with the same problems of earlier M272 engines, ie. balance shaft issues etc. Many Thanks.
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