1. P

    W213 new E class.. Essential options and which to avoid?

    I've looking at getting a new E220d and whilst I'm more or less set on the spec I wonder if I'm speccing it to be the best car for value/ease of use. Clearly a base se with nothing on it will depreciate the least but is there a sweet spot? Firstly I'm torn over se and amg spec. I love the...
  2. E

    Summer essential offers 2016

    Up To 35% Of All Car Shampoos We're the UK's number one supplier of car accessories and parts, stocking everything you could possibly need whether you're looking to improve the look, feel or sound of your car. Some car accessories are designed to improve safety, while others are more...
  3. Lee C63

    Essential mod for a M156 "oil catch can"

    During the Supercharger install I added a Weistec Oil/Catch can just as a precautionary measure and after reading reviews on the American websites I thought it couldn’t hurt. We removed it yesterday (while I was at MSL) and we were all surprised to find probably 20-25mm of oil/condensation in...
  4. D

    Essential Advice needed

    Ladies and Gentleman, I have a question that only the wisdom and knowledge of MBclub members can answer. It's a question of great importance as all in the house have been looking to this for many days.... Our situation is complicated by a light dusting (2cm) of snow, and a short steep hill...
  5. jimmyca69

    W211 E55 - some essential questions

    Hi all Have been trying to research this more and more so as not to be the noob who asks the same questions and I believe I have answered most of my queries - however there are a couple I am not 100% sure on: So here goes: 1) Warranty - are Warranty Direct any good for this car? will it...
  6. mercmanuk

    wd 2tb my book essential external hdd

    wd 2tb usb 3.0 my book essential external hdd main unit unmarked still has plastic on usb 3.0 lead plug top transformer"2 pin type so using a shaver socket supplies" £90+postage ono
  7. E

    LSD for the C63 AMG, a luxury or essential?

    Hi there. I am looking for a c63 amg but looking for the right match. I wanted to ask a few questions about the LSD and PPP upgrade 1) Can someone explain what benefits a LSD will provide me on a day to day basis? 2) Is LSD a luxury or an essential upgrade in your opinion. 3) With regards...
  8. Palmball

    I told you lot the LSD was essential.... these slippery conditions to drive your powerful RWD car round roundabouts the proper way! Push the ESP button so 'Sport' lights up on the dash (if you dare, hold it down for a few seconds ;)) Enter a roundabout at slow-medium speed Take a wide'ish angle then turn in Blip the...
  9. Noodle-Pulp

    Essential Skills

    Having watched a lady trying unsuccessfully to parallel park outside ny house for what seemed like an eternity this morning (ok ok... it was only 27 minutes) - it struck me that someone so badly in control of their vehicle probably shouldn't be on the road. (EDIT: she gave up in the end and...
  10. Carrotchomper

    Essential new MB accessory- Available soon in UK

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but made me :D ... Trunk monkey linkey
  11. S

    An essential accessory for SLR owners Maybe some people's taste but it looks to me like a classic 'Monaco' thats fallen out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down :crazy: The price - getting on for 5 figures...
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