1. R

    Cheap Petrol From Europe

    I've got a plan, while I'm over in Europe picking up my job lot of cheap fags/beer, I'm thinking of taking a petrol taker and filling that up while I'm at it........Cheap petrol as well......Yippeeee....Do you think I'll be ok getting through customs if I say the petrol is for personal use???:devil:
  2. B

    Classic cars market in Europe

    Dear members of the forum, I am currently writing my thesis on the classic cars market in Europe. I have prepared a brief questionnaire to submit to all owners/enthusiats of classic cars all over the continent. You would be of great help if all those interested were to complete the...
  3. J

    R230 SL - Xenon Headlights in Europe

    Can I just confirm, is it a dealer job to switch my headlights over to driving on the wrong side of the road? I've popped the back off one of the Xenon units but there's no obvious little switch to fiddle with. Thanks, Jon
  4. G

    Headlights and Europe .....

    Ive searched but to no avail ( is the nearest i can find ) Im heading to france in a W208 1998 CLK, Im not sure if it has Xenons or not ( how do i check ? ) basically ive read about a lever on the back of the...
  5. Gollom

    Bi-Xenons - switching for driving in Europe

    Greetings! I understand that these can be "switched" for driving on the right. Anybody know how to do this? Have been through the manual and can't find any reference. Help would be very much appreciated Steve
  6. B

    Comand Navigation DVD 5.1 Europe

    Hello everyone, Yesterday while I was searching eBay I found this auction It’s about the new version of the European map for comand (v5.1). Since I live in Greece and since it’s the first...
  7. P

    Service costs: UK vs Europe?

    I have a "C" service due in 1000 miles. Could I save money by servicing in France (and combine with a holiday)? Has anyone looked into this? Paul
  8. R

    A/B/C/CLK COMAND-APS Map Disk 6.1 (Europe) now available

    Ive just been told by my friendly German dealer that they have just sent me my copy of 6.1 for A/B/C/CLK/Smart-ForFour It is meant to have TMC for UK in it. Mine will arrive in a day or two and I will confirm that It will be much cheaper to buy it from Germany than from UK ... The retail...
  9. Maff

    Navigation CD - Major Roads of Europe

    I've been having a clear out and found another Tele Atlas COMAND nav CD, for use in all CD based DX COMAND units in E, S, CL, SL, CLK, C, ML, and G class cars. This one is: - Major Raods of Western Europe 2002 £35 Includes first class shipping. Matt
  10. jukie


    Can anyone tell me, in layman's terms, what the pros & cons are for staying in/pulling out of the EU? I'm not looking to spark a political debate/slanging match ( :eek: :D ), just facts, views and opinions, as unbiased as possible.
  11. simonl

    Are parts from Europe cheaper?

    Hi all, I got a quote for some SLK facelift sideskirts today and it was blinking pricey imo; £365 for a couple of bits of (unpainted) plastic. :eek: I was wondering if the parts would be cheaper if i could get them from mainland europe. (since servicing seems a lot cheaper). if so...
  12. design guru

    Wanted Tele Atlas Europe

    I am after a Sat-nav disk for Europe Roads. Please email if you have one available.
  13. Simon

    Cite Europe shopping complex, France

    Would it make for a good day out / retail therapy? I am thinking of taking the family via euro tunnel at some time during the school holidays. If it's all beer and cigarettes, then I'm not likely to bother going. Let me know what you found if you've been. Thanks.
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