1. Alfie

    Comand (Europe) Ltd

    Exclusive members offer: Qualifying MBClub uk members recive a 5% discount on all quotations for retrofits to their vehicles. Click here to see if you are eligible Comand (Europe) Ltd are the leading specialists in supplying and fitting Comand, Linguatronic, Media interface kits, UHI phone...
  2. nick mercedes

    fiat to buy chrysler and gm europe? And thus end up as the worlds number 2 automaker. Or though some might say that Fiat's products have been number 2s for years...
  3. marty359

    Got any Europe driving tips?

    Does anyone on here drive to Italy via the Alps every year or know the route well? Im getting married in Siena in August and will be driving back via the Alps to Calais in the guzzler:) The cars going on an overnight train on the way down but I was just looking for any handy tips for the way...
  4. R

    Driving in Europe.

    I have recently returned from a trip from Surrey to Regensburg, a distance of some 700 miles each way. Average speed on the journey there was 78mph using fuel at the rate of 24mpg. Return journey figures were 78mph and 22.4mpg. Four people and a load of luggage. All figures from the trip...
  5. crockers

    Britain Has the most dangerous drivers in Europe ...FACT..

    Has to be a fact or why else does Britain have more speed / safety cameras than any other country in Europe ...........or in fact more than the whole of europe put together...:mad: For anyone who has driven in other parts of EU...............lets get real now..:devil:
  6. M

    Comand APS Navigation DVD 9.1 Europe

    Bought this a few days ago, have done what I needed to do with it, so now offering it for sale here. Obviously it has now been opened, but it is in as new condition. £130 to MBClub members inc postage by Recorded delivery. Contains many updates for UK roads, including the A1 M62 junction...
  7. T

    Converting W211 Xenon Headlamps For Driving in Europe

    Is this possible? I have read threads covering other vehicles and some are fitted with levers to make the headlamps symmetrical beam for driving 'on the wrong side' The car manual mentions it can be done and to see my dealer but I run my own business and consequently I never get round to...
  8. D

    Mercedes Receives 10,000 Orders for New GLK-Class in Western Europe

    Did you order one?
  9. sobeus

    FS: APS 50 Navi CD:S all Europe.

    Hello! I have for sale the original mercedes 2007/2008 version 9.0 Navi Cd package. It includes 5 CD:s for all europe. Comes with original package. These are the countrys it has: CD1: DK, FIN, GB, IRL, N, S CD2: A, CH, CZ, D, FL CD3: B, F, L, MC, NL CD4: GR, H, I, PL, RSM, SK, SLO, V CD5...
  10. Piff

    Breakdown Insurance - Europe

    I'm off to France & Spain in a few weeks time. Car is just over 3 years old and no longer has manufacturers breakdown cover. As I probably will not keep the car too much longer (and I don't feel any great need for breakdown cover on this particular car in the UK) I'm reluctant to take out an...
  11. W

    Using USA Comand in Europe

    Hi folks, First off, I'm a newbie here, and so apologise in advance for asking something which may be listed in an FAQ somewhere. Recently bought a US Comand 2.0 for my 2001 C180 (W203). The system has no TV or SAT button. Part# A203 820 92 89 Nobody can tell me if it is possible to use this...
  12. Satch

    UK diesel cheapest in Europe without taxes

    Diesel in Britain would be the cheapest in western Europe if the punitive taxes were scrapped, the Government admitted today. Business Secretary John Hutton published official figures showing the UK also had the second cheapest unleaded petrol before tax and duty were added. The revelations...
  13. 230K

    Motoring Pics from recent Europe trip

    Hi Just got back from a week in France and Holland and have a few motoring pics from my 1800 mile trip. 230K's mount just before heading off with all 7 of us. Got as far as Paris from Belfast via Stranraer and tunnel. Stopped for fuel on M25 somewhere that was our only stop until...
  14. grober

    Europe's most dangerous drivers.

    Sounds as if Baltic states are the ones to avoid! Very little drink driving police prevention.
  15. crockers

    Using COMAND in Europe

    Does COMAND automatically give distances and directions in metric when one is abroad or do I have to do something to set this up? Thanks
  16. Theothers

    Comand DVD from europe

    I didn't know which section to post this so sorry if its wrong. I am looking for a navigation DVD for a C class and from other posts it seems European e-bay is the way to go. My question is, can you pay via a UK paypal account and they convert to euros (presumably at a cost) or do you have...
  17. B

    Will an American iPhone work in Europe?

    My wife is an Apple fanatic; ipods, mac books, iMacs and Granny Smiths as well probably. She wants an iPhone for Christmas. I read recently that the price was down to $399 in the US. If I bought one there would it work in Europe? If not would it be possible and practical to make the necessary...
  18. esox

    Tomtom one Europe - deals?

    Going to Germany on Thurs and borrowing a mates Tomtom one V2 Europe,and am so impressed with it i`m going to buy one for myself and Mrs Esox(to share - not one each!). Before i pull the trigger,anyone know of any deals at the moment? Cheers.
  19. A

    Sat Nav Mpas for Europe?

    Hello, Do the command systems have maps for Europe (full or a major roads?) If not can maps be bought? We havn't got it yet but its for my dads SL Thanks
  20. B

    Forgotten Grand Prix circuits of Europe

    Today's Observer: The printed version gives a map. Nice basis for a tour. Okay - no pun intended in title but cannot edit it out.
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