1. Satch

    Alerts to threats in 2011: Europe

    You may have already seen this but worth reposting as it is the considered output of one of the finest minds the world has to offer: "The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from "Run" to "Hide." The only two higher levels in France are...
  2. C

    TomTom One IQ Routes (V4) with latest WEST EUROPE Map

    TomTom One V4 IQ Routes. Latest West Europe Map Installed. Used, not abused condition. Comes with EasyPort Mount and Car Charger. £50 + Postage if needed. Glasgow/Lanarkshire Area For Collection/Meeting. Quick iPhone Pics.......
  3. D

    Europe Again

    The annual trawl for information on... london(gb) - calais(f) - ghent(b) - antwerp(b) - eindhoven(nl) - duisberg(d) - berlin(d) - warsaw(pl) - augustow(pl) - kaunas(lt) - zarasai(lt) - daugavpils(lv) - rezekne(lv) - terehova(lv) - dmitrov(rus) Specifically I am interested in current road...
  4. I

    Headlight switching for Europe (LHD).

    Hi All. Is there a way to switch the headlights for driving in France & Spain on my 2002 W220 S320cdi, other than using the Halfords type of beam deflector, as these look dodgy to fit with the sloped light covers, ie, how would you fit them?

    Driving in Europe - what's it all about?

    This week I'm on a trip around the Northern part of europe in my car and have visited UK, France, Belgium, NL, Germany and Denmark. The driving standards vary immensely from country to country, and I think in Belgium I have at last found a place where people drive more agressively and...
  6. Barbanasos

    Wheels shipping to Europe.

    Pretty much as the title says. I need to send some wheels I bought here, over to Greece. I know some members trade wheels and parts in general and just wondered if anyone could recommend a company from experience. The wheels are 18 inch and have Tyres on as well, but could throw these away as...
  7. D

    Europe Trip

    I am currently holed up in a hotel in Kaunas, Lithuania. Tomorrow the Russian Border and Moscow. So far the C230K has performed well. Fuel economy 34.1, 34.5 and 35.0 mpg over 1,244 miles total. Only another 700 miles to go roughly. The Polish single carriage roads have allowed me to...
  8. D

    COMMAND APS 2007/2008 Europe Navigation DVD V9.1

    Hi All, As in the title: COMMAND APS 2007/2008 Europe Navigation DVD V9.1 Part numbers A1698275659 B67823893 for sale. Disk is fully working and in good condition, without original box. Looking for around £45 which will include Royal Mail special deleivery postage for MB Club members...
  9. A

    Going driving round some parts of Europe

    I have a set journey that I'm going to do, I'm going to go through (in no particular order), France - will set foot in Calais, Belgium, Holland and possibly Germany. Question: Is there anything I need to know in terms of driving laws or any tips/advice you guys can give me? I've never...
  10. dokalj

    Mb europe

    Hi, Does anyone know the contact e-mail or address for MB Europe, not MB UK Customer Assitance. My vehicle was ordered directly from Germany, however MB UK do not have any information on this. Has anyone got a car directly from Germany? Is there a seperate PDI sheet supplied to the...
  11. lynall

    Comand major roads of europe question

    The 09 disc is titled as uk and tmc and major roads of europe. So does it cover only major roads ie motorways and other main roads or will it actually take me to my hotels? ie in town centres, petrol stations etc etc Bloody TomTom:doh: Lynall
  12. flamez

    headlight Alignment - Europe

    Hi I'm planning to go to Europe in my R171, do I have to go to the dealers to realign the headlights? In my previous BMW there was a switch behind the headlight but I cant see one on the merc and nothing in the handbook.
  13. W

    Britain has worst quality of life in Europe, study says

    Time for all the gloom-mongers to wollow. Britain has worst quality of life in Europe, study says - Telegraph Please pick up your litter before leaving the country ;) Personally if I 'had' to leave I'd chose somewhere like Finland to live. Nice friendly people and a beautiful country...
  14. M

    Comand APS Map DVD Europe 2009/2010 (V11.0)

    Hi guys, Does anyone already have this DVD? Comand APS Map DVD Europe 2009/2010 (V11.0) V11.0 (MB part number A 69 827 65 59) mapping DVD for Europe. First Released Mid July 2009.
  15. marty359

    2700 miles around Europe in the C32

    Im not one for doing massive write ups but ive recently completed a 2700 mile trip in 17 days around europe in the C32 across France,Holland,Belgium,Luxemburg,Switzerland and Italy and oohh what fun its been, we had miles and miles of empty motorways on the way back from Italy and great twisty...
  16. jim4

    Free to a good home -> DVD Europe Comand APS Ver 4.0

    Free to a good home -> Mercedes-Benz DVD Europe Comand APS Ver 4.0 A1698272059 / B67823386. Works with A-Class (>09/2004), C-Class (>04/2004), CLK-Class (>06/2004) and Smart ForFour. UK and Europe mapping including TMC for some European countries. Used condition as it was in my car till...
  17. Spinal

    Minibus Driving in Europe?

    So a group of friends and I want to do a road trip to celebrate our communal finding of new jobs... I saw some minibuses on ebay for just under £2K, which divided amongst 4 people works out to about £500 each, which is doable... but if we get and fifth or a sixth, then it gets better...
  18. S

    Best insurance with cover for driving in Europe

    Hi guys Just thought I'd tap your collective knowledge on which are the best insurance companies that offer cover for driving in europe. Most I have found cover trips of up to 90 days, Whilst this would be ok, I'd prefer cover for longer if possible...any tips?? Help much appreciated.
  19. B

    Europe's nicest car! Custom SLK

    On Pistonheads Jings, crivvens, and help ma Boab! Never thought I'd see headrest LCD screens in a 2 seater! Mercedes : Total Custom Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor or Mercedes Benz SLK "Custom" - - Danmarks strste bilgalleri For sale at £39K!
  20. C

    169 headlights/headlamps Europe conversion

    hi all, I hesitate to ask what is such an FAQ, especially as a similar question was asked recently, but I'm struggling to find answers... I'm not sure exactly what lights we have; ours is a 169 A-class "A150 Elegance SE" ordered early 2005; we did not order any non-default external...
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