1. A

    I give up trying to explain it

    The hottest day of the year and the wife arrives home from work in a black car with all four windows open. Why have you got the windows open I ask? Cos it's boiling hot, why do you think, she asks Well put the air conditioning on then I said. No point, it's obviously cooler to have...
  2. poormansporsche

    Explain to me about Non Resistor Spark plugs please ???

    Morning, My early C230K needs the Non Resistor type spark plugs but the post facelift C230K has resistor type spark plugs. I went to MB to buy a new set of leads as mine are degrading somewhat (the car hunts a bit when you touch them) but the part is NLA as a whole - they will sell plugs...
  3. G

    Please explain HOW

  4. st13phil

    Well, this could explain a few things!

    Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered
  5. John Jones Jr

    Anybody explain this, winter steel wheels.

    I'm mulling over my next project and I'm considering using R129 steel wheels which are normally fitted in conjunction with winter tyres, according to M-B themselves. Now the normal early R129 alloy wheel is 8Jx16 H2 ET34, the steel wheel is 8Jx16 H2 ET35 and both take the same tyre size...
  6. poormansporsche

    Explain "Displacement" to a numpty please ?

    Allways wondered and never known ! What makes a 2 litre for example ? The C36 engine was a 2.8 M104 bored out to 3.6 litres - what does that actually mean ?? Cheers :)
  7. P

    Explain this then?

    I have a V220 ambiente 1999 model. This is a great vehicle apart from the usual tin worm. Anyway i have tried several Forums and no-one has yet come up with a solution or even replied. So am i the only person in the World to have this problem? It is this when i start the vehicle any time it...
  8. Sp!ke

    Can anyone explain this?

    I thought it most peculiar.
  9. Danny DeVito

    Explain These wires ?

    I have wires in all except 3 and 8. Permanent live to pin 1 and 2
  10. c_200k

    Can someone explain how a BBK is cheaper than a set of OEM discs

    OEM front discs are around £1200 ish and a full BBK is cheaper Mercedes Benz E-Class E63 AMG W211 (04~up) Front Big Brake Kit - E-Class - Mercedes Benz - Brake Kits i'm confused
  11. ioweddie

    Please can anyone explain how to set up phone in car

    Just gone into the modern phone world, well sort of, just got a samsung galaxy ace. Been learning how to use it, (60 year old codger) Can anyone explain how to set it up in my 62 reg Sport Plus, in plain simple english. Ta Eddie :doh:
  12. Harrythedog

    Can anyone explain this?

    A football fan attacks a player and is jailed for 16 weeks A bloke swims across the Thames and spoils a boat race and is jailed for 6 months
  13. D

    W211 Srange noises - please explain !!

    I've had my E320 CDi 211 for a couple of weeks and there is a whirring motor noise that I can't work out what it is - please can someone tell me ? When I put the key in the ignition to turn on the noise comes on for a for about 3 seconds, same when I turn the engine off. Also the noise comes on...
  14. N

    Can anyone explain to me how parktronic and bluetooth 2.5 works

    As the title states on my cls when the yellow lights are illuminated on the parking sensors what does that mean? What does it mean when the red lights are illuminated how do I know how close I am to the object? Also to connect my iphone 4 to comand do i need a phone cradle thanks?
  15. W

    Can someone please briefly explain the difference between ABC and Airmatic with ABC?

    This might be abit of novice question but im confused as different models come with sort of suspensions with different settings and different issues but all the terms used for them seem to be the same. The one thing i have learned is that the ABC system is quite prone to failure and very...
  16. Goldfish11

    Delivery Charge on New C Class W204 - Please explain.

    I am just having an interesting debate with my local dealership. I am trying to buy a new C Class. The new C Class price list brochure states in the small print on page 5. "Recommended on-the-road price: these prices reflect the Road Fund Licence applicable to the standard model plus...
  17. E CLASS

    Can anyone explain why...

    ...we are giving Pakistan $1billion dollars over the next 4 years to fund their education...??? The only excuse I have heard thus far is that if they are all better educated they are all less likely to be a threat to us! FFS in the current climate we need to shut down our doors and think of...
  18. Apial

    How will they explain this? Officers crash car.

    Which of the 3 was the best driver? Officers probed after crashing car - *UK News - MSN News UK
  19. tpwuk

    Explain your username....

    Thought this might bring up some little interesting nuggets! I'll start....TPWUK = The Pearl Works UK. The name of my music production studio. :D :cool:
  20. Gollom

    Can someone explain this in simple language?:

    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced losses for 2009 of £3.6bn ($5.5bn), after struggling with billions of pounds of bad loans. Despite the losses, the bank is set to announce it will pay bonuses of £1.3bn to its staff. I pride myself on being pretty intelligent but the logic behind...
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