1. G

    laquer finish lifting off door panel

    I bought my 55 reg CLK from my local MB dealer in Swansea 2 years ago, with what I was led to belive was full bodywork warrenty (as I wasn't told any different). I now find out, from the MB dealer, that the car had been resprayed (not by a MB dealer) prior to my purchase and therefore he will...
  2. BillyW124

    Quality of paint finish on MB's

    Afternoon all, Just been out to lunch and have come back in the office and i thought this may be an intersting topic to post. Working in the city (Liverpool st, Moorgate area) i see a lot of MB's being used to chauffeur ppl around in, new S-classes new E-classes etc. i get to gander at them...
  3. PeterE320Cdi

    Pictures of my polished alloys refurbished with a painted finish

    I recently had my wheels refurbished and went with a painted finish instead of the original polished as I want them to last longer. I am well pleased with the results so thought I would share the pictures. Prior to refurbishment they had corroded so badly they leaked air...
  4. E

    Designo paint finish

    How expensive do you think a repair to a small dent in a designo silver paint finish would be compared with a standard paint? For example is the designo paint itself so much more expensive.
  5. jonnyboy

    What finish for me wheels ?

    I have retrieved my untouched for four months Carlssons for the 129. Suspect they'll go off to Rimfurbish. What finish would forum members go for? Open to debate here!! A couple of pics of the car, and the wheels :-
  6. spock500

    Good finish required

    A long day today rubbing down and preping one side of the car for paint - the good news is that after 3 coats of primer and 4 coats (+ 1 mist coat) of colour it looks great:thumb: Colour match is spot on and apart from the slightly dull finish it's hard to tell the difference - On my first...
  7. D

    Best & Most durable wheel finish??

    Hi, Im about to refurb my 17" AMG Style 2's... I have done abit of research, like not to use Spit&Polish... Probably go with Lepsons or BJV. Going to have a diamond cut lip, this is more to do originality than anything else. I know diamond cut is the most vulnerable finish but the car will...
  8. garystu1965

    Best product for deep eggshell finish that lasts

    Hi folks, had a search on forum to no avail. Best product for high quality finish on black plastic dash. My interior looks faded and dull somewhat. Thanks in advance.
  9. vincenz

    Was the diamond cut finish on 8 hole wheels an option?

    All I was wondering if the diamond finish on the 8 hole wheels (for the w124/140 etc.) an option or standard. Thanks in advance.
  10. J

    quote to finish 190e head gasket - cambs

    Hello, I have a Mercedes 190e, 1.8 manual, 1992 and have been following a haynes manual to fix the head gasket that went a while back. I think the job may be a bit complex for me, so ideally would like to find someone who could finish the job. I have a spare head gasket ready to fit and have...
  11. 94mattda

    What finish to have on my wheels....opinions please!!!

    Hello............i am biting the bullet and going to get all the work done on the car....selling the number plate on reg transfers which will pay for the work i have found a place to refurb my wheels but i am unsure what to have done....
  12. NICKYB

    16" mercedes wheels, machined style finish

    i have a set of 16" mercedes wheels, does anyone know what these are worth? tyres as new. 2 of the wheels are about 6 months old (as new) 1 wheel is older but also as new, the 4th has a tiny amount of blistering as per all mercedes wheels it seems, Do you think i could get £300 for the...
  13. whitenemesis

    Acceptable Paint Finish?

    I parked next to a very new and very shiny black Astra yesterday. Decked out with some very nice alloys but what caught my attention was the finish of the paintwork, it was appaling!! :eek: :eek: To say it was orange peel would be an understatment, this was orange peel with cellulite as...
  14. RSS

    Ankaa wheel finish

    Can anyone let me know if the Ankaa wheel finish is always polished? I'm thinking of changing the 16" alloys on my Elegance E320 (2004) for a set of 17". Have seen a set of these but the finish is poor so was looking at maybe getting them refurbished but in a silver. After that I'd have them...
  15. steveatpipex

    Well its started - apparent problems on alloy wheel finish

    New it was too good to be true! I've noticed that some of the finish on the edges of the "spokes" on my alloy wheels appears to be lifting or bubbling. Only minor at the moment but for a 6 month old car it doesn't bode well. I'll take them to the dealers for warranty, no doubt they will want...
  16. M

    Mirror Finish Alloys (chrome)

    I am trying to get a set of 8 hole W124 alloys as fitted to W124. Have seen them with chrome finish (mirror) are these originals as fitted to sportline, have normal set dull finish does anyone know where i can get these others or can i get mine refurbished to look like the others mentioned...
  17. aka$h

    Mercedes 18" Alloys, Shiny Diamond Cut Finish Bargin @£175 buy it now
  18. Satch

    Driving in most of UK now misery from start to finish

    Good, if depressing, Motoring Telegraph article. And it never stops. details of leaked plans from Transport for London to increase numbers of cameras in London...
  19. Paul

    Special Paint Finish

    On the original order form for my car, Extra was paid for "Special Paint Finish". Does anyone know what this is & why was it special compared to standard finish? The colour is brilliant silver and the car was actually purchased new in Germany for a very sickening low price under...
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