1. J

    Help Boot Warning light keeps flashing W208 CLK Convertable

    Hi New to site New to Mercedes too. I have bought a CLK convertable with a few problems but lately the boot warning light keeps flashing whilst driving and for some reason the alarm seem to activate a short while after locking. Can any one help ??
  2. S

    W639 Vito Tail Light intermittent flashing

    My 2005 Vito 115 has developed a fault in the right rear unit which has me baffled and means I cant renew MOT until rectified. When I turn the lights on the right tail light bulb flashes briefly then goes out. Then it will flash again a few seconds later and again for another 4 or 5 times...
  3. G

    W203 2002 C class flashing interior lights

    Hi Newbie here, I have a C180 Komp. from 2002. Lovely car, however the interior roof lights and the bottom of the door lights flash rapidly. Won't stay on as you would expect. Another point, the indicator only stays on on right hand turns, left hand turns I have to hold it on. Is it likely...
  4. B

    flashing rear a/c

    I have seen this problem listed on here but the problem was not solved??, I have ML270cdi, the rear a/c flashes red when i try activate the rear windows(they dont work with rear switch or front switch) putting the child lock on the flashing stops but rear windows still do not work .on locking...
  5. S

    Flashing brake light

    Hi On my 2012 c220 when I use my near side indicator my brake light flashes instead of the indicator , I've been told it's probs my a earth fault , what should I be looking for ? poor connecting ? corroded connection on the plug to the rear lights I will be investigating further tomorrow so any...
  6. C

    Alarm working but no lights flashing ??

    Have searched everywhere for answer so hope someone can help please Battery went flat on my ML270 52 plate was charged back up everything working on truck except radio and alarm When I set them alarm all the doors lock no problem but don't have the 3 flashes from indicators The red light for...
  7. W

    Help. srs lamp flashing after recall

    Hi, wonder if a knowledgable person on here can help me with a problem on 2007 c220 sport w204... Got a letter from Mercedes saying my car has a recall to replace SRS control unit Took it in today and when I picked it up the service guy said there's a fault on passenger seat pad and module...
  8. abecketts

    Abs bas light flashing

    Driving along the m27 last night in my w210 and the abs/bas warning light starts flashing of and on rapidly. Oh feck say I but it only happens above 60mph which perplexed me, would that be a abs speed sensor thingy on one of the wheels playing up? Off to the garage I go.
  9. P

    Engine flashing light

    engine light is flashing in my 11plate sprinter. Garage replaced turbo and mass meter for £1300 but still stuck with max 3k revs. Garage saying he will sort for another £1500 but won't say what problem is. I had similar problem few years back and it was an injector, different garage replaced...
  10. E

    R170 SLK230 Indicators stop flashing infrequently

    I have been putting up with the flashers/indicators occassionally stopping working. The hazards still worked. I have known for some time the problem was assocaited with the Illumination module in other words the headlight switch control unit as if I tapped it they would often start working...
  11. C

    Indicators flashing fast!

    Hi, the Indicators on my ML320 are flashing fast (both left turn and right turn) and I'm totally pulling my hair out trying to solve the problem. ALL bulbs are working, fuses are good, the Hazards work fine and I've replaced both the left turn relay and the right turn relay ( didn't think that...
  12. S

    Flashing dashboard and high beam

    Hello, I have a problem with my ML270. (Year 2004) Sometimes when I turn off the engine and remove the key all the lights on my dashboard starting flashing. Now I noticed this is only appears when I leave the light switch on auto mode. When it is flashing and I turn the switch to off position...
  13. M

    Engine management light flashing

    Hello I did a search but nothing conning up, hope maybe someone will shed some light. I have a sprinter 313cdi 2011 model, it's due for a service at 200 miles showing on dashboard. Today was driving down motorway and all of a sudden the engine light started flashing.the van is driving as...
  14. S

    Indicator flashing unit not working on r107 sl350

    Hi, Trying to sort last electrical issue on my 1973 sl350. The indicators have stopped completely, have changed fuses and thought it maybe a relay but on the photos I was sent by forum members none appear to control the indicators. Just wondered if anyone had any pointers to anything else it...
  15. susieh91

    My diped lights keep flashing on and off on my 2008 c220??

    When I have my lights on they flash on and off?? Not sure wats wrong and if I should be worried? 2008 c220 cdi sport
  16. P

    SL600 ADS query (not problem - I hope!)

    Hi everyone, Have just taken the plunge and purchased a 1999 SL600 Sport....I am a sucker for punishment and the V12 lure was too strong for me! The history on the car was great, 2 owners only...always main dealer serviced and cherished etc. It is a wonderful machine, the engine is simply a...
  17. S

    srs hazzard and brake lights flashing on

    i have recently bought a 10 plate mecedes vito extra long mini bus. i started to notice the srs light come on every now and then and see the brake and park light flash for a milly second. also the hazzard light and centre dash light also flashed brighter. i notice head lights dim a little...
  18. A

    S124 flashing front interior light

    I joined the 124 world with a reasonably presentable 124 estate in March and am slowly working through it. After about 10 days unused recently, the interior light has started to flash on and off, alternating with the driver's seatbelt warning. It continues to do so for some time after the door...
  19. D

    2004 xenon light not working just flashing

    Hi newbie here Just bought 2004 e class 320d What a lovely car the passenger side headlight has packed up. ive changed the bulb at £100 and the ignitor that attaches to the bulb but still nothing Any ideas guys on a cheap fix please please please
  20. M

    Glow Plug Light On and Flashing

    Today after work I started the car and after a couple of minutes driving noticed the glow plug light was on. Now I am usually good as waiting before starting up so I assume it went iff and came back on but I could have started before it went off. After about 5 mins of driving the light went...
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