1. S

    xenon headlights flashing

    I fitted my MB e280 with xenon original headlights and wiring! But after this operation, when engine runs both xenon head lights flashing, did someone nows what could be the cause.
  2. K

    Flashing red LED on rear view mirror

    Hi all, Have a question regarding my '97 C230 and hope you can help. The red LED on the mirror stays on constantly or flashes every 10 secs after I start the car. It goes off or stops after I've been driving a while. Its been doing this for the last couple of days, with both remote keys. The...
  3. S

    Dashboard lights flashing, speedo & revmeter bouncing

    Its a 1997 E200. Recently every now and again, just suddenly the lights on the dashboard start flashing, ie the oil light battery light etc. and both the speedo and rev meter bounce up and down. eg if I'm doing 50mph, it bounces from 50 to 0 and back again. Any ideas?
  4. andrewcliffe

    c43 flashing

    Hello all My C43 has started flashing at me - whilst locked up the indicators start flashing. No siren. I know the siren works as I've tested it by arming the alarm with me inside and waving my arms around. I've tried de-activating the interior sensors, turning off the heater vents and...
  5. 3

    Rear Defroster Switch Flashing?

    Hi! This morning when I went to switch on the electronic rear defroster in my '93 190e 2.6, the indicator / switch began to flash on and off as opposed to a steady on that I am accustom to seeing. It also appeared that the defroster was not working as it should. Does anyone know what this...
  6. A

    rapid flashing indicators

    as above, really, checked the bulbs they seem fine, it does it on both sides as if theres a bulb gone, the hazards work normal, on a vito 109 thanks
  7. design guru

    Flashing LED

    I have a problem with my S320(W140). The LED lights on the internal miirror keeps flashing when the car is locked or even when parked, this slowly drains the battery. It has just recently started. Has anybody come accross this problem?
  8. timmy


    Just picked something up from another post....TVR or....And it reminded me that when I had a MG, other MG owners used to flash their headlights at each other. Do any MB owners do it. I must admit, that I have been tempted to flash at other C class owners,my headlights that is, but some MB owners...
  9. R

    W169 flashing indicator lights when locking

    The indicator lightsno longer flash 3 times on our W169 A170 when you use the remote keyfob to lock the car. They still flash once when unlocking. Does anyone have any ideas on how to re-activate the 3 flashes when the car is locked or is it another trip to the dealer? Cheers
  10. E

    C180 flashing heater controls!!!

    1995 C180 Manual Saloon Esprit, no aircodnition. If the ignition is turned on, the lights behind the two circular heater controls flash rapidly. Engine starts OK, lights still flash. Once the side lights are swithed on the flashing stops, but the back light lights go out and stay out. Also...
  11. wobbly

    Heated Seats, Flashing Light

    When I turn on the passenger side heated seat on my 1989 500SL, the red lights on the switch flash. The seat seems to warm up, but not as much as the drivers side. Anyone any idea why the lights flash. Regards Wobbly
  12. mickl

    flashing lights on rear view mirror

    when I started the car up today, the red and green light on the RVM flashed alternately quite fast for about 20secs before stopping. Anyone know why it did that? The car hadn't been started for about a week, not sure if this would have caused it. The lights didn't flash in any subsequent...
  13. I

    Lights Flashing???

    Hi all When i start my car the lights around the controls for the heating in the middle of the car start flashing at me. Its the lights around the control for the amount of air coming out and the direction of air. Then when i turn my headlights on, the lights for the dash start flashing...
  14. mercedesmanleed

    how to replace flashing lights on a w210 200e 1995 model

    cant see any way of doing this can anybody give a sugestion thanks
  15. culpano

    Wierd - flashing lights in passenger door storage bin

    I'm sure I've seen intermittent flashing lights coming from the passenger door oddments bin. :eek:
  16. Howard

    Flashing mirrors

    How much of a mission do you think it would be to get these to fit a w124 ? I think i could probably do it, but as with all mods, if it doesn't look 'factory fit' at the end, then its pointless. Just wondered if anyone knew if the door plates from another car will fit a w124 without too much...
  17. N

    flashing lights then car wont start...uuurrgghhh

    hi all, went out to start the car..it started albeit with an effort and when it started the red and green mirror lights where doing the flashy thing!!..so...turned of ignition....started agian but...battery sounded though it was dying!!...aa man came out...started straight away when...
  18. J

    Software flashing

    Mb phone enquiry Hi can anyone help? on my c-class I have a factory fit Nokia 5110 phone and cradle with adaptor for the 6210, when I try to use my nokia 6310i it does not work the only message I get is initialising phone. I was told if I get the phone flashed with the correct software version...
  19. H

    C180 Flashing central locking lights

    Since changing the battery on my 1995 M reg C180 Elegance, the green and red lights flash simultaneously when the car is locked or unlocked using the remote control, before changing the battery only one light used to flash. Any ideas?
  20. pepper&boulou

    Heated rear window/switch flashing

    Hi guys my heated rear window switch warning light has started flashing as opposed been constant when turned on. Never noticed it doing that before is that normal or am I just paranoid. I've just had a thought my lecky aerial comitted suicide during the icy weather, motor would not switch off so...
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