1. P

    Ford Focus £3'550

    Great little car. This is my mums car and my parents are selling because they have changed it for a newer model focus. Honest car that has been well looked after. Ford Focus 1.6 Style 5dr
  2. ash59fifty-uk

    950bhp+ Focus goes bang!

    Apologies if this has been posted already, watched it last night (think it happened yesterday) There's some swearing coming from the crowd of onlookers, just to warn you! I had to host the video as its from Facebook so the link should take you straight to the video to play Ouch ~...
  3. K

    Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 115 BHP

    Hi Have this advertised on Gumtree, thought I might try my luck on here :) Car is an 05 1.6 Petrol 61000 Miles. Changed Timing Belt & Pulley Drive Belt & Power Steering Belt about 3 weeks ago 2 New Tires on the Front a month ago. Mot till next October. Couple of advisories on the MOT...
  4. KoFidee

    Ford Focus 62 plate HELP

    My Son has locked his keys in his 62 plate zetec ford focus petrol this morning and guess what he does not know where his spare key is is there a way to get in electronically (fog light tail light short a wire trick)? If anyone knows please pm me many thanks:(
  5. D

    Ford Focus 1.0

    After a minor upset (Range Rover broken!) I'm in a Ford Focus 1.0 Supposed to be taking this tomorrow on a long run, but circumstances have changed this evening, and it's likely to go back to Hertz having done around 4 miles... Should confuse them! But in my brief time what a marvellous car...
  6. The _Don

    Ford Focus Wanted

    Diesel 2005 - 2009 max budget £5k do not mind high miles example Cheers
  7. Markjames

    Shelby focus??

    Completely off track from Mercedes, but I was ag the shelby factory in las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and in amongst the gt500 and super snake mustangs was a brand new ford focus up on a ramp. The guy from the factory would not tell me why it was there and changed the subject very quickly. As...
  8. BillyW124

    2006 Ford Focus ST-3 Imperial Blue

    A friend of mines selling his Focus ST. Very nice car indeed. 2006 FORD FOCUS ST-3 IMPERIAL BLUE FSH | eBay
  9. D

    Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Estate - Rare Opportunity

    Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Estate. Price: £2,500 Dark metallic blue. 2002 Just over 29,000 miles. Full service history. Alloy wheel with no kerb damage and never been refurbished. Unused spare wheel (space saver) and tyre. Tool kit, first aid kit and...
  10. B

    Mk I Focus 1.6 petrol bogs down at low rpm

    A friend's Mk I Focus 1.6 bogs down at low rpm. It's reluctant to pull away cleanly in 1st unless you have at least 1200 rpm up and you have to feather the throttle to make it pull away smoothly I've Googled the fault but come up with nothing. Have any garagistes who maintain other marques...
  11. vijilants

    Anyone owned a Ford Focus ?

    Folks, Was wandering if anyone here has owned a 1.6 Ford Focus in their motoring lives ? I was looking to buy an autmatic 2002 - 2003 model as a runabout and was wondering how they are as a car. Im used to mainly driving Jap cars as my runabouts so I am used to mega reliability but the Focus...
  12. developer

    New Focus ST - it handles like it's on rails.

    Due to it's ultra low profile tyres.......
  13. ringway

    This made me smile. Ford Focus Ghia 1.8 Zetec.

    Don't see many like this one. :D LINK.
  14. trapperjohn

    Coolant Capacity of a Diesel Ford Focus Please.

    So my lad sold his 190D:ban: and got himself a Focus 1.8TDCI (no handbook) Its uses more coolant than his 190D ever did. Anyone any idea what the coolant capacity is of the system of one of these please. Its a pre face-lift 54 Reg. CHEERS
  15. ringway

    The New Ford Focus.

    The new Ford Focus. Okay, it isn't a Mercedes, and I wont be buying a Ford Focus, but with the features on offer I'd say there is good value to be had in buying one of these cars. Some clever stuff and within the budget of many people. ALL-NEW FORD FOCUS With its dynamic styling...
  16. artyman

    Ford Focus 2005

    My brother has bought himself a Ford Kuga to tow his new caravan so is selling his Focus. I think he's had it for 6 years as I remember taking him to collect it. 2005 Ford Focus 1.6LX. Aircon, electric windows, heated windscreen, alloy wheels, 27000 miles, full service history, pale blue...
  17. st13phil

    Focus Owner with a Sense of Humour

    Spotted this in my local supermarket carpark this morning: :D :D :D
  18. N

    Oh f$*k, a mint green Ford Focus.

    2001 FORD FOCUS GHIA 1.8 Zetec Very Clean Interior | eBay UK
  19. kit17

    Mercedes C320 vs Ford Focus ST

    Hi guys, I had a bit of a race:devil: with a 07' plate Ford Focus ST today, I was in my 2001 W203 petrol C320. I thought he would have easily passed me as he would have more horsepower, less weight and a much more modern 2.5 five cylinder engine but to my surprise he was only just catching me up...
  20. dokalj

    Ford Focus Side Indicators not working

    Hi all, My friend's side indicators (wing) are not working, all the bulbs work around the car and the bulbs in the side indicators have not blown. Any suggestions to sorting out the problem. Jdokal
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