1. G

    Back in the fold!

    After a break of nearly 3 years I have just bought a 2013 CLS63 SB. Excited is not the word. Have owned 4 diesel motors since my E63. Can't wait to hear the sound of that glorious engine! Chers Gerry
  2. CarlPea

    W212 - Fold none folding rear seats

    Hi, Is it possible to fold the rear seats when you don't have the release levers? I'm assuming the mechanism is there but just no cables? Thanks, Carl.
  3. Petrol Pete

    Rear seat will not fold C class

    Hi I am repeating my request for someone out there to please take a few photos and post them for me. 2006 C class estate W203. I can not fold the rear seat down (the 40% driver side , RHD) the catch pulls up smoothly and it fells as if it is pulling the cable taught but the latch will not...
  4. Petrol Pete

    Rear seat will not fold down

    Hi 2006 C class Wagon (estate) the 40% rear seat will not disengage to fold down, as a result the load cover can not be removed to allow the 60% backrest to fold. When the latch is pulled on the 60% it disengages from the body and can be pulled 10mm or so, pulling the same latch on the 40%...
  5. Petrol Pete

    mirrors will not fold on locking

    One more quirk (or is it normal ?) found on my 2006 C55. The door mirrors fold when the buttons on the dash are used, no problem. When I try to set them to fold when locking the car the option is not available on the menu. Everything else shown in the manual can be set via the steering wheel...
  6. fozi.g

    Back to the Fold....

    Hello Gents, Well after just over 2 years and 11 cars later i've decided to come back to the AMG fold. I did have an A45 somewhere in between but not a full fat V8 like i've just taken delivery of. Only have the one pic at the moment but more to follow..:thumb:
  7. P

    Might be leaving the fold

    Test drove a new Audi A6 today, 2.0tdi SE S-Tronic, very enjoyable. As my E320 cdi looks like the turbos going and the diagnosis seems nearly guesswork, I've been looking at later E350 cdi cars. This would need £10-12k to change and this is only to get a 5 year old car. Monthly costs and...
  8. jonnyboy

    back in the fold, with the black death!

    Morning all Am back in the fold after a wee while away. V+Been heavily involved in an almost-new crashed Defender project that's nearly done. May chuck a thread up about it if there's some interest. Bought an 07 Sprinter that is in need of a new turbo, not the best example but somewhat of...
  9. stevesey

    Returning to the fold - C Class Estate

    Hi all After 6 years without a Merc I'm thinking about returning to the fold. Been away as I bought a cheap 100k miles focus estate - it's now reached 209k with little more than oil changes. However it is beginning to feel it's age. Looking at C Class estates - at around the £3-5k mark...
  10. P

    CLK 2005 - driver seats to fold down?

    Hi everyone. A month ago I bought a Mercedes CLK 270, the 2005 model. A few nights ago with my girlfriend, we noticed that we can't fold down the driver seats enough, to make them like a bed, (I hope I expressed myself correctly) They fold back a bit, but not totally, so it is not...
  11. David404

    W211 - E320 - 2009 Fold in wing mirrors

    Hi Folks Perhaps I was expecting too much but... Fold in mirrors work fine on the switch. They are NOT set to fold in automatically on parking but I know how to change that. After parking and folding the mirrors in on the switch I was half expecting them to fold out again automatically when I...
  12. P

    Coding my mirrors to fold when the car locks?

    Hi all, so I would like the mirrors on the SL55 to fold up when I lock the key with the key fob. They have the fold function but only when I press the button inside. Can this be done? Does anyone know anyone that can do it? A forum member did it for me on my last m3 as he has the plug in gadget...
  13. E

    Back in the fold

    So having seen the GLE Coupe last year I was damn sure I was getting it. I was going to put all my savings in it and just enjoy life. Car came out, went to see it, loved it but then when it came to put in an order, I developed cold feet and decided against. Even with the savings from a Broker...
  14. R

    W203 auto fold mirror

    Before i go breaking something, is there any adjustment that can be made to my passenger side mirror. It does not fold all the way in but the drivers side does. Passenger side Drivers side
  15. B

    About to return to the fold

    Hi... Until 3 years ago I had a lovely diesel C200 Avantage auto but made the mistake of trading it in for a car to obtain lower running costs. I got a Nissan Qashqai 1.5 diesel which has only two redeeming features - firstly it returns 50 mpg and secondly I don't bang my head getting into...
  16. Benzmanc

    Back in the fold...

    Greetings and a very merry christmas to all. I've not been on here for quite a while after i sold my clk. Had an affair with a VW Eos which after numerous leaks and the crankshaft snapping ended badly. Moved onto a Brand New Peugeot 208 XY but still can't shift the convertible bug...
  17. gurraj_singh

    Wing Mirror Auto Fold Upgrade - W220 S Class 2001

    The Electric Seat / Door Control Module in my 2001 W220 S Class failed. I had the wing mirrors that fold on one press. (I do not have to hold the button down for them to fold, but also they would not fold when locking / unlocking the car) Everything electrical which ran via the driver side...
  18. 5

    My W124 500E #2 - I'm returning to the fold

    Hey all, hope everyone is well, been away in the UAE recently and not been able to post as much as i'd like to. As some members are aware I came out here to work long term but recently have been asked to move back to our London office to work on a new project. Anyway, just after I left the...
  19. fabes

    Back to the fold

    Hi, and hello again So after 5 great years with a Saab Aero convertible and the infamous ‘3rd gear grin’ I fancied a V6…... That has meant the opportunity to get back into a merc and a shiny 09 Clk 280 Sport convertible is on the drive. I was on here with a c class coupe 220cdi previously, so...
  20. K

    Back to the Mercedes fold

    I'm just back to Mercedes E Class ownership after a brief journey to the dark side (BMW 5 Series). So, I've just put a deposit down on a secondhand E350 cdi Estate Sport (265) 64K miles 2011 in Palladium Silver with Alpaca Grey leather interior. A really nice colour combination. The car has a...
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