1. M

    New to MB forum

    Hi all
  2. J

    New to MB and forum

    Hi guys. Just got a 2010 E350 CDi coupe sport with AMG this and that for a runabout and commuting in the cold weather as I use the bike all the time except when its freezing and joined here so I can search for info, things to look for, mods to do etc as I like to play with my vehicles...
  3. C

    New To MB, New to GLC, New to forum

    Hi From Phil. From Australia First time MB owner, 8 months ago. New GLC250, Petrol, Polar White, sidesteps deleted. AUS upgrade packs installed, AMG Line, COMAND, Vision, Seat Comfort. So far, 10K happy kilometers. Love driving it.
  4. D

    New to Forum

    Hi All! New around here and currently drive BMW X5 E70 3.0 and VW Phaeton 3.0 V6 TDI 4 Motion. I am thinking on pulling the trigger on a 2013 Merc E250cdi BlueEfficiency Sport with AMG trim with 28k FMBSH for £13,700 Any advice or opinions on this is greatly appreciated. Pete.
  5. MOR8A

    Car sales from the forum....

    As many of you will know (803 views so far) I have my E63 for sale. Admittedly I priced the car too high initially and should have looked at what others were up for before entering a price. I did my usual wake up in the morning after a heavy night and made my decision to move on to something...
  6. gr1nch

    Amazing what you can find on this forum...

    ....but you have to look! Decided to browse parts of the forum I normally don't visit often or ever and found this beauty - a well-thanked post about MB parts from Germany, buried in the MB Community > Favourites sub-sub-section. Great parts site in Germany - MBClub UK - Bringing together...
  7. HB

    Other car forum quotes - quite funny

    1. Lamborghini Forum: “Wind noise at 350 km/h, who can help?” 2. Ferrari Forum: “From 16.000 rpm it is quite loud in the interior!” 3. Audi A8 Forum: “Where can I get my Rolex repaired?” 4. Volvo 850 Forum: “At 400.000 km first toothed belt torn, … case for warranty?” 5. Fiat...
  8. I

    new member to forum

    hi New to this forum but not new to the mercedes cars we have had loads over the years but recently acquired a A Class 180 diesel auto as a run around/ kiddy carrier for wife to take grand kid out. Our fleet now goes as follows:- 2012 SLK 2013 Mitsubishi outlander 7 seats but getting wrecked...
  9. T

    New to Forum, New to Merc, New to 4x4s

    Hi all New member here. I'd like to start by saying thanks to everyone here as I've been taking onboard information from this forum for a while now, in preparation for my most recent purchase. I've just bought a 2008 ML280 (W146). This is my first merc, frankly it's my first car that's not...
  10. D

    Forum Log In

    I have MB Club in my Chrome favourites. For the last few times of going on the site, it goes to the normal page, then onto a message page which is too quick to decipher, and then to a blank page. I then go into the address bar and delete a lot of the goobledegook and hit return and it goes back...
  11. Mr Fixit

    can't access project page Forum;- ADMIN

    don't know why but would like to!
  12. M

    Not really new to Mercedes but I am to this forum !

    Hey guys though if post to say hey and introduce myself ! I'm matt and own a w201 2.0 1989 and a w115 240D 1975 Already I've had some great advice on this forum, it's great to see a forum where people are happy to just give advice and not judge. Here is a few pics ! My w115 Image -...
  13. Fidge

    Newbie to both this forum and MB ownership.

    Hi, my name is Steve AKA Fidge. I'm from Sandwell in the West Midlands. I've just brought my first Mercedes-Benz it's a 2013/14 C180 Coupe with the AMG Sports Plus package in Diamond White Metallic. It's only done 18k miles. My previous car was a Mazda RX8 PZ which I'd owned for 6 years and...
  14. reflexboy

    Any CCTV gurus on the forum?

    Guys, really looking for someone with knowledge of CCTV, specifically IP CCTV.(I think!)-Is this where I don't need a NVR/DVR? I want to install good quality CCTV to cover my front door and a second camera to cover my back door/garden. I like the look of dome cameras and particularly this one...
  15. gr1nch

    Forum website slow, has issues ?

    For the past week or so Tapatalk on my phone has been slow when accessing the forum (or worse, not reading or uploading posts at all after timing out). I didn't think it was worth mentioning, but today I was browsing the forum via my work laptop which is very fast and noticed the website is...
  16. merc85

    w210 e55 Forum car

    Seem to remember this as someones on here, Looking nice. 1998 Mercedes E55 AMG (W210) Excellent Condition, **NO RESERVE** | eBay
  17. trapperjohn

    Forum Courier Service. Karma.

    Well what a very small world and nice one too. So three years ago(ish) I answered a request from the forum to pick up an exhaust from Blackburn, Lancashire (a lot more than 4000 holes in the roads now) and deliver it to Benz on the Green for a forum buddy. It was a big old exhaust as I...
  18. merc85

    e55k s211 Forum car

    Looks nice, not for me obviously lol that ship sailed haha Mercedes E55 AMG Kompressor Estate
  19. D

    Calling all Dealer Forum Members

    Not wishing to upset the applecart but clearly there are a number of MB dealers who use this forum. Therefore would appreciate if they would comment on the increasing volume of posts relating to the juddering/clonking issue that appears to be affecting the GLC/C on slow speed+ full lock. EG is...
  20. Wigglesworth

    New to MB ownership and this forum.

    I will keep this short and sweet! Got a great 58k miles w202 and have fell in love with it. Joined the forum to help with keeping up to date with maintaining the car and troubleshooting! So yeah, Hi all
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