1. K

    RUST!.. Is there a future without it?

    Apologies if this should be in the bodywork section, but deemed it more discussion than advise... After speaking to a few forum guys and the issues they have had with rust and the constant maintenance or investigation or preventative work, it did get me thinking. Now I'm not completely naive...
  2. L

    The Vito 120 V6, The Vito 190 improvement(?) & the Future for the Vito.

    Does anyone know why Merc' haven't kept the good bits of the 120 V6 when they came up with the 190? Is there any news of a "Proper" improvement of the excellent 120 V6 before they stop producing the Vito and just make the ridiculous Pick-up? Come on Merc', please speak to your...
  3. kvz2000

    Future of diesel

    Hi All, We currently have a 2008 C200 sport with 80k miles , there are no issues with the car and we both like it very much but now with 3 grandsons and all the stuff they need when coming to stay we think it's time for an estate . We feel that the way things are going we should definitely be...
  4. J

    The future of Driving.

    Can anyone help me to understand the trends currently appearing in NEW Cars...?..e.g.: 1..... the driver can release his hold on the steering wheel for up to 30 seconds...WHY? 2... the car will stay in lane without driver input ? Why ? 3....the car will automatically stay at a safe distance from...
  5. M

    Co-Create the future of EVs - paid research study

    Co-Create the future of electric cars! We are searching for creative people to join us in our innovation workshop in London on 3rd of December and our online community from 7th to 13th December. I would like to invite you to participate in our research project that we are doing together with...
  6. M

    Mercedes Future Interiors and Technologies - Video

    Mercedes Future Interiors and Technologies aPSkukd_LHc
  7. John

    E55K... a future classic?

    I've thought about this on and off in the last few years. Will the E55K ever be a "classic"? The club, in which the likes of the 560SEC, 190 Cosworth and other such greats, grace the membership list? The E55K has a lot going for it - it's very fast as standard, tuneable, arguably very...
  8. M

    Mercedes city bus of the future - Video

    Mercedes city bus of the future LJHgz6B5L0E S5zaVmui8dI
  9. C

    W202 c250td - tuning and bodywork... (Future buyer)

    Hello all, I don't own a Mercedes yet, but I'm a fan of diseasels and diseasel tuning so naturally I'm drawn towards the om605 engine. And I love the look of the saloon w202 so would like to own a diesel one, but one that isn't slow. Or petrol. I'm not in the market for one just yet but I...
  10. V

    Future Values.

    According to the Internet there's approx 300 registered for UK roads SL63 AMG Just thinking surely this should push up the value of these rare cars? Cheers
  11. Calcifer

    The future of "classic" Mercs

    Morning all, Been lurking around on the forum for a long time prior to joining. I have just received news of a new deployment and now considering whether to pay for long term storage for the cars (3-5 years) or sell. In particular the 1994 E500 Limited, 1995 E500 Limited and the 1987 500SL...
  12. The _Don

    Sky Q is here as the Netflix style 4K future of Sky TV

  13. cazyp

    Pricey E55 with an unfortunate main picture & an unrecorded to note for the future

    Mercedes E55 AMG w211 E class Black not M3 M5 RS | eBay At least he took it from an angle where you can see the Front near side rim is bent... Mercedes E55 AMG only 67k! Black HPI Clear Unrecorded Damage Starts & Drives FSH | eBay Black, YJ53 BSV. Unrecorded hpi clear. Soon to appear as...
  14. M

    Mercedes celebrates Back to the Future Day – Video

    From the article: Back to the Future day is fast approaching, so Mercedes-Benz has decided to celebrate it by releasing a series of short clips to honor the highly appreciated trilogy. Photos and video - Mercedes celebrates Back to the Future Day .
  15. BillyW124

    97 CL600 V12.. future values?

    Its been a while since I've posted, good to be back! What's the general concensus on these lovely beasts in this form in terms of future values if they were kept in great condition in say 10 - 15 years time? Specifics: Azurite Blue with mushroom/light stone two tone interior, big spec...
  16. Baileyfizz

    Future Mercedes Owner

    Hi,as you see I'm a newbie,currently run an Octavia 1.4tsi DSG.Looking to join the Mercedes family in the near future.Idealy looking for a C Class Estate up to about year 2012 and it needs to be an automatic,I'm only a low mileage user less than 5000 a year could you knowledgeable people point...
  17. 350e

    Why all future engines might be hybrids

    Redditch, UK 19 August 2015 At the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, GKN Automotive will demonstrate new technologies that will make hybrids the driveline of choice for future drivers. The company’s stand (Hall 5.1, B32) will also display the torque vectoring all-wheel drive system that drives...
  18. bob6600

    MB could use Nokia Maps in the future

    Along with Audi and BMW, Daimler are to buy Nokia's Maps division, equally shared for $3.1 Billion. Deal is just awaiting approval German automakers buy Nokia maps unit for $3.1 billion - Aug. 3, 2015
  19. Conquistador

    Future Wheeler Dealers car on eBay

    "Please note: This vehicle is featured in a forthcoming episode of the television show Wheeler Dealers. It is a condition of sale that you are happy to appear on camera officially purchasing the car from our presenter Mike Brewer, within the next couple of weeks" Lovely car! :bannana: 1973...
  20. S

    Future C63 AMG Owner

    Evening all, I'm starting my research early as I want to know the ins and outs of the C63 AMG before I buy one. I'm looking to purchase a Saloon model roughly about 2008-2009 model and have a budget of about 25k in the next 10-12 months. I currently have a Focus ST3 and well it just doesn't...
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