1. grober

    BBC's answer to Game of Thrones?

    Due later this year. First series was pretty good if you like that sort of thing. The Last Kingdom series 2 will return on both BBC and Netflix in 2017 in co-production deal
  2. JLR1969

    Back in the game!

    As some of you will know I had to cancel my order of a C43 AMG and it was bought instead by Shane. Well I have just agreed this deal which is not a Merc but suits my needs for now. Really excited!! I know it's the old model now but the deal I did was too good to miss 530D M Sport...
  3. ash59fifty-uk

    Lyric game

    Well I'm bored at work so let's play a game Probably done before but hey-ho! Member posts the start of a lyric, not too hard but not enough to give away easy Member who finishes the verse, then posts a new lyric and so fourth Pretty mixed bag of genre tastes here so should be...
  4. Benzmanc

    Still Game

    Don't know if anyone watched this but it's my all time favourite comedy. Went to the live show in Glasgow in 2014 and damn near wet myself. The last series was 2007 but now....... IT's Back Yippeeeeeee. I can't wait :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana: Still Game for a laugh...
  5. topgun1978

    Back in the game...

    Hi all, after a good few years of having gone AWOL I am back in the game of Mercedes ownership. Picked up a nice 06-plate S Class yesterday with almost every extra going so hopefully looking forward to a love-hate relationship lol :D
  6. R

    Game, set and match...

    Tesla. Tesla Adds 'Ludicrous' Mode, 90 kWh Battery Pack
  7. grober

    Game Set and Match in Dunblane

    Since no one else has mentioned it, Britains most successful tennis exponent of the modern game got married yesterday in Dunblane Cathedral. While major success on the court has eluded him since his back operation I doubt that tennis was on his mind yesterday.:thumb:
  8. grober

    Automated vehicles --the blame game

    With test trials of fully automated vehicles ongoing at selected locations in the UK a programme on the radio today posed some interesting questions. In the event of an accident between two automated vehicles who is to blame? The vehicle manufacturer or the driver/owner/occupier. It was...
  9. carat 3.6

    Old generation game out take

    A few years old this one, but it's brightened my day :) 0z0ea3jAOUE
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Game of Thrones TV Thread - No Book Spoilers Please!

    Anyone watch this? its fantastic, just gets better and better as the seasons go on.
  11. developer

    Funny Thing This Property Game

    Him: I'm ringing about the flat. Me: Sorry, it's gone. Him: But I need somewhere urgently. Alarm bells ring. Me: Why's that, if you don't mind me asking? Him: I'm being evicted in 3 weeks Me: Ok, can I ask why? Him: Rent arrears. Me: But I wouldn't take you with rent arrears, and I'd...
  12. D

    Anyone fancy a game of petrol station bingo?

    In the CL55 today; I did five mile in local traffic with that on the screen...:D
  13. D

    The Wednesday Afternoon Windscreen Price Guessing Game

    I got a chip in the windscreen of the RR Sport without noticing and after my wife has driven over a speed hump at 60mph, it turned to an unrepairable crack. The windscreen is heated (little wires running through the screen) and my car has auto lights and wiper sensors. My insurance policy...
  14. blacklight124

    Ingress - Google AR Game

    Hey, Thought I'd give this a go here, see if anyone plays or would be interested in it. If youve not heard of it, check this out:Ingress Its basically a sort of augmented reality game from Google. (You need an Android phone). I was wondering if anyone plays or if not, I have some invites if...
  15. R

    Lets play a game......

    Love it!
  16. DominoD7

    Best way to play the Used Mercedes Salesman game?

    Hello all, There seems to be some pretty experienced MB buyers here so I thought I'd ask the best way you guys approach the buying process. I am going to drop in on a MB dealer on the weekend that happens to have my perfect spec car in stock but will probably make out I'm a casual browser- they...
  17. SilverSaloon

    putting an offer in on a house - the waiting game

    Hi we are currently putting in an offer on a house - this is our 3rd (and stated final offer) to the vendors who have rejected our 2 previous low offers. This offer is still low compared to what they are asking for the house, however we are in a position to proceed straight away since we...
  18. ringway

    Wayne Rooney doubtful for tonight's game against Italy.

    Wayne Rooney has been suspended from the Euro 2012 competition. Reports say he is suspected of using a performance enhancing rug.
  19. I

    WGT Golf Game

    One of the few games I play. We used to have something resembling a team, but I think the momentum dropped as Mudster moved on. For those who know the game, and for those who don't, it's come on tremendously in the last couple of years. Try for yourself at If enough folks are...
  20. A

    Clarksons Game trailer..

    OK I know he's normally a pr@t but I thought this actually quite good :) Forza Motorsport 4 - Jeremy Clarkson - Endangered Species Trailer - YouTube
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