1. M5CLK

    Dension Gateway 500 review

    Finally got around to put everything together today, the installation went pretty smooth including hooking up the MB OE TV-tuner. The iPod sounds pretty sweet but in order to play video with Dension, I need to switch to iPod UI which I can't seem to do with the COMAND DX. Whenever I press "6"...
  2. M5CLK

    Dension Gateway 500 question

    Anyone familiar with the Dension Gateway 500? I just got the unit I ordered today and am planning on having it install this weekend. My question is, how does the video out works? There're no mention of it in the manual and I intend to run the video out to the factory TV-tuner I have, but I...
  3. A

    Weird Issue with a Dension Gateway 5000

    My local fitter (and also a good friend) fitted this into my dad's 52 C Class. He doesn't and hasn't ever had a CD changer fitted (in case it has a bearing). We used the D2B fibre loom that came with the kit and all initially looked good. On initial power up the ipod worked a treat, however...
  4. D

    W211 how can i tell if i have an audio gateway

    Hi, i have an W211 E-class 220 cdi its produced on 31 march 2003 i live in the uk and i opend up my audio 20 cd player how ever in the back there was lots of cables, does this mean that my dont have an audio gate way also if i need to get an audio gateway where can i get one from and how mauch...
  5. M

    Why doesnt Benz make a BT gateway

    I was thinking to myself today and could see no reason why Benz or Nokia couldnt make a bluetooth gateway in the shape of a 6210 or 6310 phone that clicks into the old cradle and converts the in-car phone signal to bluetooth. The systems could be generic and emulation selectable yet still be...
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