1. R

    E500 Audio Gateway

    Hi guys,anybody out there got an audio gateway module for a 2004 E500 with HK audio system, part no: 211 870 6789.Thanks Rich
  2. Tan

    Dension Gateway 500

    Hi My brother had a Dension 500 installed at the weekend and we have lost the usb cable that runs up to the glovebox. We tried a USB extension that we had at home and with that we can see the USB stick and it plays but there is no sound, however when the USB stick is plugged directly into the...
  3. J

    Dension Gateway GWL1DB1 in CLK W209 2004

    Hi Guys I am trying to install a Dension Gateway Lite GWL1DB1 in my CLK W209. The Dension Gateway is going to replace the original MC 3010 Cd-changer located in the glove-compartment. The original connectors unmounted from the CD-changer don't fit in the Dension device. This isn't a...
  4. G

    Dension 500 gateway + TV?

    Hello guys, Anyone knows the best and cheaper way to install TV to the dension gateway? I know I need a video module and a TV tunner, what do you recommend? Here is what I'm thinking: MB tv tunner or Dension video interface + tv tunner. About the TV antennas, the MB tunner have...
  5. R

    w211 audio gateway

    Iv`e got mno power to my command unit or 6 cd player. i have no red light from the optical cable to either radio or cd, i have power to the audio gateway so i guess its the audio gateway that needs replacing. If i replace this will i need to get it set up by MB or will it boot up itself. Tried...
  6. V

    Dension Gateway 500, 2003 (R230) SL500 and mobile telephone

    Hi, I have a 2003 SL500 which is fitted with the Dension Gateway 500 connected to my Ipod. I can use the steering wheel buttons to select tracks and control the volume etc. The car doesn't have the telephone connection within the comand system and neither was the TV option purchased...
  7. A

    W211 Audio Gateway Bracket Part Number??

    Hi, Does anyone know the part number for the Audio Gateway mounting bracket for a w211 saloon please?? Regards Antony
  8. Tan

    Audio gateway

    Hi I have been told that I have a fault with the audio gateway in my W211 E500, what are the symtoms of a fault? My car has Audio 50 APS, HK Sound and Telephone, the telephone has recently stopped working but all else seams ok. Is it possible that part of the Audio gateway can fail or...
  9. A

    Dension Gateway S320cdi

    Please advice.Last year I had Dension Gateway installed in my S320 on 53 plate to use my ipod.The set up works but I do not get much information on the screen.More to the point is it possible to connect the BTA 1500 bluetooth adaptor to existing Dension Unit to save cost as I need to use my...
  10. WLeg

    Vodafone Access Gateway

    Anyone got one ? Does it do as it says on the tin ? Vodafone Access Gateway - Vodafone
  11. P

    Harmon Kardon Audio Gateway Module

    Wanted - Harmon Kardon audio gateway module. Good price paid - surely someone must have laid about that they removed to do a Comand upgrade......... Paul G
  12. J

    AGW Basis Audio gateway

    How do I know I have audio gateway module in my 2005 W211? In the boot on the nearside rear, there is only one module which I believe is the central gateway, can I confirm I do not have an audio gateway module.
  13. sspeed

    Your views on the Dension Gateway 500??

    Hello everyone.. Tomorrow I am having the "COMAND" system fitted to my 2003 C270.. The guy at the place who is fitting my Comand unit has suggested I have the "Dension Gateway 500" system fitted rather than a CD multi-changer.. I have not much time left befor I go to have the Comand fitted so...
  14. D

    Aux battery and Audio gateway

    I need to buy an Auxillary battery for my E240 (W211) and replace the Audio Gateway. Finally, there is a heat deflector that seems to blast heat to the rear of the car, even if the a/c is on. Can anyone help? dein
  15. M

    Denison Gateway 500 kit with bluetooth adapter

    I bought this used off a guy on here but i've since fitted comand so i dont think i need it Its boxed with instructions but has been fitted £150 posted uk only
  16. R

    audio 20 gateway

    ive been trying to change my audio 20 with cassette and separate 6 cd changer to a blaupunkt woodstock dab radio .ive got the new panel to hold the head unit . im trying to find how to connect up ive been told the only way is to completeley rewire everthing including speakers and aerial (in...
  17. R

    audio 20 gateway

    i have a 2003 w211 e class fitted with audio 20 can anyone tell me where the audio gateway is (ive removed the unit and i find there are no iso connections to connect a decent head unit) what is actually involved in fitting a different unit. any help please.
  18. C

    Dension Gateway 500 problems with CDC and Comand

    Hello. I just installed a Dension Gateway 500. 2 hour job to find the right cable settings and.... When I was going to put back everything (glove box etc.) up I tested it and that what is happening: 1) Switch on the Comand 2) Select Dension 500 from the RCA button 3) Play a sons from my IPOD...
  19. vibesg

    Dension Gateway 500

    I've read a few threads on this forum about this kit but can't find anyone to say "I've fitted it and it works fine." I have a W209 CLK with Comand 2.0. I really want to connect an ipod and see the tracks on the Comand display or instrument cluster. I have 6cd in the glovebox. I've seen a...
  20. M

    Denison Gateway ipod kits

    Looking for one of these for my W210 , can anyone suggest a stockist???
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