1. R

    W124 gauges.

    Hi everyone,my 1993 w124 605 diesel has a problem with the gauges.they will have a hissy fit, fuel shows full,temp to 120 and oil pressure drops to low.The gauges then return to normal.This is now happening daily. Regards Phil.
  2. Y

    Dash lights & gauges not working.

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2001 vito which developed this fault the other day. Which is dash lights and gauges not working. This happen on Monday morning it was a cold & frosty. This has happen before when the battery goes flat or disconnected but started working after a short while. This has not...
  3. Charles Morgan

    190 2.5 16 Gauges part 2

    Having successfully re-coloured all the instrument needles in the main binnacle, I noticed the secondary 16 valve instrument console had nice bleached needles too. So I thought I'd re-colour these too. A few screws out and the console came out neatly, then a few more and no problem getting...
  4. noogieman

    Fitted new gauges to my C43

    looks pretty cool
  5. ricardo62

    oil and amp gauges

    Hi just was wodering why oil and ammeter gauges are no longer fitted in cars or trucks for that matter, in my opinion I would like to know what oil pressure and amps my oil pump and alternator is producing , I don't understand why manufacturers have replaced them with lights that only come on...
  6. noogieman

    VDO 52mm gauges?

    Where to buy cheap VDO 52 mm gauges from UK? Are there any webshops in UK selling these cheaper besides Ebay? I want to install 3 gauges like in this picture. I will be buying white dial gauges to match my instrument cluster Voltmeter VDO "Viewline" Chrom weiß Voltmeter | eBay Should I buy a...
  7. K

    1994 SL 320 Speedo rev oil fuel gauges stoped working, Please help

    Hi all, I have a 1994 SL 320. After my problems with the non starting I have found out what it was. The wire down to the starter was shorting out so it been replaced. And the relay under the dash wasn't working so i have bypassed it for now. But now i have the car running again most of the...
  8. ConvertibleCLK

    Digital Gauges

    OK so I like the idea of having the read out of digital gauges. VOLT Meter, BOOST meter etc. However, I don't want to sully my dash with boy racer glowing dials. Does anyone know of any third party hardware that can produce the same results and display them through the AUX port of a...
  9. V

    r107 instrument cluster - gauges not working properly

    I disassembled the instrument cluster of my 107 today to clean it. Upon putting it back together and reinstalling it, the following problems are happening: 1. the gauges in the left hand dial - the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge, are not working properly. they indicate the...
  10. P

    W124 Gauges gone haywire

    Can anyone please help. My E280 dash gauges are all dead.Rev counter fuel gauge ,temp the lot. Also my indicators have packed in along with the hazard's and the intermittent wiper. A buzzing was coming from the smaller of the two relay boxes behind the fusebox but even that isn't doing it...
  11. blue190

    w201 Misleading gauges

    Hello to you all, just returned to this fine forum after a spell in the wilderness that is not owning a merc. Recently purchased a 93L 190e 2.0 off of fleabay for a little over 400 quid, not perfect by any means, but its straight, drives nice and is reasonably clean too. The only gripes I have...
  12. C

    52mm Gauges

    Back in the late 70s, early 80s, I was always fitting 52mm gauges to my cars, from Avenger Tigers, 2.8 Capris, to RS 1600i Escorts. I still have various old guages and mount boxes in the garage, but most are non applicable now. However, oil temp gauge has always been of interest to me. How...
  13. C

    Gauges - need to find a nice set

    hey guys need your help ^^ cant seem to find any nice matching sets of gauges: i need Boost Air-fuel ratio Oil temp (all matching) anyone seen any nice ones around or can recommend looking anywhere? ive spent hours looking and the only ones i have found that i kinda like are these but i...
  14. NW_Merc

    Mercedes gauges
  15. D

    Instrument cluster gauges intermittent fault C180 (1994)

    Hi all, The gauges on my instrument cluster only work irregularly, some work some of the time while others don’t work at all, the fuel gauge in recent months and more recently, the speedometer have displayed the symptoms described below, now all 4 gauges are giving trouble every day...
  16. 230K

    Adding gauges to a diesel 210

    Hi Thought some of you might like this mod to a diesel 210, try the link Looks rather good but destroys the little cubby hole above the ash tray. 230K
  17. Brian WH

    Tyre Pressure Gauges

    We are always on about keeping your tyres up to Pressure. But when did you last check your Pressure Gauge for "Accuracy". :confused: My old gauge I have had for years and would use it all the time instead of garage gauges etc. But I have begun to wonder how accurate it is? :confused: I...
  18. K

    Gauges light change

    Can anyone tell me how I can remove the instrument cluster and change the burn out light for the gauge for my 1998 W210 E200 please? I search couple of discussion forums but I got no luck!
  19. H

    Blue Glow Gauges

    Hi Has anyone bought the glow gauges reverse style in blue from or anywhere else. How do they look. Also can the rest of the dashboard lights be changed to be the same. Thanks
  20. P

    Temperature gauges

    Having posted a comment previously regarding a temp gauge going up and down,many thank kinky for comment, I have looked through the net / MB literature for information regarding the wiring system of gauge to see: A: Can a second gauge be spliced in to show true reading of engine temperature...
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