1. L

    W126 steering geometry

    Anyone have the setting angles handy for the W126? Replaced the brake[1] rod joints, and that made the tracking a bit wrong, so I thought I'd check the caster/camber etc. before resetting the tracking. [1] or whatever you want to call it. The one that goes backwards from the track arm to...
  2. Trickythemerc

    Geometry Check

    After replacing the lower track control arms and two front tyres, I took the car to Drury Lane Diagnostic and Geometry Centre in Hollinwood, Oldham. The check on the Hunter machine showed that adjustments were needed to correct front and rear toe. Camber and caster were all good,the whole...
  3. wheels-inmotion

    Wheels alignment/ Geometry what's wrong?

    Hi Guys Reading the board over the last few weeks it seems some members are feeling alarmed about why the geometry is wrong on their car? Without blinding anyone with science here are my thoughts and in order of accountability.... 1: Most MB's have adjustable front and rear Toe. Front...
  4. M


    hi all changed rear springs on 2008 e class the steering wheel is now off centre by a fair bit do i need a full geometry check done any help apreciated
  5. 6

    Any one know the factory suspension geometry settings for a W204 ?

    Does any one know the factory suspension settings for the W204 ? Also which parameters can be adjusted on these ? Thanks!
  6. zenman63

    Lowered Vito geometry questions

    Hi, I have inside wear on my 639 front near side tyre, right on the edge. It was set up after lowering and all seems well and drives fine. Another Vito also lowered and set up has the same problem but tyre through to the wires. Off side tyre is fine, what is out that is being set that way...
  7. D

    URGENT :( W210 Estate geometry - Avantgarde 2001

    I've replaced a number of rear suspension arms. I've just taken my car to Mercedes main dealer in Budapest ( I'm living in Budapest ) who refused to do the geometry as the 18" staggered factory fitted AMG monoblocks I have are not supported by Mercedes and they wheels are too wide for their...
  8. Faceliftw211

    Tracking Geometry

    Took the W211 over to WIM at Chesham and had Tony himself fine tune the tracking. In fairness I thought the car was reasonably well aligned but as I had recently had new tyres put on I thought it would be a good idea. even crisper, not a hint of pull and a beautifully centred...
  9. wheels-inmotion

    It belongs to you.....( geometry related topic )

    Please can i enforce the fact that any geometry ( tracking ) measurements taken of your car that the results albeit in or outside of warranty belong to you. You have the right to see/ own the results from the geometric test, it's your car warranty or not! Time and time again owners are fobbed...
  10. W

    Tracking or geometry check?

    I managed to go through a very large pothole yesterday - huge bang and buggered the tyre / very slight ding in the NSF wheel. It doesn't seem to have affected the steering ( no pulling - in fact if anything the previous slight pull to the left is less noticeable) -but.. check the tracking or...
  11. Igurisu

    Need help - steering geometry fixing in/near Rotterdam

    Bad start to our germany tour this evening :( Nearing the ferry port in Hull and swerved to avoid a lump of wood in the road. Unfortunately I swiped the kerb pretty hard, so hard the roll bars popped up. My front tyre is toast, still inflated but with chunks missing out of it. The wheel may...
  12. M

    W211 Suspension Geometry

    Hi All, After making good use of the wealth of information in these forums when I was choosing my car I thought I'd share my own recent experience - apologies if it goes on a bit! About four weeks ago I became the owner of a MY2008 W211 320 Sport Saloon, which is my first venture into...
  13. wheels-inmotion

    Little "heads up" ( geometry related )

    If your car is submitted for a geometry under warranty due to a pull left or tyre wear please ask for a printout of the results. Warranty or not you are entitled to a copy of the final results but often owners are told otherwise. The reason i suggest you have past evidence is future...
  14. R

    Geometry check

    I had a geometry check done today, just the check, no adjustments made. This is the read out I got: The guy who did it said I only needed to adjust the toe out. I got it checked because of excessive wear on the inside of the off side front tyre. Can anybody interpret the read out?
  15. Chrishazle

    Geometry Setup East Kent/Sussex - JRM in Rye

    I've seen quite a few posts about the benefits of a visit to Wheels In Motion - but they're up the country - not good when you live in east Kent! Had a visit today to JRM on Rye Harbour Road, Rye, and was absolutley blown away by what we saw. Considering what a quiet, old world sleepy little...
  16. C

    Alignment and geometry settings

    Hi I'd like to get my alignment and geometry setup on the C55. I've got at least one tyre that is showing signs of uneven wear and the steering wheel is not quite dead ahead when travelling in a straight line. I'd like to use the most aggressive settings recommended by the factory, but I've been...
  17. dvb247

    Full Geometry & Tracking Company - Stockport/Wilmslow

    Hi Guys, I've read the other threads for recommends in Birmingham but need to send my car in asap. I would like the full 4 wheel alignment geometry tracking camber whatever it all is check! Bottom lign is my front boots have worn the inside corner clean off be the rest of the tyre is 4mm plus...
  18. C

    W210 Estate Geometry (Moved)

    W210 Estate geometry I am currently in MB Birmingham having my E320 CDI Avantgarde estate geometry being done again! This stems from the car shredding the front nearside tyre on the inside shoulder on what was otherwise a good tyre having covered 16000 miles since the end of January. The rear...
  19. proser

    Geometry Issues

    Hi, Just had my car put on a hunter system and got the following results: Reduced: 81% of original size [ 1024 x 991 ] - Click to view full image The car is a 2000 Merc E320Cdi Elegance Estate, with Avantgarde springs all round and shock s on the front. Self levelling on the back...
  20. npuk

    Wheel alignment / geometry at main dealer

    Can anyone tell me if wheel alignment and geometry setup is done free at MB main dealers if the car is still within the 3yr manufacturers warranty? If not does anyone know how much roughly the main dealers charge? Also read from 2000 onwards they didnt fit the adjuster bolts so without these I...
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