1. S

    soft top guru

    My CLK200 soft top needs some (hopefully) minor attention. I live in the Bristol area and had a brilliant 1-man-band guy out in the past but have lost his number. Anyone help?! Many thanks.
  2. O

    Any airmatic guru needed.

    Recently bought an e55. Few small problems I intend to work through to get her completely perfect again. Arimatic symptoms: Rear or front of the car won't raise. Rear is lower than the front. Dash says "car raising" then the visit work shop Relay replaced as old one was dead...
  3. P

    Need guru help on 1999 E300 TD

    Morning gurus! Looking at a cheap E300 TD. (1999). Are they reliable? I am after an economical derv doe long motorway trips, and wonder if these go on forever? I know rust is an issue and have checked this one, which seems to be in good shape. I am more concerned about engine and...
  4. poormansporsche

    Any Circuit Board Guru's on the board ???

    Alright Good People, Im retrofitting steering wheel controls on my W208 but I cant be bothered with all that adding can bus and changing clusters etc etc. I have a aftermarket radio with steering wheel controls capability. I have a converter to use Ford (non canbus) steering wheel...
  5. Gollom

    Ubuntu question - any Unix guru out there?

    Just installing Ubuntu on an old laptop for the first time and need to check/repair the hard disk as it may on it's way out and I suspect some bad sectors. So need to run a disk check using fsck but to do this I need to "sudo umount /filesystem" How do I determine the filesystem name...
  6. developer

    Any Multi Track Recorder Guru's On Tonight?

    Any Multi Track Recorder Gurus On Tonight? Two choices: Usage is for my lad to record at home. A secondhand but mint KorgP3200 or a new Zoom R16. Roughly the same price. if I understand them correctly, the Korg has no SD card, but a hard drive and CD writer, whereas the Zoom is SD card...
  7. I

    Gearbox - Mechanical & electrical Guru?

    Hi All, Some of the threads on hear have got me thinking, especially as I have a problem with my 5sp auto on the s211 E320cdi (53-reg). Most places including MB seem to think that you need a new gearbox or torque converter, if the oil and filter change makes no difference! My car only when...
  8. brucemillar

    Financial Guru Required. PPI v PPP

    Folks I believe that I am entitled to claim back on mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. So I duly wrote off to the lender and included all my documents etc and clearly stated my claim. I got a super fast response that stated that I had bought a Payment Protection Plan (PPP) and not Payment...
  9. jpskiller

    Any Access 2007 Guru's Help Needed

    I am trying to put a conditional format on Outstanding to change colour if overdue tried following expressions: [Invoicedate]+31 < date() AND [Outstanding] > 0 ([Invoicedate]+31 < date()) AND ([Outstanding] > 0) dosent work but if do them seperate ie : [Invoicedate]+31 < date() -...
  10. Spinal

    Hardware Guru Needed...

    Setting the scene... I know very little.. if anything about microcontrollers... I want to create a microcontroller that will connect (via PS/2 or USB) to a computer, pretending to be a HID:Keyboard and send a preset series of keypresses to the computer. E.g. something that gets connected...
  11. dougal74

    Any web designer/host guru want to earn some consultancy?

    Our (Dutch) web hosting company at work is giving us the runaround. Our site Work has been down for a few days as it appears some of the data has been infected by a virus. We host large amounts of A/V files in a secure password protected area (along with basic co. information etc.) Instead...
  12. A

    Photoshop guru help needed please...

    Please can anyone help me with this photo.... I need the black sills and lower bumper parts color coding and the car lowering so the tops of the wheels are just touching the arches... I want see how it looks before I spend some cash.... Cheers...Sean
  13. Roadie

    Looking for a Merc guru Essex/East London

    Hi all, i'm interested in purchasing a Merc 98/99 CLK 230/320 but I need somebody to give the car a professional once over as i'm not mechanically minded. No rush as I haven't found one yet but if this is a service that could be offered I would be interested in discussing it further. Thank you.
  14. WLeg

    Mac Guru needed

    for a what I hope is a real easy problem....I'm a PC person myself and have never claimed to know anything about Macs.... On the same wireless network, I have 3 PC's running no problems. All use MSN messenger. Through into the mix a G4 iBook running OSX 10.4.2 and MS Mac Messenger 5.0...
  15. StuartB

    Does anyone know a MB auto gearbox repair guru?

    Having once again become the proud owner of my C43........... the blasted gearbox is playing up again. It was replaced only a few months ago and has been into MB on numerous occasions. It still does not change and hold gears properly. I have had enough, but cannot sell the car until the...
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