1. Jalalul

    Fuel Pump Fuse 6 Wire Hack

    Hi there everyone. I was wondering if anyone has done this to their W204s. A Fuel Cut Off Switch, I believe someone tried to steal my car as I came back to it yesterday and realised someone had taken the ride chrome doortrim seal. And there was an increase in gap for the driver door handle...
  2. clk208

    2003 W163 ML270 as winter hack - thoughts?

    Hi folks, Friend of a friend is disposing of a facelift ML270 CDI - of 2003 vintage. Has around 120 k on the clock and is in visually very good shape - gleaming paintwork, no visible rust, unmarked black leather and has the toys of interest eg heated seats. Asking price is £2695. I've...
  3. michaelk3289

    this also looks like like a good hack

  4. R

    Genuine or attempt to hack...

    Received this msg via email today, not accessed anything yet but does it look iffy to anybody else? **************************************************** Account Notification Your Outlook.com ID will stop receiving messages due to our system detected a violation of Spam activities. You...
  5. Timster

    Bluetooth Ipod Hack Audio 10

    Hi. Having spent a long time puzzling over how to get a Bluetooth Aux Feed into my Audio 10 I've finally come up with a solution. I didn't want to buy a new head unit as I like this one, and it was very pricey getting anything that hooked up with the steering wheel controls. I used...
  6. M

    C class as a daily hack

    I will (hopefully) be starting a new job in a month or so and as much as I love the CLK ,it will be a little thirsty for a 90 mile round trip every day so i've been looking at C class (2000 MY on) as a potential daily driver/ commute car. For economy reasons obviuosly a 220d or 270d would be...
  7. O

    Bought a winter hack today

    I was going to spend a bit more on a run around but am saving up for a new bike and have a service due on the E55 in just under 2000 miles so thought I would save a bit and got this: Not the prettiest or most modern thing I could have gone for and those red floor mats are definatly going to...
  8. jonnyboy

    which hack?

    Hi all. Need a cheap ish hack to get to the yard, 5 miles each way and possibly to footie on a saturday, q7 as the main car. Budget 800-1300. Been offered: 98 e240 (v6) seven seater, full test, touch of rot, needs one wing, dark interior, well serviced up. 98 c200 grey interior 110k...
  9. Sp!ke

    The hunt is on for a winter hack

    I've now decided to look for a winter hack to commute in through the worst of the winter weather so I can leave the SL snuggled in the garage. So I'm looking for something cheap and frugal, something that I wont have to spend every weekend fixing things on to prepare for the following weeks...
  10. Dieselman

    Anyone in South West need a cheap hack.

    Looks good for the money, needs a bit of work but has MOT..... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-230-TE-AUTO-FOR-SPARES-OR-REPAIRS_W0QQitemZ230167682271QQihZ013QQcategoryZ10398QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. G

    Hack the EPROM inside the COMAND unit

    Anyone of you try to do this? :devil:
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