1. W124ali

    W210 E Class - Can the halogen be replaced with xenon?

    Hello all Just a question thats been bugging me. Can one replace the halogen headlights on the 210 E-Class with xenon headlights? Does the wiring and/or plugs differ? Thanks
  2. A

    S210 facelift: good offside Halogen headlight,

    O/S halogen headlight, a replacement OEM unit (due to 2010 crash damage), so the lenses are like new, clear as a bell. ECP price is £110, so £30 and £8 postage. PM me if you'd like a photo emailed to you. Collection welcome and encouraged from London E4.
  3. steve333

    Halogen headlights

    The wife's new r172 slk has halogen headlights which everyone knows are not great,has anyone any tips for improving them-upgrading bulbs etc?
  4. H

    W176 halogen to bi-xenon conversion?

    Hi, I have an pre-facelift a180 and have purchased the new facelift bi-xenon headlights and wondering can it be retrofitted to my car? at the moment my car has halogen lights and wanting them to be changed to the new ones I have purchased anyone help me? let me know if anyone's done this...
  5. K

    Halogen Headlight Bulb Adaptors?

    On the ML 2007, and probably several other models, there is a springy stainless steel adapter to hold the H7 Halogen Headlight bulb. Their purpose is to hold the bulb and allow a bayonet-type fitting into the Headlight housing, because there's no room for those endearing springy wires that...
  6. M

    Mercedes W204 Facelift halogen headlights

    Genuine Mercedes W204 C Class Facelift Halogen Headlights Pair | eBay great condition message for price
  7. M

    C class W204 xenon headlights- halogen replacements

    W204 2011+ Facelift CCFL Xenon Headlight w/LED Indicator BLACK Mercedes-Benz | eBay selling as i'm putting my car back to standard, they look fantastic and perform far better than standard.
  8. L

    C Class Coupe intelligent light system . Halogen bulb?

    Hi! Hope someone can help me. I have a C Class AMG Sport Coupe 2012. It has the intelligent light system but there is a very small halogen bulb in the middle of the light system that appears to have gone out. Can anyone tell me what this bulb is for and if I can replace it myself? Thanks in...
  9. R

    W163 ML320 After Market Halogen Headlights

    Hi, I have a legal requirement to change my UK Headlights over to EU spec lights when my newly acquired ML320 arrives over here in France. Question, sticking with Halogen, does anyone know if the more modern style Projector Light electrical connections are plug and play going from the older...
  10. whitenemesis

    Dealership Special Offer on Halogen Bulbs

    Just back from my dealership and whilst there noted they were doing a special on headlight bulbs. "Upgraded" halogens supplied and fitted £29 inc VAT Mind you still cheaper to buy from Amazon and then ask the dealer to fit? They did mine FOC
  11. whitenemesis

    For Sale - W203 Halogen Light Switch

    For sale dash switch for halogen headlamps. Black. No thumbwheel included. Taken from an S203 2005 Part # A2035451204 ES2 code 9116 (black-dull) See attached for compatible VINs £80 + pp (£10 recorded delivery) or collect from Swindon area
  12. whitenemesis

    For Sale - W203 Halogen Clear Headlights

    For sale, a pair of face-lift halogen headlights taken from a S203 2005 Part # A2038203361 & A2038203461 See attached for compatible VINs £150 the pair + pp (£20 recorded delivery) or collect from Swindon area
  13. W

    Halogen lights are definitely looking old school now!

    Even LED's are 'oh so yesterday':rolleyes: BMW Developing Laser Headlights
  14. K

    C220 CDI Sport (W204) - Halogen --> Xenon Upgrade/Fit Help

    Hello, I know theres probably hundreds of threads discussing the very same thing I am about to ask. I apologise but currently my internet is being stupid and not allowing me to load the search results correctly. I own a 11 plate C220 CDI Sport but unfortunately doesn't have the bi-xenon...
  15. 3

    How Bad are W220 S-Class halogen headlights?

    Dear Sirs, I wonder if some fellow S-Class owners could comment on headlight performance. As a masterstroke of penny pinching my S-Class doesnt have Xenons, it has halogen headlights and they are truly awful! Its not that they arent very good, they are shocking!!:eek: I've been fiddling and cant...
  16. X

    Halogen light failure

    The 12v halogen lights in my cooker hood have both stopped working at the same time. I have checked bulbs and they are both good. Have stripped the hood and established that the power switch for lights is ok....there is power going to the cooker hood as the fan still works. All wiring seems to...
  17. 1

    W203 HALOGEN headlamp: prefacelift VS. facelift

    As per title, I refer to alogen not xeno. I'm wondering to install the clear projector headlamp of the facelift W203 into my 2003 sedan. A part any aspect related to the nicer look, is it also an improovement in term of more light? Please don't suggest me the xeno:D Thanks a lot...
  18. Howard

    Halogen Lighting Help Please

    Hi gang, I know there's a few electricians (and at least one electrical shop owner ;) ) who are members , so could i ask some advice please ..... My pals restaurant is being refurbished , and we need some spot lights ( he has asked me to sort this out for him as we are a bit short of cash...
  19. A

    W203 Halogen projector lights (C55 Style)

    At first these looked decent, although there is no detail regarding the manufacturer of the untis. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8003602004&sspagename=ADME:L:RTQ:UK:1 Asking if these lights are suitable for UK (Right Hand Drive) cars, their response was: Not sure...
  20. C

    Halogen H6W sidelight bulbs

    Having gone though 3 sidelight bulbs in the past 2 months, the Halogen H6W, got 4 more for stock whilst down the stealers, 3 quid odd each, plus a sidelight bulb holder, mine was brittle and breaking up, 12 quid for the holder :crazy: . I have not tried as yet, but can these be obtained the...
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