1. pluggers

    I hate roundabouts

    Don't fancy going into rant mode, but I can guess some of you have already been here :( It happened today as I was going to the local recycling center after picking the wife up from work.I'm in the right hand lane turning right at a roundabout with a Vauxhall Astra in the left lane.They start...
  2. NW_Merc

    Dunno whether to like or hate it

  3. jaymanek

    I hate dependancy on electronics!! arrgghh

    we have a petrol station and we have not been able to dispense fuel since 3.30pm today... all due to some fault in the controller unit... after two hours on the phone to some teccy going through flashing lights, network cards, trying new cables etc, he has remotely determinded that the unit is...
  4. marcos

    Why I hate Winter

    This is the reason I hate winter. At the end of every week it is ending up like this:mad: :mad: [/IMG]
  5. imadoofus

    Don't you just hate it when...

    You miss your bl00dy 'plane! Stuck in the blummen Sheraton at the airport until tomorrow, with nothing but a very decent restaurant for company... I do have lots of work to do, and I suppose now I'm just going to have to do it! I could have flown to Leeds tonight, but I'm not sure...
  6. Gollom

    I hate the M6 - plus question re toll

    Took almost 5 hours to get home from Birmingham to Nelson (125 miles) this afternoon - agggghhhhhhh :crazy: No visible accidents or anything; just dire weather, too much traffic and worsening lane discipline. I swear I could have done well over 50% of the journey on the inside lane and got home...
  7. R

    Don't you just HATE waiting?

    Well there is me, joined this forum almost a fortnight ago, waiting for my secondhand 230 CLK to be delivered (Bought off a motor trader) and it was due last Tuesday. The dealer seems a really nice guy, and very genuine, part of the deal was 12 mths MOT, the Bonnet resprayed (stone chips)...
  8. R

    Don't you just hate when people sit on your bonnet......

    Don't you just hate when people sit on your bonnet......
  9. mickl

    don't you just hate the inventor of sticky back plastic

  10. guydewdney

    Hate speed cameras? Get you own back

    here:- http://www.ukspeedcameras.co.uk/game/camerakiller.htm
  11. garystu1965

    Don't you just hate rattles

    The annoying loud rattles that you just can't locate. I've got one coming from around the passenger seat area but can't for the life of me find out where it's coming from. I've pressed and prodded every bit of trim around the car to no avail. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh !!!
  12. T

    hate to admit this - I need an e-bay sniping service!

    Have been trying to buy a non-automotive form of transport for months, and always miss by a pound. More details if I win! The item I want closes when I'm in Serbia next week, so there's no chance of me bidding up to the end time. Any recommendations? If you're shy to admit this kind of...
  13. F

    you will love it or hate it !!

    how nice is this :)
  14. Koolvin

    I hate everyone!!!!!

    Before work I had to get some parts from Maplins this morning... I parked in a spot where NOBODY parks because it is out the way and near some dark footpaths... (things you do to prevent door dings) on my return two cars had parked beside me, and there was pleanty of other spaces in that...
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