1. modelman093

    W205 head lights

    Is switching the dipped beam for driving on the right really a dealer job as the manual suggests?
  2. T

    Going head to head US style

    How would you like this chick at the end of the clip sending you off to work every morning? Me ? I wouldn't be going to work --Enjoy the clip and do you know what a double wide is? (Mentioned at the End of the film) Tuercas Viejas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtdtGgf1BF0
  3. KillerHERTZ

    C43 AMG - Real AMG? Head to Head Video

    Interesting video on the C450 C43 AMG and how it's possibly cheapening the brand https://youtu.be/cqa9PBuuBIk
  4. W

    centre head rest question for T model estate

    I feel quite dumb to ask this but I have searched high and low for the answer. I have the haynes manual also not mentioned. I have a c200 2001 year AMG w203 T model estate. I live in Malaysia but it is a UK import. I want to fit seat covers in it but I cannot see how to raise and remove the...
  5. L

    M103 How to replace head Ian B Walker Method

    HI I have removed my M103 head following the method suggested by M B Walker i.e leaving the inlet manifold in the car. But to replace the head I cant see how the inlet manifold could be correctly torqued back without removing more of the inlet manifold like at least the fuel distributor. I have...
  6. P

    W124 Power Aerial with Modern DAB Head Unit?

    I'd like to fit a DAB into my 260E, but retain the power aerial for FM use. I realise that I'll have to fit either a splitter or an additional DAB aerial, but modern head units don't seem to have an output signal to power the electric aerial. I guess I could use a feed from the ignition and...
  7. I

    190E 1.8 Head Gasket

    Looking for some advice; I have a 190 1.8 which I bought unseen off EBay last November, a nice car on the face if it. Was 6 months until I got round to looking at it, head gasket gone. I had the head skimmed and head gasket done by a local garage, still seems to be losing coolant. Questions is...
  8. I

    Children s head rests!

    I stalked this group during my ownership but I Sold my C class Est (2010) don't ask why !!! it had built in booster seats. I also had the additional head supports which the new owner didn't need, I'm looking to sell them but I'm struggling to find official info or a part number and have no...
  9. T

    Head unit upgrade

    Hi , Looking for a new head unit , Alpine style would be a perfect fit but at 1800 a lot of money. Anyone fitted an android unit ? They are under 400 for latest andriod version. Or just go Sony ,Pioneer etc ?
  10. Davycc

    A lot of head scratching... help please

    Ok Peeps as some may already know my parktronic is playing up giving readings in error ORANGE bars etc. STAR says off side farthest sensor so replaced it with 3 different sensors and fault still remains. So It has to be either a wiring issue or the module. Im awaiting a replacement module but in...
  11. Ian Topping

    CLK55 Head

    Hi, Please help My 2001 CLK55 has cracked a head. Would anybody know where I can get a right hand head? Thanks Ian
  12. M.A.94

    Head rest rattle / vibrations

    So my 16 year old w210 has very irritating vibration noises coming from the head rests when going over bumps or rough roads. I know this is no surprise from a car this old however I was wondering if anyone has ever rectified these noises and how? At the moment I have temporarily got rid of...
  13. L

    C63 Clinder Head Failure (W204)

    Hi All, In the first 2 months of ownership of my 2012 c63 coupe I noticed the smell of burning oil coming from under the bonnet and also the car had started to run slightly rough on idle, I had a quick look and noticed that oil had been dripping onto the exhaust manifold on the right hand bank...
  14. K

    Head Unit GLE W166

    Hi I have the head unit from my 2017 W166 for sale Audio 20 with Navigation SD all practically new - £100 plus postage - Paypal thanks Kevin
  15. N

    Head lights

    Hi to all this is my first post i have a 2005 220cdi coupe and would like to upgade the headlight bulbs suggestions please
  16. R

    W211 E63 head bolt issue...

    How common is this on these cars. I'm looking at this: Mercedes-Benz E Class 6.2 E63 AMG 7G-Tronic 4dr Is it something that will happen sooner or later??
  17. CLSMark

    My head unit for sale on eBay

    Happy to sell out of eBay. Just ping me a PM https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232343234990 Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  18. M

    Quick question on W210 saloon rear head restraints

    My pre-facelift W210 saloon seems to like finding me jobs to do, so before something else unexpectedly jams I thought I'd better check how the rear headrest release is supposed to work. At present, you pull the headrests up until they click, and when you press the release button on the dash...
  19. L

    ML320 W164 Head Unit Upgrads

    Hi, New ML320 owner...I am looking to upgrade the headunit but seem to get conflicting advice. I have the NTG2.0 which doesn't have Bluetooth and the maps are dated. I was looking at the various options of the Dynavin etc. But was hoping to just get a standard Double Din unit with a new facia...
  20. R

    Thinking of upgrading to Android 6.0 head unit

    I'm thinking of upgrading my command 20 head unit to an Android head unit. I'd like the 'best' unit out there. I really want as little lag as possible and good bluetooth calling and audio streaming. I want it to look as OEM as possible right down to the buttons and illumination if possible...
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