1. brucemillar

    W124 header to rad connector leak?

    Friends Where the header tank hose mates to the radiator -a black plastic elbow! Mine is weeping. I think I can see a bit of grommet poking out of a joint on the elbow. Can anybody advise what needs replacing here please? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. C

    M156 C63 Header Options?

    Hi all, Three years down the line, I am still not out of love with my C63. I fleeted with replacing it with a V8 Vantage, R8 V10 and 997.2 Turbo, even a GTR but seriously nothing is close in terms of soul (perhaps Aston but it is slower) so I'm going to hang onto it and mitigate the extra...
  3. Gledsyc63

    C63 header change

    I will be changing my headers on a c63 does any body have any documentation on removing them or mainly torque settings for headers before I start. Will be easier than trying to figure it out myself. Thanks in advance.
  4. Waggajag

    Strange brackets on the header tank

    Well they're strange to me anyway.... Would anyone know what these two brackets on the header tank would be for. 2004 CLK240
  5. C

    water header tank Sprinter 311cdi

    Hi can anyone help PLEASE ! I'm using half a pint of water every 200 miles but for the life of me I cannot find a leak from any pipes and there is no water going into the engine (Sprinter 311cdi). Is it normal for the tank to be pressured up even when it hasn't been running, :wallbash...
  6. X

    Hot water in central heating header tank

    I have hot water in the header tank (F&E) to my vented central heating system....this has happened recently. As far as I can tell, the rads are getting hot. Any ideas
  7. A

    Water leak between radiator and header tank

    Hi Folks, My W202 C200 has been loosing water this last week. A quick inspection has shown a leak between the plastic header tank and metal radiator. I won't have time to replace it for a week or two so would like to patch it up for the meantime. I was thinking of using araldite or some other...
  8. T

    Blaupunkt header unit and 6/8 disc multi player

    ive just bought GFP4 and its got an old one in it now i could take it out and fleabay it but i thought id see if anyone on here wants it for free all you have to do is come and take it out (very carefully) id prefer to let a regular member have it as were a bit of a community on here and so...
  9. G

    Gunge in the header tank - help!

    Just checked the header tank - Gunge, oily mess. What are the likely causes, head gasket? Car has had no problems, only came to light when the level warning came on.
  10. D

    No MPEG header found

    Hi guys, anyone know why all of a sudden my laptop has started to lose the Mpeg header from the first 18 tracks that I save to a dvd? Using Nero I back-up my 3.7gb music files to a dvd+rw but when I try to play them back from the dvd using either winamp or media player they report, "no...
  11. grasmere

    help please with email rejection header interpretation

    Hi, I am having trouble with my ISP and rejected emails. The issue is what the rejected email header is actually saying. Can anyone assist please with interpretation so I can kick the ISP up the proverbial :mad: thanks Below is the full content of the rejected reply . . . //////...
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