1. S

    2011 w204 heater not working correctly

    Recently I need to put the heater temperature on 28c to get any decent heat at all. If I have had the aircon on and then switch it off, the heater blows cold for ages before signs of life. Any ideas why? I initially thought it might be short of coolant but there would be other warnings for...
  2. A

    no heater (airflow) from passenger side airvents

    Hi, I have noticed that if I put the AC on airflow from center air vents is fine. The issue is when I put the heater on there's no air flow from passenger side vents (including side vent from passenger side). Its a right hand drive car. What could be the issue for no heated air from...
  3. D

    Heater Problem

    I have had a problem with my air con on my CLC200 CDI and when checked they said the condenser was faulty. However last night I was driving obviously without air con on as it wasnt working but the air was burning hot coming out almost to an extent that the vents were too hot to touch! The...
  4. S

    SL500 (R230) (2003) Heater problem

    It's only possible to get hot air through the system either by (a) using the demist button or (b) turning the temperature dials right up to the red dot. Any ideas as to what's causing the heater not to function properly otherwise?
  5. 1

    W124 Heater Blower

    The heater blower in my 124 estate gave up the ghost last week so I stripped it down and after bench testing it and condemning it to the scrapyard, I replaced it with a new unit. Annoyingly and quite oddly however, it still isn't working! I'm therefore looking for suggestions as to where to...
  6. tron

    W124 heater switch wiring diagram needed.

    W124 information is either hard to find or I am not looking in the right place. What I need to know is the switching from the three switches in the centre of the dash, between the rotary temperature selectors. The car is a 1996 E300d, and the reason is this: My car didn't operate the centre...
  7. B

    R129 Central locking and heater problem

    New member. First post. 300Sl 24 (1991) project car. Central locking pump broken beyond repair. Also heater control not working (pumps out hot air from side vents/aux fan not working/duo valve solenoids click ok when 12V applied). I have been trying to find out if the flaps in the engine...
  8. salfordmerc

    Heater not working

    I have a problem with the heater not getting warm,the AC seems to be fine and have changed the air filter,should my next stop be to change the thermostat? it a 55 kompressor,thanks.
  9. zoros

    Heater blowing cold

    Had all the fluids changed at my last service: Engine Gearbox Diff Supercharger Brakes Coolant About a week later with roof down, no hot air, anywhere at any setting in any mode. Just cold and very cold. I'm guessing air blockage in coolant system, probbaly because mechanic forgot to bleed...
  10. A

    Air scarf blows fuse.

    I have airscarf and the driver side works ok, but when the passenger side button is depressed it blows a fuse in the dashboard fuse panel, and this stops both seats airscarf working......everything else is ok. I disconnected both the heater and blower connectors from both seats, and the same...
  11. S

    Pre heater element

    Can someone tell me if the 2007 w204 has a preheater element I read the car with one of those i980 scanners and it mentioned this had a fault... Also something about footwell heat sensor faulty Can anyone point me in the right direction.. cheers all P.s. its a elegance model
  12. F

    642 Heater plugs

    Hi All, I am fitting a new turbo unit to my 2007 sprinter, three heater plugs do not work and have not for the last 2 years but when the turbo was removed I attempted to replace one of them, I soaked around the plug with wd40 and used a 1/4inch drive T bar backward and forward and then it...
  13. A

    W212 heater air distribution

    Hi, I have a 2016 E-Class. The air distribution control will not permit me to have air coming through the dashboard vents and to the foot-well at the same time. Either will work with air to the windscreen but I cannot have air through all three outlets or through those two alone. The dealer...
  14. R

    HELP! ML270 heater booster relay burnt

    Hi guys !! Help please !!! Where can I buy the whole unit for the heater booster relay (MB # 0025422619) as it's melted & unable to remove the burnt fuse. I have been to my local MB dealers but they don't have a clue at all. They can supply the 60 & 30 amp fuses but not the relay unit...
  15. Palmer

    Wanted: W124 heater knobs

    I seem to have misplaced mine when replacing the trim. Its the two turn knows thay adjust the fan speed and direction. Ebay has none. Anyone have any lying around??
  16. Palmer

    W124 Heater bulbs

    Does anyone know if there is a suitable led replacement? Make it white and a bit nicer to look at i think? Ordered some generic 286 led dash bulbs but where just too long. Cheers Chris
  17. chris3004

    W124 heater matrix

    In need of a good working heater matrix. The one i currently have is melting the fuse box connector.
  18. B

    w209 heater unit interchangable?

    I was wondering if my anolog heater unit can be swapped out for a digital one? The plugs look the same, thought i'd better ask before buying a redundant spare part :)
  19. A

    W210 E320 Cdi Cabin heater repairs

    Hello everyone My car is fitted with a cabin heater for pre heating the car before the engine is warm. I understand that this only works when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees and the switch light next to the cigar socket is not illuminated. My conclusion is that mine is broken...
  20. G

    W123 Estate: heater blower

    The heater blower on my 123 estate is noisy as hell. I want to replace it out. But I'm damned if I can spot it. I see nothing that looks anything like the drawing in the manual. Help gratefully received. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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