1. G

    CL 63 hesitation on acceleration

    Hello all ! Currently not an AMG owner, but was hoping to be this morning :wallbash: Long story short. Had a '60 plate CL63 amg delivered today (5.5l biturbo, 30k miles). Full MBSH. Looked great condition, but when test driving it, I could feel hesitation on gentle acceleration up 2k revs...
  2. markheaney2

    S350 did 2010 hesitation misfire cough

    Good evening I am a chauffeur based in York, I use a Mercedes s 350 bluefficiency 2010, I have a recurring problem, here goes, sometimes when I accelerate whether gently or more the car feels numb, the next time it feels like a rocket, when it is numb it is often followed by a cough or misfire...
  3. C

    CLK430 hesitation when blipping throttle and idle when given the beans!

    Hi, At the start of a restore project. My first Benz. Picked up a 2001 W208 CLK430 which has potential to be made good once again. It has had a bad 2nd set of cats removal - I will build a stainless system in the next few months. A few questions OBD2 reader - can anyone recommend...
  4. AngryDog

    A bit of hesitation?

    Was out the in E55 earlier and gave it some part throttle then wot and it jerked a little before going. Is this normal cos of the auto box?
  5. C

    M103 hesitation + other problems / fuel pressure testing

    Hi everyone, what follows is a slightly long and rambling post, but any help would be appreciated. Ever since I've had my 190E 2.6 the throttle response hasn't been quite what you'd expect for a car of its power. The car is perfectly driveable (indeed, I've driven it over 20,000 miles in this...
  6. DelDrew

    M272 E30 (CLK280) Hesitation when cold

    Hi everyone, So I'm a newbie here and been pouring over the various threads picking up loads of really useful information. I've just bought a 2007 CLK280 convertible as a 2nd car. It was a bargain price but it does need a little TLC! So, the first issue that I'd love some advice on, is a...
  7. M

    W204 C220 CDi hesitation at low revs

    Hi Not sure if this a common problem or trait? When travelling at low speeds 0-15 mph the car is very jerky and it's almost like it "kangarooing". Any suggestions please? Thanks Mark.
  8. M

    '95 W202 C180 (no MAF) hesitation and hard to start after warm

    Hello all! Im looking to get some advice regarding our trusty old W202 Merc. Its an early (1995 model) C180, with the M111 engine that came without a MAF sensor. Its just turned over 300,000kms on the clock not so long ago. Here's the issue - car would do a cold start during mornings just...
  9. DSM10000

    Slightly lumpy idle, reduced throttle response and occasional hesitation....

    Having recently replaced the alternator, water pump and a/c condenser plus an MOT pass without any problems last week I was looking forward to a few months trouble free driving in the C320. However, over the last couple of days the idle has become a little low and unstable (no stalling)...
  10. Richard205

    Hesitation on part throttle

    Hi all, Just as I'm planning my trip to France my 2003 ML 270, it has begun to hesitate on part throttle. It only seems to occur on slight inclines when using part throttle around 60 to 70mph. It normally happens on cruise control but it happens without so not the CC playing up. It feels a bit...
  11. A

    W221 S320 hesitation at low revs

    Morning All, I have a 2006 S320 CDI W221 and, from time to time, when at low revs and pulling away, the car will hesitate 3 times before it finally takes off. Its really hard to explain and only happens every few days or so and appears to be worse when in Comfort. Imagine you put your...
  12. P

    2003 clk200komp cabrio erratic idle/ hesitation

    hi guys first posting on the forum a am member of a couple of other makes of car forums in the uk and find they are amazingly good and helpful, no doubt the same or even better on this site i give you a little history of the events on this car 2003 100000km basically in the first 9...
  13. K

    W124 hesitation after engine is hot and then stalling (M103)

    Car starts up great. Drives normally until engine is hot. Then becomes hesitant on acceleration. The hesitation quickly worsens over about 5 to 10 minutes. The car will then stall when accelerating from idle. It can be restarted and will idle rough with the car shaking. At this time, if put into...
  14. N

    W126 300se misfire / hesitation

    Hi I’m experiencing a slight misfire in my 1988 W126 300SE. It seems to be when the engine is warm, i.e. after around 10 mins of driving. When I accelerate there is a hesitation / misfire type of thing happening! Very frustrating! Any thoughts what this might be? Just FYI, I have a new...
  15. DSM10000

    Low speed hesitation.

    Just when I was thinking to myself yesterday that the car was running well it started to mis-behave this morning. The first symptom was the engine turning over for longer than usual before firing, the starter was not labouring and the battery is fine, it just took a couple of seconds to fire...
  16. M

    Auto box hesitation?

    I recall some posts I read that some people had had TCU firmware upgrades to rectify hesitation in their auto boxes.... This is my first MB and my first Auto so I dont really have a yardstick by which to judge whether my box is changing up correctly, having come from a manual all I can say is...
  17. P

    W203 C200K problems starting and hesitation

    I'm having some issues with my car. When I attempt to start it in the morning - it takes quite a few seconds of cranking to get it going and once it eventually does kick into life there is a strong smell of petrol. The car will drive ok (once it's started) although when I try to accelerate from...
  18. alexis.jones


    Now and again when i put my foot down the car (C320 cdi 2008) seems to hesitate from 85-95mph (private road of course). Seems to loose power then find it the loose it then find it. Any ideas what this could be, the ecu has been remaped too.
  19. B

    C350cdi hesitation when moving off

    Had a drive in a 2010 C350 Diesel estate. It would do the job but thought it was a bit hesitant when puling away. May just be something you get used to but when driving in stop start traffic or pulling out at a junction there seemed to be a delay between applying the throttle and moving forward...
  20. Peter DLM

    Slight hesitation when applying full throttle

    Some time after the car was remapped it developed this little 'pause' when applying full throttle. :doh: It's definitely not changing gear or anything like that, but feels more like a brief misfire, taking a quick deep breath before giving full performance. Once the misfire is out of the way...
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