1. J

    Oily deposits from RHS weeps holes in sill of W211

    I've noticed some oily liquid coming out of the weep holes fitted along the RHS of the sill on my W211. Does anyone know if there are hydaulic or fuel pipes in this area??
  2. 0

    Holes on the floor

    Hello All, I have a 1973 W114 Coupe, found some holes on the rear floor and when cleaning the car. I am tempted to just weld them, HOWEVER, they all seem perfectly well formed and the floor looks rust free and also checked underneath, seems neat. Just wondering if anyone know whether this...
  3. glojo

    Loop holes and the law

    Following on from my other thread: Are we happy to have the likes of Nick Freeman, the celebrity barrister who is nicknamed Mr Loophole to practice his type of law? If so why? If not why? Please feel free to have a friendly debate but be prepared to have differing points of view.
  4. J

    W208 CLK AMG front Bumper with washer holes

    As the title says I'm after the bumper for a AMG w208 CLK with Washer holes. The one I have is ok but it doesn't have the holes. Thanks
  5. B

    W202: why are there 2 pre-drilled holes in each corner inside the boot? (pic inside)

    This is in a '99 W202's boot area. As you can see in the picture below, there are two holes in the upper right hand corner. There are three more pairs like them in the other three corners inside the boot. They form a rectangular shape. Are them for the tie-down hooks of the cargo...
  6. L

    Drilling holes in a ML

    I would like to install a fire extinguisher on the floor of a ML on the right hand side of the driver's seat. Does anyone know if there are any wires or the like under the carpet?
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