1. G

    Faint hot metal smell at speed?

    I recently noticed a very faint hot metal smell at speed, say over 90mph - on private roads, naturally ... :crazy: Is it ball bearings? - I had OSF replaced a few month ago. I also think it is when the S mode is selected, although I haven't driven in C mode for a while, other than in town...
  2. D

    Hot air balloon ride.

    It's our wedding anniversary in August. Mrs Ant has always expressed an interest in a hot air balloon experience. Thinking of surprising her. We live a few miles from Gretna. Any views/experiences of this greatly appreciated along with what to expect cost wise. Our 12 year old daughter will...
  3. brucemillar

    Hot Becker Radio

    Folks My Becker Radio gets very hot when on. I do mean very hot. I have the radio out of the dash just now as I was attempting to diagnose a speaker fault (now fixed). I noticed that the metal on the radio itself is really hot almost too hot to hold. Is that normal? What could be the...
  4. CLSMark

    It's too bloody hot

    I can happily sit round a pool doing " proper f all " as Micky Flanagan would say, but trying to function in this is unbearable. I blame Donald Trump... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. L

    Hot starting problem on '02 S210 E320 diesel

    A chap who works for me was telling me yesterday he has a mysterious starting problem on his '02 E320 diesel which I thought I'd post on here to see if anybody has any ideas. When cold it starts first time, every time, but in warmer weather, like now, it still starts ok when cold but as soon...
  6. D

    W124 320 misfire when hot

    Predictably my recently purchased 1995 e320 has thrown a minor wobbly It gets quite warm, I.e around 100 on the gauge when driving fairly normally, I would have thought it should stay closer to the just above 80 that my others do. When hot it will misfire on one or two cylinders and as...
  7. X

    W163 - sweaty summer

    Posted in 'Interior' section too - can't work out best place to put it! :crazy: I've got a proper head scratcher on the ML. My cabin is hot which is not ideal in the searing Newcastle heat! Story so far; 1. Blend valve was stuck in hot - took it apart and had a broken cog. New part...
  8. X

    W163 - sweaty summer!!

    Firstly, newbie and first post in the MBClub website. Thanks for letting me in! :thumb: Got an old CLK 320 (W209) and an even older ML270 (W163) - Discovered Mercs 3 years ago and I can't see me ever buying anything else. That CLK is such a nice cabin to be in. I'm a big tweaker and rarely...
  9. I

    Cl63 slight shake or wobble when hot m156 uk model

    Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks
  10. vijilants

    CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger getting very hot ?

    Hi, Does anyone own one of these popular battery chargers (CTEK MXS 5.0)? I recently purchased one and used it today, but after about 3 hours of having it on charge I went to check it and when I touched the unit it was VERY hot. It was soo hot that I decided to switch it off rather than run it...
  11. WDB124066

    Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead

    Must be April 1. Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead |
  12. J

    Hot oily Smell CLS 500 ?

    Hi, I have a 2008 CLS 500 (5.5 M273 engine), a while back I had a hot oil smell every time I drove it, turns out it was the cam blanking plug on the right hand bank, changed that and the strong oil smell went away. Apart from occasionally I get a similar smell, but not as strong when its been...
  13. smoothrider

    126 hot start niggle

    Having been away with work for three weeks, my better half promised but 'forgot' to give my 126 a weekly run. No harm done I thought as she purred into life at the first turn of the key and I wafted along a dual carriageway at a regal 50 mph to pick up a few treats from Halfords. Once back in...
  14. Alex225

    Private Registration - Y111 HOT

    Looking to sell the registration Y111 HOT - £799 Plate is currently on retention so is ready to be transferred. Drop me a PM if you're interested.
  15. M.A.94

    Checking engine oil - cold or hot??

    I've just serviced my 210 (first time doing it). I was just curious what's more accurate checking engine oil level cold or hot?
  16. R

    Starting Problems When Hot

    Hello I'm looking for some advice on my Mercedes E220 W211 CDI (2005) Estate regarding the starting. Over the past 2 months the starting has taken longer to crank over before the engine will fire up but this is only when the engine is warm/hot. Starting from cold is fine. I have checked the...
  17. N

    Hot water cylinder leaking.

    This a.m. was watching the F1 race when I noticed a slow drip coming from the ceiling light fixture. Investigated & the 1200 x 450, vented, indirect at least 20 y.o. hot water cylinder has a slowish drip leaking from the cold water intake. All looks a bit crusty & it seems it's been going on...
  18. W124ali

    Cabin heat & hot air

    Hello all I have a 2002 W210 E320 CDI. I found that while the fan is off myself & the wife felt heat coming from the front. We couldn't feel the hot air from the vents but we just felt hot and yesterday wan't particularly hot. Secondly the air con isn't working. Now I haven't checked if the...
  19. S

    Rear seat base hot - 500SEC

    Not sure if this is the right section.. Yesterday evening after a 5-8mile drive, I realised the carpet on the base of rear seats (not the floor) was warm, which I thought was a bit strange. After I got home I removed the rear seat base and the metal part of the body was pretty warm/hot...
  20. P

    Smokin' hot C43......

    Oh dear, I do hope the car doesn't belong to someone on here..... Dramatic moment Mercedes supercar bursts into flames ? just before handover to new owner - Huddersfield Examiner
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