1. Stratman

    Driver writes off new Ferrari after just one hour

    Like the title says New fast car, wet road, too much Top Gear "traction control is for sissies" attitude?
  2. brucemillar

    Owner/Driver, writes off barnd new Ferrari, after just 1 hour.

    Ferrari driver writes off new car on M1 in Barnsley - BBC News
  3. B

    2004 W203 Issues after replacing combination switch (amateur hour)

    A bit of background.... I took my car in for an MOT a few weeks backs (w203 - 2004 plate), knowing that the wiper switches on the stalk had broken and that it would need a replacement stalk, the workshop suggested given that it's done 160k to test it to fail and fix what fails, miraculously the...
  4. S

    AMG 3 Hour Basic Training

    Hi all, just booked my training at Brooklands and thought I'd ask what you thought of the experience and also what car to choose? I've provisionally booked the C63 for 13th April 2017. Also trying to get my son on one of the experiences. Any recommendations?? Cheers
  5. ringway

    BBC Radio 4. Late Night Women's Hour.

    I caught this broadcast listening to the radio on a recent journey. If we can discuss leaking, I'm sure we can listen to this. Who knows, some may even learn a thing or two. LINK. :)
  6. M

    AMG GT Nurburgring 24 Hour - Dramatic Ring endurance race Last Lap

    AMG GT Nurburgring 24 Hour - Dramatic Ring endurance race Last Lap 7qtlKCtPo74
  7. J

    Battery Drain within an hour

    Looking for a little direction :D I have a w203 Mercedes c220 CDi and its currently killing my battery within an hour. My battery is fine, alternators charging etc. but it's drawing 26 amps when the cars turned off. I've done a search and the electric seats seem to be the common fault...
  8. K

    Ramps for rent by the hour

    This will probably only be of interest to owners in Oxfordshire/Bucks/Berkshire. Today I found out about a place called "This is your Garage" based in Culham Oxfordshire http://thisisyourgarage.com/ they've only been open 2 months They have a total seven 2 & 4 post lifts & a scissor lift they...
  9. John

    An hour to save your life.

    Anyone been watching this? On currently is the second series and the first episode, one case they featured is of a 26 year old German woman who was on a bicycle and I presume was positioned on the inside of a big tipper lorry, which crushed her pelvic area as it turned left. She was basically...
  10. merc85

    8 Hour detail, s211

    Thought summer was on the way lol, so i started on the Mb. Gave her a Rinse down, Washed using two bucket method, dried then broke out the Iron fall out, Rinsed down again and dry. Moved onto the clayed and was really surpised how much rubbish was removed. Then onto a machine polish. Paint was...
  11. The _Don

    Mercedes-AMG GT 1 Hour Driving Experience

  12. The _Don

    Apple is making $8.3m profit an hour, 24 hours a day

  13. N

    Should it take only an hour?

    Had a slight issue with servicing :crazy: Bouht the car last December and had a 2 year service plan included. It's just ticked over 46k and is due a service (10 plate) but they'd not added the plan to the system so had a bit of a chat and they agreed to add it on but do the service at their...
  14. flying haggis

    rush hour traffic

    Rush hour intersection traffic condensed into one minute. [VIDEO]
  15. C240Sport97

    R231 SL350 24 hour test drive

    Thanks to MB Bishop’s Stortford, I had this for 24 hours over the weekend. It impressed me much more than I expected it to. Engine: The 3.5 liter V6 is smooth, almost turbine like, and quite quick (this is relative!) once it gets going. However, it is too quiet, and what...
  16. M

    Some photos from my trip to Le Mans 24 Hour

    Hi Guys, Just got back from Lemans with friends and what another epic Le Mans trip! While I was there, got asked to work on the Greaves Motorsport Caterham LMP2 race car: Even got a tweet from them, which I thought was nice! Unbelievable...
  17. M

    Le Mans 24 Hour

    Hi Guys, Anyone off to Le Mans next week! Weathers not looking to bad! Really looking forward to this year as while I'm there, I'll be applying Gtechniq CO Aero Coating to the Caterem & Nissan lmp2 race cars! :) Cheers Mike
  18. Tan

    Chauffeur needed for an hour

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can possibly help me, my brother is getting married on the 4th of January in Central London and I potentially need to have my brother and his new bride collected from the hotel driven around London for about 30 minutes and then dropped off back at the hotel. The...
  19. smillion

    4 hour wait for MB roadside recovery :(

    Well, after 4 hours, lots of promises, no show, very disappointed. Looks like a flat battery and after 4 hours managed to turn over and spark up and drove home. Lost confidence in MB recovery though. RAC, or A A has to be better bet on this standard. Called 6 pm, at 10 pm told at least another...
  20. ringway

    Carlos Tevez. Don't cry for me Argie Cleaner.

    240 hours to go.
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