1. michaelk3289

    hole in spare wheel housing w124 estate

    can anyone please advise if i should have a very small hole in the housing floor. i took the spare out today and found it was wet on the bottom where it had been touching the floor it sounds and looks to me like i have a leak and some corrosion but im hoping you can point me in the right...
  2. K

    W210 Oil Filter Housing

    In the bottom of the oil filter housing of my '99 E200 , a plastic retainer/clip has broken , it holds back a spring in the hole nearest the bulkhead . The other half is in situe , rotates freely but does not come out . Is there a replacement part for this ? How do I go about fixing it ? All...
  3. camerontyler

    Air Filter Housing Wobble

    Good Evening All, The Mrs picked me up from work the other day. When she pulled up I thought the 'diesel rattle' was a bit louder than usual. I lifted the bonnet and noticed the air filter housing heat shield was slightly touching a peice of metal below causing a metal on metal rattle. I...
  4. jim_bob567

    Mirror Housing

    spotted these, thought they would actually look quite good on my car, best thing about them has to be the ground lights, how would you wire them in though? you can see a sensor on one of the close up photos, maybe that has something to do with it... what do you reckon, cheap and tacky or an...
  5. H

    W124 E300 Diesel Air Filter Housing

    Hi Guys, Title pretty much says it all really, I'm after an air filter hosuing for a 1995 W124 E300 Diesel, anyone breaking one? Cheers Paul
  6. englishdas

    W210 Thermostat housing

    Am I being a bit picky, or is it a bit serious, that the Thermostat I just got from MB is in a housing that seems to have been cast by kids on 'bring a kid to work day'. here's a pic I think i'm worrying too much but having worked in an industry where we did castings for Rail equipment and...
  7. D

    Gauge on c270cdi air filter housing

    Hmm well maybe not a gauge but when I changed the air filter on my C270CDI tonight I noticed a gauge with adjustable knob !! Is this something to check air filter condition?
  8. M

    Air filter housing carbon clean

    Hi, I think I got this right. Just had egr sorted as it came up on diag test. Still putting a bit of black smoke out. Mechanic in his infinite wisdom suggested I get something to clean the carbon build up in the air filter housing. Anyone out there, with any suggestions please?
  9. M

    mercedes remote alarm keyfobb falling apart, need replacement housing casing etc...

    mercedes remote alarm keyfobb falling apart, need replacement housing casing etc... the buttons have cracked on my casing, However it still works flawlessyly, Is there a Fix? Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  10. Danny DeVito

    Thermostat Housing Bolts V220

    Has any one got any idea how to remove the bolts from the thermostat housing because the heads are gone. I could drill the heads of but i am concerned that i may not be able to grip the screws with the vice grip. I guess they will unscrew once the pressure is off, but are they the type with...
  11. M

    How do I remove air filter housing on W211?

    I’ve tried searching on here, but couldn’t find anything - so if you could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated! How do I remove the air filter housing on my E320 CDI (W211)? I presume the EGR valve is under there somewhere (I might be wrong though!) as I want to check and...
  12. Satch

    Soldier fights for housing rights

    On Radio 5 live BBC - BBC Radio 5 live Programmes - Victoria Derbyshire, 30/04/2010 There were parts of this where I just wanted to break things, particularly those who have managed to create this state of affairs and done nothing about it for years
  13. P

    86 w124 - hose from air filter housing

    i meant to add this to my previous thread, but realised i couldnt change its title, so apologies for two threads. i had oil all over my rocker cover and head, thinking this was an oil leak i thought the rocker cover was at fault. however upon inspection of the inside of the air filter housing...
  14. stevesey

    Nut size question (V6 Oil Filter Housing)

    Anyone know what size part 41 here is? I want to replace the seal (part 35) so need to get a big socket/box spanner to undo this nut? Also anyone know the torque wrench setting for doing it back up?
  15. A

    W202 OEM Indicator housing Driver's side

    Need the indicator housing as mine just decided to fly off on the motorway today, which by the way is the second time its happened !
  16. A

    W202 Indicator Housing - Driver's side.

    As the title states.
  17. M

    124 - tool for removing oil filter housing cap

    Hi I understand there is a tool for this thats basically a large socket. Does anyone have a part number or a generic equivalent and where I can buy it? Due to the sensitive (read crumbling) wiring bits nearby I dont want to use a chain to loosen it. and believe me - it is not coming undone...
  18. jadefox

    replacing housing on my Nokia E65

    ok, I bought a new total housing for my nokia e65, but I just looked on line and it seems almost impossible for a lay person to do on their own with no prior experience, I can change the face plate and battery cover no sweat, but it looks like you have to take the phone to bits in order to do...
  19. N

    [W208] MAF housing

    Could someone tell me where I'd find the MAF housing on a '98 CLK, please? Thanks.
  20. The Dent Guy

    Removing a Door Mirror Housing C220 coupe

    Hi - i need to replace the LED indicator lens in the drivers door mirror on my C220 coupe. Have bought a replacement but was wondering how to dismantle the mirror housing. Does anybody know? Cheers for all your help - this is a fantastic forum!!
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