1. Horrgakx

    Broken external mirror housing - how to fix?

    Hi all - I've broken the clear plastic repeater cover on my near side mirror. How do I fix it please?? It's a C250 2015 W205
  2. anfieldassasin

    300ce air filter housing wanted

    Hi guys looking for the bottom bit of the air filter assembly (the bit the filter sits in) for my 1988 300ce m103 engine car. Cheers
  3. D

    W211 Thermostat housing bolt - can anyone tell me what bolt it is?

    Gave the new car its first service (by me) today. I replaced the thermostat at the same time as it seemed to be running cool. After the job already having taken too long due to having to run out and get the special tool for the oil filter, to my horror, when doing up one of thermostat housing...
  4. Chis

    R129 oil in the tranny bell housing.

    First things first, hello this is my first post. My car (300SL 24V) runs great no issues, but I have an oil leak that comes from the grate in the tranny bell housing. My questions are - If it is the fronts seals on the tranny (my ATF level seems unchanged), how much does this generally...
  5. E

    Air Filter Housing Wobble and Rattle

    The car in question: 2006 W203 C200 CDI (OM646) The air filter housing rattles horribly. I was told there are 4 rubbers (mounts?) of two types that need to be replaced. I easily found the kind both on ebay and the Febi parts catalog: Air Filter Housing Mount Front Mercedes C 200 CDI C Class...
  6. V

    2003 W164 Housing for the control levers on steering column loose

    The housing for the various controls mounted on the steering column (combination stalk, cruise control and gear-lever) of my 2006 ML350 (with electric steering column adjustment) has become loose and the whole mechanism rotates on the steering column in both directions by a few degrees when...
  7. S

    Air intake housing....

    I had hoped that the New Year would start off all jolly and fluffy...... it didn't! There has been a persistent smell of fuel inside the wife's little runabout (2004 A160 CDi) for about a month; this was traced to a weeping union on the injector and a very porous leak off pipe, happily both are...
  8. W

    bell housing pattern

    Could anyone tell me if the merc. bell housing pattern has changed much over the last 20 years. Just wondering what engine swops are possible.
  9. B

    Gearbox breaking? Metal bits in rubber plug of gearbox bell housing of 2008 320 CDI

    Hi guys, I apologise for asking a question straight off :confused: Wonder if anyone is able to advise. I have a C320 CDI 2008 (W204) with a 7-speed gearbox which has done 42,000 miles. I was about to have the gearbox oil and filter change, but mechanic then showed me the inside of the rubber...
  10. BAZZER1

    Gps roof antennae with housing & gasket

    Still looking for a GPS Antenae, Short stubby type, with Housing Cap ( Any colour as I can always spray it ) and Rubber Gasket to fit between the Cap and the Car Roof.
  11. zakspeed007

    replacing thermostat housing on c250cdi

    Hi. I'm picking up a new thermostat housing tomorrow for my 2010 c250cdi,was wondering how easy/difficult a job it is to do. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers Zak
  12. S

    e300td s210 number 6 glow plug and oil filter housing

    Hi, Just wondering, on the s210 e300td can the oil filter housing be moved without draining the engine? I was wondering if it was possible to maybe undo a couple of bolts and rotate it a little - or will I have to drain the oil and take the housing off completely? Reason is that the number 6...
  13. G

    W202 Fron Coil Spring Housing

    Hi all I'm guessing I know the answer to this question but just thought I'd ask the forum to confirm the inevitable Had a coil spring go on my C250TD Estate over the weekend and just had a look to see what damage was done. As it turns out it was n't the coils spring snapping but the upper...
  14. E

    Wing mirror housing

    Im having trouble refitting the wing mirror housing on my W211:wall bash:, is it the case of pushing it back until it clicks of some kind? I'm pushing it all i can but still comes of if i tug at it:dk:.
  15. S

    W221 - Custom housing inside centre console for mobile

    I have the S320 2008 and looking for somewhere to house my iPhone 6. Don't really like the phone holder attachments that clip to the dash, prefer something more discrete. Was thinking how nice it'd be to use the top section of the front centre console. Perhaps a foam insert, with a phone...
  16. D

    W210 Facelift Wing Mirrors + Mirror Housing - URGENT

    Mine were stolen earlier this week. Too the whole unit from each side, I'm only left with 2 loose cables/plugs on each side. Thought I'd ask the UK MB community before going on fleabay. I know its a long shot and I'm probably going to have to settle with whatever color I can get and have paint...
  17. A

    W124 front door speaker housing

    Hi, Has anybody got these in their car? I'm wondering if they ever came in a different colour?] Part number is: 1247270888 Andy
  18. developer

    The Housing Enforcers BBC1 9.15am

    On again this morning. Did anyone watch yesterday's 1st programme? :eek: Welcome to the world of the private rented sector. At least a decent balance of bad landlord/bad tenant story (so far).
  19. H

    W202 Folding Mirror Frame (not housing)

    Hi looking for a w202 folding mirror frame/mechanism.
  20. astamir

    W208 55amg oil filter housing removal

    Hi guys wish you all the best As it says in the topic of the thread I'm trying to remove the oil filter housing to change the seal under it, and needed help to identify the size of the bolt that fits inside the housing Going through the mb forums I found the thread where the same job was done on...
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