1. The _Don

    Millionaire's plan for mega basement hit by £825,000 affordable housing levy

  2. mymini007

    Black headlight housing - CLS

    I have seen some pictures of CLS's with black headlight housings, I think it looks amazing. Has anyone done it, can anyone do it for me? Is it easy?
  3. T

    Cooling fan in ECU housing box??

    Noticed that the fan in the housing for ecu etc (front ns of engine bay) kept running for circa 8 minutes after ign turned off, although the engine had only been run a minute or two. Is this normal?
  4. R

    320CDI Thermostat without the housing?

    Hi There I have been doing some research into replacing just the thermostat on the s210 320 cdi (2000 Reg) - has anyone found just the thermostat that fits into the housing? It seems insane to replace the whole lot when just a £10 part will sort the system... Also reports on the housings...
  5. D

    W211 CDI, how to remove oil cooler at filter housing?

    W211 E220 CDI (with OM 646, should be same for 647 and 648 also) How to remove the oil cooler that sits at the back of the oil filter housing? WIS says that all I need to do is to remove the filter cap to access the oil cooler. MB workshop also says that removing the charge air manifold...
  6. Lew

    W204 Wing Mirror Housing Replacement

    Hi, I'm swapping my 2008 w204's wing mirror housing for the arrow design housing. Has anybody carried this out, or know how to do the works???? Thanks, MLew
  7. O

    Diesel fuel filter "housing" or support

    Hi, I need a fuel filter support with the 19mm bolt in the middle. I think they are all the same on the W202, W210 and W124, or C250, E300 and E300TD? Thank you :)
  8. M

    E320 cdi oil filter housing leak `O` ring

    Hi all, just a quickie, yesterday noticed an oil leak from the oil filter housing, the o ring was being pushed out thus leaking oil, just replaced the element and all 3 o rings and oil is still leaking from the large main O ring seal, when the engine is running you can see the O ring being...
  9. developer

    The (Lack Of) Housing Market

    From a local estate agent's window this afternoon:
  10. Geezer

    Milton Keynes Housing

    I am a cash buyer and have been looking for a house to buy for over a year without success. I am now considering Milton Keynes and, as with anywhere, there are good and bad areas. Has anybody any opinions on good areas? I have been told that Kingsmead is OK.
  11. D

    WTD:key housing

    hi i am looking for a 3 button key housing if any one has a old key they dont need or know a good place were to get the housing from not at a rip off price w202 2000 reg
  12. The _Don

    Council housing sell off 'will create ghettos'

    Council housing sell off 'will create ghettos' - Telegraph
  13. O

    Replacing key fob housing

    As per title has anybody transferd key fob circuit board into a new three button housing which can be purchased from E-Bay for less than £20 ?
  14. D

    W245 indicator in mirror housing

    The wife's 2005 B is complaining about the indicator lamp in the mirror housing - it seems to be fine, but it's throwing an error every few days now, so I guess it's probably about to crap out. How easy are these to change, and anyone got any idea how much they are? Cheers, Dan.
  15. R

    Free: W168 O/S Mirror Housing

    I have an almost complete A-class W168 silver O/S door mirror. I have cannibalised a surrounding frame, which was cracked on mine, and am keeping the glass just in case, but the rest of the unit is intact. It's the electrically adjustable and heated one, but not a powerfold. I'm going to...
  16. developer

    Housing Benefit Changes Affecting The Under 35's

    I don't do political threads but I wonder what the panel thinks about this. Amongst a raft of recent housing benefit changes the government has declared that anyone under 35 (was 25) claiming housing benefit can only receive what is known as the shared room rate, currently £55.00/week in...
  17. Arthur Daley

    W126 Front Wood Ashtray Housing Removal

    Have tried to remove this and have got as far as getting the astray out. Is it just a case of undoing the two screws on the bottom and withdrawing the whole unit, taking care to disconnect the cigar lighter? Cheers Sean
  18. brucemillar

    Affordable housing on Greenbelt land in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    Hi Has anybody had experience or involvement of opposing development of Affordable Housing? If yes. Please could you PM me. I am looking for some advice and maybe some of your experiences. Regards Bruce
  19. C

    W208 CLK wing mirror housing Titanit red

    I have ended up with this part number A2088100464 drivers side in Titanit Red rare colour its on ebay but looking for £45.00 PLUS POSTAGE Brand New in MB box and packaging good spare for when that car clips your mirror. MB quoted £130 for one in silver.
  20. Pringles

    Picture needed of back of W124 front indicator housing

    I would be grateful of some help. The LH front indicator housing has come out of its seating has one of the plastic clips has broken. There is a very loose metal clip still there but I cannot see how this clip fits. I will have to get a new indicator as it has a hole in the plastic lense and...
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