1. television

    KE air flow housing

    I hear that Bosch have just sold their last Air Flow housing, from the UK stocks £350. This one was for the 300E/TE where the idle is erratic and surges due to wear on the pot. Its unclear at this stage if there will be anymore. I have heard that its possible to fit a different pick up...
  2. dchaddah

    New Key Housing

    I have a W203 with a 3 button key but the housing is looking old and starting to crack in places. Is it possible to buy the outer casing and just transfer the inards?
  3. U

    W208 Key Fob Housing Swap

    hi was just wondering if this is poss? can i swap the insides of my old key fob to a new smaller mb key fob? the car year is 1998 w208 clk 230 convert. any advise would be helpful many thanx :)
  4. N

    Oil Filter Housing Removal - advice please

    Hi All. I have spotted a small oil leak coming form my oil filter housing, (240 v6 engine). I've ordered the o-rings and I'm planning to pull it apart this week in order to sort it before I go on holiday. It looks like a case of - 1) drain off some coolant 2) remove the cooling matrix...
  5. A

    Housing market your opinions?

    Ok we know the housing market isn't gonna crash...but anyone thought of investing spare dough into property....rather than the beloved motor. Well I've got cash tied in the car which i have been advised by many people to put it into a house which might one day come useful for the little...
  6. C240Sport97

    W124 E320 L Reg Coupe - Throttle Valve Housing

    W124 E320 L Reg Coupe - Throttle Valve Housing Anyone know where I can get my hands on one of those? Needs to be the exact part: 000 141 5725 mercman (Ricky) does not have one. Other second hand parts people are asking about £300, no guarantees on whether what they sell you actually...
  7. M

    C connector male - DIN 10 pin housing

    OLD - A 018 545 19 28 old part number for pins, NEW - 019 545 56 28 new part number for pins. These pins correspond to making a male connector the same as those found in the back of the head unit ========================================= OLD - A 016 545 36 26 - 10pin...
  8. Z

    a class n/s mirror housing

    n/s mirror housing,front and back and base cover. painted metalic blue,but has a slight mark on it. part number a168 810 01 79. 15 quid including postage. [email protected]
  9. Koolvin

    dual guage housing...

    I am looking for a dual guage hosuing to go on the A Piller... Demon tweaks have some but they have a ugly lip.... any suggestions.... one for you Mark300SL?
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