1. ringway

    Happy Birthday Howard!

    Happy Birthday Howard. :thumb:
  2. Charles Morgan

    Happy Birthday d w124 and Howard!

    Hope you all have a great day!
  3. d w124

    Happy Birthday Howard

    Have a nice one mate
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Howard and his 'Snorks'

    Was just browsing Facebook and someone who looked familiar appears on my news feed via the Fry Up Police page: WTF???? :D looking at the comments below the photo confirmed it was him :D Care to explain H? :D
  5. KillerHERTZ

    One for Howard

  6. Sp!ke

    A question for Howard

    I just wondered how things were going at the lock with all this flooding going on. I hear riverside drive was flooded so does that mean the lock is also breached?
  7. Dave Richardson

    Where's Howard ?

    :dk: Guys, I live in Devon so a few miles from most of you, having said this I notice the same members often post with advice, detailed explanations or just plain ol knowledge on how overcome problems. I've not seen any posts from Howard over the past few days, I believe that he lives...
  8. D

    One for Howard

  9. d w124

    Happy Birthday Howard

    Have a nice one mate :)
  10. ringway

    Happy Birthday Howard!

    Happy Birthday Mr Toad!
  11. d w124

    Congratulation Howard

    Congratulation mate to you and Mrs Howard.Wish the three of you all the best
  12. X

    Olly & Howard Engine Mount and transmission

    I have a problem with my CLK500. The auto gear box has just started to go into Limp Home mode but not all the time. I have been aware of a "ticking" noise from the area of the engine now for some while and have suspected that the engine mounts might be on the way out. I have fund and old...
  13. ringway

    Happy Birthday Howard.

    Have a good one Mr Toad. :thumb:
  14. del320

    One for Howard

    Couldn't resist this, seen at Anderton Marina last week during our holiday abroad!
  15. nick mercedes

    Thanks to John at Howard Williams

    My W220 has been a bit sluggish for a while, today it rattled, phoned up this morning and John diagnosed the problem as disingrated cat, flew up and he dealt with it while I waited - top marks! Big lumps of cat too:
  16. whitenemesis

    I've been Nappa'd or A Homage to Howard?

    Just collected the car from d:class automotive where it had a complete re-trim in two tone nappa leather. MB Designo Imperial Red and Bentlet Beluga black. Really very pleased with quality of the work and the quality of the leather, so smooth and soft :thumb: Pictures below have come out a...
  17. M

    seat covers for Howard

    These would go well in Howards car :D:D:D
  18. Druk

    MBOC SL day Castle Howard.

    Come along and join in (spectate) at the biggest collection from all the SL range next Sunday 2nd August at Castle Howard, Yorkshire. Gullwings, Pagodas, 107s et al. Maybe even a few SLKs. Might even convince you to join up.;) Just been reminded. You will have to park in the public...
  19. nick mercedes

    Howard Williams

    Full marks for Howard Williams in Birmingham, and especially star mechanic John. Was planning to have a new gearbox fitted, but John realised that it was only the selector siezed, and a few hours later I had the full quota of gears again, and reverse which I'd been missing since June. They...
  20. nick mercedes

    thanks to Andy K and Howard

    Once again forum proves to be full of talented people, Andy designed some graphics for me and Howard and I fitted them yesterday, thanks guys!
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