1. C

    CLK430 hesitation when blipping throttle and idle when given the beans!

    Hi, At the start of a restore project. My first Benz. Picked up a 2001 W208 CLK430 which has potential to be made good once again. It has had a bad 2nd set of cats removal - I will build a stainless system in the next few months. A few questions OBD2 reader - can anyone recommend...
  2. Smart320

    Idle speed varying on ML 320 cdi

    Have just acquired an 2007 ML 320 cdi which is in very good condition with full MB service history , only 42 k miles and serviced only 500 mls ago. The idle speed ( about 900 ) has been checked after I noted before collection that I felt it was too high ( was OK according to the garage who...
  3. Smart320

    Normal idle speed for ML 320 cdi

    Have bought a 2007 ML 320 cdi and when test driving it thought the revs at idle looked a bit high at about 850/900 . Can anyone tell me what it should be once warmed up
  4. S

    R129 Jerky Acceleration/Rough idle

    Hello, I've just bought my first SL, and it's fantastic! I've a 1994 R129 SL500, it drives smooth as silk under normal driving conditions... However, under heavy acceleration the engine jerks quite severely. When the car is idling it's fairly erratic and occasionally cuts out. From...
  5. mcshape

    2010 W212 rough idle and squeaking

    Hey All Have an issue with my E200 CDI, When i first start it in the morning the engine does not sound very "mercedes like" at all, it sounds very rough and has a squeaking / chirping sound too, as soon as the car warms up this calms down, but it seems very consistent with starting it up after...
  6. MB-tex

    W124 M104 idle issues

    Hi all my 1996 e280 is giving me issues and is currently in the shop. I don't like it when a car has to stay in overnight! Basically car has been failing to start then starting first time later in the day. Also coming off a roundabout it has felt like it lost power until car was level...
  7. M

    Mercedes c320 running rough at idle and underpowered

    My c320 petrol V6 2001 has rough idle and poor performance checked usual suspects maf , air leaks ,leads, plugs coils,fuel pressure 55psi all the time fuel volume ok,check cat back pressure none about 1psi max reving ,any ideas also bat voltage charge ok .done compression check all 150 to 155psi...
  8. garyenelson

    W211 E270 Engine rattle at idle

    Hi all, My 2005 W211 E270 CDI has developed a strange "tinny" rattle at idle. It sounds a bit like a bit of exhaust heatshield vibrating. I've had the cats checked but apparently they are okay. Also had it up on a ramp but couldn't see any issues with heatshields either. It is loudest...
  9. M

    Slight knock on idle

    Stopped my c-63 today at set of traffic lights, pressed hold and after a couple of seconds, I heard what Can only be described as a knocking noise, drove on from ights car drove faultless stopped again, did the same, stick it in neutral or park no
  10. Steve260E

    M103 2.6 Idle Issue

    My m103 2.6 has had an idle issue ever since I have owned the car, it always eventually starts but it is a bit touch and go when its really cold outside. Basically the fuel pump will prime, turn the key and it initially fires for about a second and die, cranking and cranking it will then...
  11. Priceless

    W204 Cold Idle Issues

    Hi There, Firstly allow me to apologise for asking a question on the day I joined the forum, I came across the page whilst searching for a solution to my idle problems. C220 CDi W204 auto, really stunning car but yesterday I started her up, and tried to reverse out of the garage, and she cut...
  12. K

    C180 W202 Idle problem

    Hello everyone. I am back with a new issue. Finally managed to get the central locking issue solved: bannana: This gives me the time to look into other issues with this car. There is a problem with the idling. It starts with a little difficulty and then the idling is very erratic playing around...
  13. pcthrillrider

    idler and tensioner pully

    does anyone know the correct torque of idler pulley and tensioner pully on CLK320 2005 M112.955 engine
  14. 1

    W126 won't Rev past idle.

    Good morning friends, I'm having a problem with my 1989 560 sel. The car will start and idle no problem but will not Rev at all, it will engage in any gear but only move a couple of inches due to no throttle response. It has sat for a while on the drive before trying to move it yesterday. I...
  15. bh13coupe

    M104 Starts then falters when dropping to idle

    Hi Guys I have some serious issues with my M104 maintaining tickover. I can get the car started no problems and the car goes to the immediate higher RPM (approx 1100 RPM). What I am experiencing next is the RPM then drops down to tickover 600RPM as normal and then the car conks out. It...
  16. brucemillar

    124 - 300te hunting at idle?

    Well a good 100 mile run this afternoon with no dramas. The engine hunts badly at idle only when very hot. I am suspicious of the twin pipes on the idle control valve. I know both are split where they push into the actual valve. These have seen a previous repair with jubilee clips. I have...
  17. Z

    Bad idle on c36 amg

    Got an c36 amg -96 with some problem with bad idle an stalling on acceleration. I have read the fault codes on the car with hfm-scan and it says 035, Post Lamda control is at rich stop : mixture to lean. 084, Post, ACTUAL Short-time self adaption idle speed or part load exceeded...
  18. S

    84 500SEC Idle Control Unit

    Hello, Anyone got any tips on how to test if this unit is faulty or not? I've taken it apart, does anyone know what's in picture 1 between the black and silver components? Also the solder joints in pic 2 look a dry, so I'll re-solder them to start of with.
  19. A

    W211 - OM642 - Blue Smoke After Long Idle

    Hi, I have a 2005 E350 CDI W211 with around 140K on the clock. The car generally drives fine but I've had an ongoing issue with the car putting out white smoke after a long idle or drive in slow moving stop/start traffic. Once the car is driven hard the smoke quickly disappears, only to come...
  20. B

    W202 2.3 Kompressor M111 High Idle (Fixed)

    Recently bought a Mercedes C Class 1996 230 Kompressor with a high idle and wanted to share my experience as I believe I have fixed it (long term/temporarily). I had a constant high idle (around 1400rpm no matter what temperature), checked all vac pipes, air intake pipes, etc, even changed...
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