1. Mrhanky

    ASP Supercharger Idler pulley kit

    For interest for all M113K owners only. This kit is used and has been on the car for about 6k miles. All the bearings are in perfect working order. This was my second pulley kit as the first suffered wear in the bearing seat. This meant changing the bearing became impossible. So when I...
  2. Mrhanky

    55K Idler pulley set

    Used alloy Idler pulley set for 55k engine. Bearings good but also easily replaceable. £180 plus postage.
  3. pcthrillrider

    idler and tensioner pully

    does anyone know the correct torque of idler pulley and tensioner pully on CLK320 2005 M112.955 engine
  4. A

    W211 AMG - Idler

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find the part circled in red please?
  5. Mrhanky

    M113K idler pulley set - upgraded

    I have a spare idler pulley set for the M113K engine. The s/c idler pulley is subjected to significant sideways force and this leads to wear on both the bearing and internal wall of the pulley. Often when you come to replace the bearing a perfect fit can no longer be achieved as the internal...
  6. N

    W211 E220 CDI drive belt tensioner and idler pulley torque loading

    As the title suggests I need the torque figures for the drive belt tensioner and idler pulleys on my E220 CDI W211. I am replacing them along with the drive belt but the Haynes manual does not include either the procedure or torque loadings for the tensioner or idlers.
  7. Mrhanky

    Idler pulley bearing woes

    Since I bought my E55 I knew the idler bearing had some play on it. I have had the press and bearing for a while but decided today was the day to get it sorted. Got it off and pressed the bearing out to be greated with this site I cant understand what the person who did this thought he was...
  8. P

    Possible silly question about idler damper strut in C250 TD W202 diesel engine

    With the top mounting bolt removed, is it normal to be able to remove the metal bush from the rubber surround? My instincts say no, but at the same time the strut only needs to take out forces in bearing, so does it matter providing it's a snug fit (which it is). Cheers, Matt.
  9. P

    C250 W202 OM605 another squeaky/squealing idler pulley question

    Hello all, I have a squeaking/squealing/screeching noise coming from the engine at idle. It disappears as soon as revs increase. I cannot pin-point the source of the noise with a bit of hose to my ear, however when I press down on the idler pulley assembly with a bit of wood on the damper...
  10. V

    S55k idler pulley broken.

    Not been a happy bunny for the last 2 weeks as the car has been off the road due to the idler pulley for the fan belt breaking in half, a common problem on these im told. Luckily i had only just started the car and was only a mile or so away from home. Could have been a lot lot worse if it...
  11. S

    3 Piece ASP Idler Pulley Set for 55K engines

    I have one set of these for sale, brand new never fitted. They are lighter than the stock part but more importantly contain ZZ rated bearings. £ 245 including shipping. (sorry used the stock photo as my camera is busted)
  12. U

    engine idler

    hi all 3 years now with a Mercedes yesterday the alternator belt snapped how do i remove the idler as it`s split in half and i have a new one coming with the belt me and the wife love to drive this relaxing car thanks in advance :dk: arch
  13. chilsta

    300TD idler pulley damper bolt disappeared

    Yesterday I noticed a nasty rattle at idle. Found that the bolt that holds the idler pulley damper to the tensioning lever had gone, so the shock was swinging loose and pulley was bouncing around. Today I removed the shock & spring and have rotated the lever enough to get a new bolt in place...
  14. R

    Correct torque for w208 steering idler arm bush bolt?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what this is? I recently replaced this / greased it but realised after the event I forgot to look up the correct torque before starting! Now getting a slight creaking from it when turning the wheels at low speed and wondering if I've over-torqued it... Any help...
  15. iscaboy

    W124 - 603 - serp belt idler and exhaust.

    Bought this car, 2 days ago, so far spent the following; 1 off serp idler pulley 1 off serp idler damper then I discover the crack in the rocker 1 off serp belt rocker £30.50 M17130 1 off serp belt £8.75 M13360 and while I'm at it a new hood ornament because the old one was floppy £16.60...
  16. iscaboy

    Q re W124 603 diesel lower idler rocker

    This is the aluminium jobbie that the LOWER end of the damper and spring attach to. I have noticed mine has a small hairline crack on the outside web at the damper end. I've ordered a replacement from GSF, due in tomorrow. Question is this, I have popped off the cover and can't quite see what...
  17. M

    steering idler bush

    Hi all, on the mot advisory i have play in the steering idler bush,what will i expect to pay for part and fitment?cheers,
  18. M

    steering idler bush

    Has anyone changed a seering idler bush,my sl320 has excessive play,is it a diy job? cheers
  19. B

    ML 270 fan belt idler, one to watch.

    The bearing went on one of the fan belt idler's, not an uncommon occurence, except that it pushed the belt off course before the pully left the spigot, causing the belt to momentarily rub against the plastic fuel pipes routed between the end of the head and the belt, just long enough for it to...
  20. GuyFawkes

    603 motor serp belt tensioner / idler query

    To be clear this is non-turbo straight six diesel in a 1986 W124 body as a 300D. Just purchased by me. Has the rattle and looking down from above has the "skewed" idler pulley in support of previous owners suggestion that same was on the way out. Purchased from GSF one M17110 (GSF...
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