1. li55ven05

    W124-horsepower increase

    Hi everybody! It makes already a few months since my w124 230E engine has been rebuilt. I really enjoy the ride.Very smooth ride,good acceleration and great handling. Recently I've bolt on 17" rims with 215/45/17.I noticed better handling but maybe little loss in acceleration? I would...
  2. BTB 500

    Insurance renewal - 42% increase for single 'no blame' claim made by named driver!

    The insurance is due on the SL shortly, so I rang Elephant to 'disclose' the incident Mrs BTB had in her car earlier in the year (somebody ran into the back of her Audi - all liability accepted by the other party and repairs paid for by their insurance). "No problem sir" said the man, "but...
  3. Niks

    Power increase?

    Are there any basic tweaks or modifications that can be done to a M104 3.2 to give more power without having to go down the turbo route? Im really impressed with its power and torque delivery, its very addictive! Just wondered if there is something more that can be done.
  4. hercules

    Increase the security of your precious MB

    Has ever happened to you that some time when you come home from work stressed or shopping with your wife , that you forget to lock your car or activate the alarm? Well I'm sure I', not the only one that it has happened the above and the next morning I find one of the door not fully closed...
  5. A

    Warranty Price Increase

    Today I was planning on renewing my Tier 1 warranty with Mercedes. I bought my 2004 E55 AMG 1 year ago and paid £1100 for a Tier 1 warranty with £0 excess. I was also told that a renewal price if it wasn't a lapsed policy was £800. Shocked at my renewal price today - £1550 (mileage on the...
  6. BTB 500

    Increase your broadband speed!

    Although I pay O2 for 8 mbps my line is only rated at 3.5 (due to distance from exchange). Typical actual speed was about 2.5, measured by - The Global Broadband Speed Test After talking to a colleague at work I tried changing the microfilter that the router was attached to for...
  7. darkon

    W124 M102 engine power increase

    Hi guys, I’m new here and I was hoping that you could give me a couple of ideas on how to increase or restore the power of my ‘91 w124 m102 engine. First of all I am asking you because I didn’t manage to find any useful information in my domestic Mercedes-Benz forum (I’m not from the UK), so it...
  8. SilverSaloon

    Mercedes price increase up by 3% same time as VAT inc

    hi just been told that MB prices increased by 3% at the same time the VAT increased...
  9. J

    E Coupe VAT Price Increase

    Just had a look on the Mercedes website and they now have the new price list for the E Class Coupe, (and probably other models as well). The prices have increased by more than the VAT change and so Mercedes are obviously taking advantage of the situation and have added a bit more on as well...
  10. M

    Last day to beat the fuel duty increase

    Anyone who needs fuel would be well advised to top-up today. If you leave it until after the bank holiday weekend, it's likely to cost around 3.5p extra per litre due to the combined effects of the rises in fuel duty (from tomorrow) and VAT (from Tuesday). UK motorists set to be hit by rising...
  11. grober

    How to avoid the VAT increase.

    This from the What Car Web Site. Land Rover has become the latest manufacturer to offer protection against the rise in VAT to 20%, but there is a way every buyer can avoid the increase – even on cars delivered six months into 2011. Place an order before the increase in VAT on January 4, 2011...
  12. snoop51

    E350CDI Power Increase

    Just been on the MB car configurator for E class saloon and noticed the power has increased from 175kW to 195kW 0-60 time is better and the combined fuel is quoted at 45.6MPG not 40.9MPG as is the case with my 2 month old E350CDI, the swine. :doh: If they had let me know this was occurring I...
  13. P

    Increase mpg just by pumping up tyres

    Hi, I've increased my mpg from an average of about 31 to 34 just by pumping up the tyres from 30/33 fr/r psi to 35/35 fr/r psi. This seems safe to me, but would 40 psi be pushing it??? It's a w202 c200 auto. Cheers. (PS I need a tow bar if anyones got one going)
  14. M

    Post count doesn't always increase?

    Hi all, can anybody explain why my post count doesn't always increase when in post? Thanks chaps
  15. X

    Price increase in Fuel in New Year

    Shocked to see fuel has gone up by 2-3p since I last filled up in December....on reflection, I suppose this is due to the increase in VAT back to 17.5%??
  16. M

    Diesel consumption increase

    Hi all I'm new here so not sure where to post, so i apologize if I'm in the wrong section. I have a vito 110d, and in the last few weeks the fuel consumption has increased noticeably. I wanted to know if there is something wrong or is it just normal? Thanks any help would be much appreciated.:thumb:
  17. R

    Replacement keys: huge price increase

    On 31 May 2006 I bought two spare keys for my W124 at £9.50 each (plus VAT). Yesterday I bought two keys (with a replacement ignition barrel) for my W126 at £26.00 each (plus VAT). No explanation other than MB's annual price increases.
  18. mercmanuk

    Royal mail price increase

    posted a parcel on friday £6.85,posted a duplicate parcel today £8.45. £1.60 more due to the price increase,is it a case of they are not making enough money due to the credit crunch so we will increase prices by19.9%
  19. verytalldave

    New car prices increase The articles says that Ford sales have to increase almost immediately otherwise job cuts will follow. So what do they do? Put prices up. Discuss.........................
  20. R

    Continental Price Increase - March 1st

    Just a pre-alert....Continental Prices increasing 1st March by if you are thinking about new tyres, think a little quicker.... P.S. Michelin increased 1st Feb by min 6%...apologies not alerting ealier, but it may take a week or so for the increases to take hold, as old-priced stock...
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