1. pammy

    Fuel duty increase postponed
  2. E

    Tax increase

    How can i find out if my car will be affected by the tax increase?
  3. grober

    CLK200K engine official power increase

    Can anyone give me the date that the CLK200 Kompressor engine power was uprated by Mercedes from 163bhp to 184bhp? No doubt its been discussed before on the forum but would like a quick answer please.
  4. LeighW

    A way to increase MPG? Any thoughts? I spotted this on another forum. May be snake oil (or just BS)... ;)

    Mercedes SLK 32 AMG - Power Increase

    I have had my car for a while now & i am use 2 the power, what is the best way to increase the power. I have been told to put on a smaller pulley & re-map the ecu, but have struggled finding someone in the UK who is capable of doing so.
  6. Jukie

    How to increase "idle" speed on a W124

    My idle speed (E220) is a little low. About 500RPM in PARK, dropping to under 500RPM whilst stationary with foot on brake and DRIVE or REVERSE engaged. This has led to the engine cutting out a few times this week. How do I up the revs just enough? A detailed description with pictures would...
  7. grober

    Petrol Price Increase

    petrol due to go up 2p a litre today due to fuel duty changes.:crazy: hope everyone has a full tank.
  8. M

    Acetone in Fuel to increase MPG?

    Read about this a while ago but have never bothered to give it a go...
  9. kwakdonut

    Bonnet Stars - Price Increase!!

    As it appears to be a problem that quite a few of us have encountered (almost a whole year until this weekend!) had a little scrote take too much of a liking to my bonnet badge and although he didn't get it, managed to break the mech so now its gone all floppy! Fnarr..... Anyways, after...
  10. H

    Road Tax Increase

    hi all just been reading the detail of the new tax band g for cars over 225 gm. It appears to only apply to cars registered after 23 march 2006. We have a volvo xc90 dec 2005 so we escape the new increase :bannana: :bannana: hopefully we should see an increase in residual :bannana...
  11. Pietre

    Fuel Price Increase

    Oh what a surprise, Mr Brown has decided to do away with the freeze on fuel duty and it therefore is increased by 1.25p effective tonight. What a lovely Christmas present from New Labour. Thats another 5p a gallon increase. I wish my wages had gone up in the last 6 years to pay for his increased...
  12. grober

    Car crash fraud on the increase AGAIN

    I was prompted to post on this phenomenon again by an item on yesterdays news and by another post on insurance costs. This was covered on video on the BBC some time ago. see video...
  13. P

    C32 AMG hp increase options..

    ok hi all this is my first MB post.. hopefully getting a C32 AMG December/january time. ok im getting really confused with the tuning information out there folks :mad: as an example: Mercedesperformance: C32 Stage 1- ECU & Pulley upgrade - 400 HP/ 500NM £2975.14 fitted but not inc...
  14. C

    MB Price increase from Apr 1st

    :mad: MB price increase
  15. S

    Performance Increase

    Hi, New to this forum & this is my first post! I'd like to know if anyone could kindly shed some light on engine performance chip uprates as a plug-in device? It's done via the car's OBD port i believe, & can be removed when not required. The reason I ask is because I'd like to know if...
  16. N

    Mercedes C200K boost increase

    I was wondering how to increase the power of my car and what have others done to theirs. From looking at the wiring for the boost control I see there's a pressure sensor in the inlet manifold which operates the 'wastgate' for the supercharger, has anyone tried messing around with the sensor...
  17. C

    Unsprung Weight Increase !

    I had one of my original steels fitted temporarily during an alloy refurb and was surprised to notice that the alloy weighed more than the steel ! Bathroom scales confirm that the 15" steel plus tyre was 15.5 kg and the 16" alloy plus tyre 18 kg. That sounds like a 10kg increase in unsprung...
  18. J

    Wheel / tyre size if I increase wheel size

    I have a 97 c200 sport with the 15" AMGs on it (205/60/15 tyres). If I put 16" on I presumably would have to keep the same overall diameter unless I got the speedo recalibrated. My questions are: 1) What size tyres would you guys suggest to avoid recalibration (initial calcs. give...
  19. J

    increase hp on stock 2002 clk 430

    looking for suggestions on easy/ quick upgrades to get additional hp from a stock 2002 clk 430.
  20. jimmy

    Increase your power and MPG!

    Before I send it back or try it on e-bay (could make a profit there), I thought I would offer anybody here my hardly used Ecotek CB26 valve. <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'> I personally could not get on with it...
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