1. Piff

    Increasing boot capacity

    Considering a 2 week holiday in Italy, visiting the classic sites. It would be a shame not to make it a motoring holiday particularly with the SLK. However, 2 weeks & SLK boot don't seem to work together:doh: Anyone got any recommendations for a boot rack? I've just come across Boot Bags...
  2. cobra7

    C43 - values increasing?

    Saw this and thought to myself, surely not..? 2000 MERCEDES BENZ C43 AMG ESTATE, VERY RARE & FAST | eBay With very few decent rust free examples out there it seems too expensive to me but perhaps not?? :dk: Whilst a few more miles and not completely original (has a gloss black roof:rock:)...
  3. B

    Climate control increasing idle

    I have a E220 avantgarde w211 facelift model 170bhp, I don't know if this is a problem or not but seems to be very random. When the climate control is on without air conditioning on the idle increases to about 850 rpm then sometimes drops back to 750 rpm but mainly stays at about 850 rpm. If I...
  4. JLR1969

    SLK 55 - Increasing Performance

    Had the SLK for about a year and made a few cosmetic modifications. Alcantara roof, a-pillars etc to match the tops of the front seats, smart top, carbon fibre trim and led interior lights. Trouble is I have got used to the performance and would be interested to hear from anyone on this...
  5. J

    Increasing tyre height on E320 Sport Est

    Hi, I have a E320CDi Sport Estate 2006 W211 My question is that I Tow a Caravan and would like to increase the ground clearance and improve the ride by fitting a 'Taller' tyre. Probably improving the ride and comfort(hope):thumb: What is the best option of tyres and what would be the best...
  6. RobertoMercini

    Increasing bhp in a c180k

    Having been on this forum a little while now, and viewed several threads in relation to my query - it goes a little like this. How much more bhp could I potentially get from my C180K Coupe without spending thousands? I know there are insurance implications too so would be interested to hear...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Increasing RAM on an oldskool motherboard

    Im still using my trusty ASUS P4S800 1.8ghz Motherboard for my PC. (Since 2004 - my own build). and I have finally increased the RAM from 512mb :eek: to 768mb & already I its loads faster. I have another spare RAM stick with another 128mb on it & I want to take it up to 1GB RAM, only problem...
  8. robert.saunders

    fuel prices increasing 1 Sep

    A reminder the duty on fuel increases 1 Sep; and that's before the VAT at 15% ends later this year :wallbash:
  9. st13phil

    It seems membership of the Middle Lane Owners Club is increasing... least if my journey back from the Lakes on the M6 yesterday is anything to go by. Went up to the Lakes on the bike over the weekend (stayed at the Patterdale Hotel on the southern end of Ullswater fwiw) and had a great time. Only one wet day out of the three we were there, so can't even...
  10. renmure

    Increasing wireless signal range

    I have a netgear router for my wireless broadband. Everything works fine if I am in the same room as the router. However, its a fairly big old rambling house and the walls are thick and the actual distance between rooms is big. Is there any way to inrease the range of the wireless signal a bit...
  11. S

    Increasing outside tap pressure !!

    Hi all - Wondered if anyone knew of some kind of pump that would up the pressure on my outside tap ? At the moment washing the car takes forever ! I've seen a kind of in-line pump intended for use with water butts, but unsure if I could use it for another purpose. Thanks in advance
  12. Benzowner

    Increasing Dial up speed

    My daughter lives in an area that cannot support broadband on her telephone and so has to use dial up. We bought a modem and tried it at home on our Telewest landline and it was working at 57kb. Now she is at home it is only at 28kb, very slow. Anyone any suggestions on how or if it is possible...
  13. J

    Service interval stopped increasing after service

    Bought a W211 E320 CDi last year, with 6k on the clock. Was showing first service (B) due at 12.5k or so, but I figured that since my daily commute is 40 miles each way, nearly all motorway, this would rack up steadily. Sure enough, first service ended up due at just under 16k miles. When the...
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