1. F

    reversing camera/ video input on Nav 50

    Hi New To MB, first one after 12 Years of Land rovers, but the Fuel finaly got me, So just had a e220 CDI Est ( W212) with nav 50. Really love the car but am missing the reverse camera. Does anyone know if one can be fitted to Nav 50 ? ie is there any Video input ?
  2. V

    W211 Auxilliary Input and Audio20 CD

    Sorry if this is a FAQ but i have a 2006 W211 E with no aux input in the glove box. Is it possible to retro fit one to the Audio20 CD, I don't have a CDC, was hoping to avoid FM transmitter. Cheers Vin
  3. D

    iPhone Input Into W211 COMAND; Two Questions.

    I've just uploaded the 'Sky Go' app for my iPhone 4 and was wondering is it possible to connect it to my COMAND so that I can watch Sky Sports/Movies etc? I have the 'full fat' COMAND; digital TV and DVD etc. Also, I have the Bluetooth module bullet looking thing and was wondering if I...
  4. T

    2005 clk audio 20 audio input.

    Hi all, great site. Brought a CLK 320 CDI back in February, my first merc :D Cars been great, love the pillarless coupe, really turns heads. The power is also very nice.......... Anyway down to business, i have searched the board and contacted comand, all with no joy. I have an audio 20 unit...
  5. P

    Aux input question

    My W203 '06 has factory command and factory ipod connector. there is also an aux input socket fitted in the glovebox. how do you switch between the ipod connector and the aux socket, I want to plug other stuff into the 3.5mm aux socket but I cannot make it was factory fitted (or do...
  6. C

    Parrot ipod input

    Has anyone used or fitted a Parrot bluetooth phone / ipod kit (suspect it's a 9200) to a 2001 CL 500. The car has a TV and Bose sound system. I've been told the Parrot connects directly into the radio speakers, not sure exactly how this works and if it's at all possible on this model. I dont...
  7. C

    W203 Audio 20 AUX input

    Hi I have a 2007 C220 CDI sports coupe I would like to fix the AUX input connector in the glove box which is currently just a blank. I have seen a site that showed the one end of the connector that goes to the Audio 20 is already in the internal sill on the same side as the glovebox. This was a...
  8. M

    Hi newbie needing (input)

    Hi chaps just thought I,d say hello. Looks a very useful forum. I,ve joined really to get some info on an E55 say 03 onwards, so anything you got I wanna here like running costs, servicing prices things to look out for when viewing etc. Thanks Matt :thumb:
  9. HughJarse

    Multimedia input for COMAND

    I bought this box off ebay and its great. Now selling due to car sold. It allows you to input audio and video. You simply push the TV button and have something attached to the 3RCA inputs ( red yellow white) I used it with my iphone and my archos. I don't have installation book, what I do have...
  10. D

    Aux Input for Ipod / MP3 etc

    OK this may be re-visiting old ground but I've just phoned my local MB dealer and now I'm confused! I've a C220CDI with the Audio 20 CD unit. It's an 06 plate (2006). Many forums / postings seem to suggest I can add an AUX cable easily to it. Pressing CDC on the system does show the aux as...
  11. DSLiverpool

    Engine Input Please

    Happy New Year to all :o In the next few weeks I will be focusing on ordering a new E class probably a convertible which will replace the Bentley and if its "special" enough maybe the Aston. My knee jerk reaction is to look at the 500 however its £11.5k over the 350CGI and I keep muttering...
  12. G

    Aux input connector

    Hello Everyone. I have a 52 plate Mercedes ML500, I was bought an Ipod touch for Christmas and noticed that on my stereo I have an aux button, but I cannot find where the connector is in the car to put the lead in, can anyone help, this would save me buying all the ipod in-car stuff..
  13. D

    W203 - phone and aux input question

    Hi, I've recently bought a 2004 C-Class Sports Coupe (SE Panorama, 220 CDI) - it's a W203 facelifted model with the Audio 20 radio/cd unit (no multichanger). Its my first MB and I am very, very pleased with it. However, despite some very useful pointers I've found on this board, I have been...
  14. B

    Comand Video input

    I fitted a comand unit to my 05 CLK earlier this year. It has the green Fakra connector on the back which I believe is for video input. This week I got a new HTC touchpro2 phone so thought I would be smart and order the usb to video(RCA) cable so that I could see the phone on my comand screen...
  15. I

    iPod glovebox aux input

    Does anyone know if this is what I need to play me toons...... Mercedes-Benz of Milton Keynes Thanks folks.
  16. P

    Cannot play MP3's in E-class W211 and AUX input

    Hi All, New to this and first post. I've just recently purchased a 2003 E-class 220 CDi (W211) and noted in the manual that the fitted Audio20 can play MP3's. My car has the single CD player in the head unit as well as the 6 CD changer below it. I have tried burning several CD's (TDK brand) and...
  17. DSLiverpool

    Aux Comand Input A Bit Quiet

    I have virtually stopped using my CD in the CLS55 and plug my Nokia into the Aux in the glovebox BUT its a bit quiet even on full phone volume and full harmon kardon volume. Could I boost the phone line out a little ? say a small inline amp or something The Nokia 5800 line out is via the...
  18. A

    Video Input into Comand Aps

    I have DVD command (2.0 I think) in my CLS and I want to add a reversing camera system to it. Does anyone know how to do this? From what I can find, I need a multimedia interface like the Dietz IMU.. but cant find a uk supplier. Does any one know of a good video in interface and where...
  19. PJayUK

    Does my TV Tuner have AUX input for audio

    Still on the subject of wiring this damn Harmon and Kardon Ipod thing.... The FM capability is crap. I need to get this connected directly, but I dont have an aux input. I have the TV Tuner option installed on my command 2.5. I have read that this unit has both audio and video auxilliary...
  20. R

    2007 W203 Aux input for Audio 20

    I want to fit an aux input to my Audio 20. There are many, many posts around this subject :) but none seem to work for my car. I've looked in the passenger footwell but there is no white connector there. From reading other similar posts, I believe that my car (registered september 2007) is...
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