1. simonafloat

    Audio 10 CD/Radio Aux Input - How to

    Hi all, I have been tinkering with my Audio 10 CD/radio unit and managed to get an auxillary input wired into it :) I have followed the same procedure as a guy on youtube, but his video wasn't easy to follow so I still had to do a lot of experimenting. It shares the radio preamp output and...
  2. U

    gone and got another merc, now request your experience and input

    Hi all, Despite the issues with my s class, I've gone and got a 170 slk 2.3 98, high mileage at 145,000, but seems in pretty good nick to be honest, and for £1700 with new mot, I couldn't really say no. I've had a read around here for the past few hours, but I can't seem to find a...
  3. Silver CL55

    Input from indies please, pricing

    R230 SL350 '05. 71k miles B service, new plugs, replace brake fluid. (I supply the correct oil) How much is the going rate for an indie to do the above with MB parts? Cheers, C.
  4. 9

    New AUX input socket

    I'm planning on putting the AUX input socket in to the central storage thing together with a power socket so I can sit an old iphone in there for music rather than trying to use the most inaccessible glovebox socket. Having removed the CD player & COMAND to have a shifty at the leads I would...
  5. Alps

    W211 Aux input for DAB

    Im getting modding fever again Can you plumb more than one input into the aux input? I currently have the MB ipod kit, but wanted to fit a DAB radio too, i was wondering if there would be an issue if i also wired the Aux Jack input in, but obviously only used one of the inputs at a time...
  6. I

    Speaker Power Input

    Hi all Can any one give me an idea as to the max power of the door speakers in a facelifted w211 as i am looking to upgrade them with a 5 channel amp and then add a sub. As I feel the sound is pretty good but lacking dynamic range due to the lack of power from the rear gateway and then add a...
  7. alanuk400

    Bluetooth Receiver A2DP option for those with an Aux input

    I came across this as an inexpensive way to stream music from your phone, ipad etc by bluetooth iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver | Aluratek it is a stand alone power unit recharged with 5v cigar charger (or plugged into the power permanently) and plugged into the Aux socket Seems you...
  8. Sp!ke

    Smart 451 Bosch high line aux video input

    I'm looking at installing a Dashcam into the fart car and although the head unit menu system references an Auxliary Video mode, it doesnt have any obvious input on the back of the head unit. I suspect that it'll be some of the pins near the aux audio input but I cant find any pinout diagram...
  9. N

    Anyone with a v6 diesel engine need some input please help! Thermostat issue

    Hey guys after consulting with a good source of mine I just wanted to check if this is normal. After starting my car from cold it takes the thermostat 3 miles or 13 mins to warm up to 85C in fairly average traffic conditions. If there is heavy traffic and the car is hardly moving the thermostat...
  10. M

    w202 c250td non starter, any input appreciated

    Hi everyone, i've been lurking on this site for a while now trying to fix the problem with my w202. Thought I had it solved but alas it's happening again. I had an air leak in my fuel system (c250td) and after reading similar stories here, I replaced my clear fuel pipes. Car started...
  11. Carrsey

    Aux input on Nav unit..

    I have (well picking up in the new year) a 2003 CLK with the below Nav unit fitted. My question is, will this have an Aux input to run my iPod/iPhone through...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Sony Highlevel input connectors

    Any ideas where I can get them? No luck on eBay, local car audio place reckons he might be able to order some in, but cant confirm if they will be the correct ones... :doh:
  13. S

    post code input on s204 command

    Hi all I have a 2008 c220 cdi estate S204 with built in sat nav, I am thinking of getting the new sat nav disc, does anyone know if the new disc version 10, will allow input of all the postcode charrictors? currently I can only put in 5 digits. also I find the maps are now out of date, and...
  14. L

    2005 A200 CDI Avantgarde CDi SE Aux input for iPod

    Hi all, Firstly, please forgive my ignorance on such matters. I am a total noob and cars generally frighten me because if they break they are expensive to fix:) Anyway, I know this is a well trodden path but I cannot find a definitive solution to my problem. I would like a noddy guide...
  15. grumpyoldgit

    Audio 20 Aux Input

    Advice please guys. I have an Audio 20 with 6 x CD changer in glovebox. If I press and hold the CDC button, the display changes to Aux - Input Active. According to the user manual it's possible to connect to the 'Chinch' Socket which is located in the glovebox. I've searched and searched...
  16. Jukie

    Aux input volume query

    I'm aware that volume levels from a device connected via the Aux input are noticeably lower than the Radio or CD, etc and you have to turn the volume right up to be able to hear it. If using an iPod via the Aux input, would something like this make any difference, as opposed to using the...
  17. S

    Noisy aux input

    I use a Drive Transmit Pro A2DP bluetooth adaptor so that I can stream music from my phone over bluetooth. The device plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and can transmit over FM but also has aux-out. On my old toyota aux-out and fm were both noise, and I could hear high-pitched...
  18. Gh3382

    cant find aux input

    I am trying to find the aux input on my comand system but there is no evidence of it. Is it taken up by the 6 cd interchanger in the glovebox or do I need to take out radio system and connect one . Gh3382
  19. R

    Advice on bluetooth adapters/ipods and aux input

    Hi there, A newbie question on phones and ipods Firstly picking up the car today a 2005 W211 E320CDI, with I understand factory fit Comand. It is also phone prepared with the UHI (?) plug/socket in the armrest. Being impatient, and not able to wait for a few hours 'til I've got it, some...
  20. F

    Vito Dualiner Aux Input

    Hi, ive looked around but cant find an answer hence the post, i have a 2011 116CDi Dualliner, with the standard radio i believe a sound 20 with AUX input, the only problem is the aux input is ridiculously low level compared to the Radio, have tried various amps and bits and pieces but its all a...
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