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    Oil Leak on drive shaft input to W210 Diff

    I have a slight oil leak on the drive shaft input oil seal on my W210 diff. Spoke to the MB garage who want £600 to replace the seal, they tell me they have to practically dismantle the whole rear drive unit to do this. Is it really this complicated ? Has anyone done this job and can comment on...
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    SLK 230: Anyway of installing AUX input

    I have a 1999 SLK230 and I would like to be able to plug my iPod into the car stereo. I was wondering if there is anyway for me to install AUX input into my car?
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    MB Audio & Aux input

    My new ML arrived last week and I've swopped the Audio 10 for a Clarion head unit and Neo mp3 player from my previous car. Everything works fine but I don't like the look of the Clarion. Does anyone have a suggestion of which MB audio unit will accept aux in. I know Command will but how about...
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    Aux Input Advice Rqd

    What can be connected to the Aux input on the stereo? I'm thinking MP3 Player - but would it be fully controllable through the steering wheel controls etc? Sorry for dumb questions but don't want to shell out £300 for an MP3 to plug in only to find I need to reach into the glove...
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    HOW TO: AUX input on stock model head unit

    HOW TO: AUX input on stock model head unit - Extreme iPOD From USA forum. iPod power loom AUX input loom for MB radio (not COMAND)...
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    Fitting an aux input???

    I have splashed out on a portable DVD for in the car and around and about but it is very quiet in the car so I am looking to put it through a small amp. The question is can I take the output from this amp and splice it into the existing car speakers or will it "back feed" into the car head unit...
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