1. Alfie

    MY2009 comand with 7 digit postcode input

    I have been experimenting with fitting a MY2009 HD comand for a W169 A class to see if it can be retrofitted to a pre MY09 car. The navigation works fine and in fact has 7 digit postcode input which is nice. The Radio does not work as the new units require an active antenna rather than...
  2. wongl

    Is there an Aux input for the APS 30

    Bought the Harman Kardon Play and Drive device (heavily discounted and seems to be real bargin if some what complicated to fit) to integrate the iPod to the car stereo. Although this bit of kit will allow integration to the car stereo via the radio antenna, it also supports line-out in case...
  3. ROBB

    Audio 10 & Sat/Nav/MP3 input

    Hi all, I have just been looking at sat nav's in halfords (having a sale - dont ya know ;) ), and the one i like has MP3 capability as well, although there are no leads for 3.5mm headphone jack to audio 10 input. Is there a suitable input on my audio 10 for this? Are there leads available to do...
  4. fred52

    B Class Aux input present but how to listen?

    This is really puzzling me! Whilst my C Class is away at the menders I have been supplied with a 2008 model B Class SE. It has a single CD radio but I noticed there is an AUX input socket in the glovebox. I plugged my ipod in BUT there doesn't seem to be anywhere or anyway to switch the...
  5. A

    Looking for SL320 - hoping for input

    Having nearly finished bringing mothers 280 back up to something half decent, after years of abuse, I have well and truely been bitten by the bug. Have been looking at 320's for the last few weeks and as it seems like a buyers market I am thinking of taking the plunge. Any input more than...
  6. amwebby

    Any ideas for the Aux input?

    I've now got TV in my MB, with a DVD/MP3 player feeding into one Auxiliary input. Works a treat. Nature, and me, abhorring a vacuum and an unused auxiliary input, I've been idly musing on what I can feed into those empty sockets. So far I've thought of a reversing camera or a computer. The...
  7. M

    E270 - Aux input help

    Hi All, Need some help with my E270 (S211?) esatate (Avantgarde, CDI, 54 plate) Its been 2 months since I bought my car, all well, cant complain. Still under used car warranty so no issues. It's got COMAND, and I see an AUX selection when I go to the audio menu. There is also a single input in...
  8. Trophy1200

    2006 W203 Aux Input

    Probably been asked before but couldn't find relevant info through search. I have a 2006 W203 with Comand APS retrofitted, I would like to fit the aux socket into my glovebox but need to know which way to do it????? I have found the white socket in the passenger footwell, so the question is...
  9. S

    Aux input

    I would like to instal an aux input so I can plug my mp3 player (non iPod) into my W211 (05 Model). I don't have command but a single slot CD payer. I would be using a standard male to male headphone cable to connect.... Is it a drip to the $teallers or a v.simple DIY job?
  10. Chattonmill

    Aux Input Mercedes 320 Estate

    I am trying to install an mp4 player to my command aux inputs, but where would I find them!? I have phono type inputs on the mp4 player(One white, one red and one yellow) the command has TV and video capability. I would also like to install rear screens, anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  11. Bazzle

    Low volume with Aux input (ipod etc)

    I fitted an Aux input to my wifes A200. Volume is low compared to cd and radio. If you sw from Aux to radio you get blasted out. An internet search confirmed this is a problem on many MB models. Info suggests MB has buffered input to protect amps etc from to much external input possibly...
  12. S

    Aux/ MP3 input on Audio 20

    I know this question has been asked many times, but doesn't seem to have been answered definitively? I have just bought an E280 CDI estate, and a Tom Tom 920. The Tom Tom does everything, has 20GB of audio storage, blue tooth for the phone, but I need to find a way of connecting the audio out...
  13. R

    Aux input to Audio 20

    Hi I can't find any info on attaching the aux input cable to a Audio 20 fitted to a late '03 W211. has anyone done this to this model/radio combo. if so what is the exact cable i need? is it dealer only or can i get it from my local shop? Pics would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Robert
  14. W210 Fan

    dish input cable

    I need one of these for the sky box, we had sky, I brought sky+ but without this we cant record one channel and watch another, anybody know where to get one as an ebay search for the above string was fruitless
  15. M

    CLS - Phono input in glovebox??

    I've noticed what looks like a phono input inside my CLS glove box. Can I plug my iPod directly into this & select AUX on the COMAND?
  16. Satch

    Quick input required.

    Guy I work with has an E320 saloon (W210) which has suffered external damage to one catalytic converter. (Road hump) Quoted £2000 to replace by MB Dealer, £1000 by Indep. approved MB repairer. That is supposedly just for a Cat. on one side, not the whole system. Must be able to do a lot...
  17. A

    AV input for new CLK W209

    Hi there, I have a 2006 CLK W209 with factory navigation, im looking for an AV input that will allow me to introduce an aftermarket dvd player and tv tuner to be viewed on the factory screen. Can anybody help me?????:confused:
  18. R

    Speedo input sensor

    Hi guys Am hopefully fitting sat nav into my Merc A class (2001 model) over the long weekend. However need to know where to get access to the speedometer sensor. Any one got any ideas?? Will I need to take dash out to access rear of instrument cluster?? Thanks in advance,
  19. B

    Add aux input to Comand

    Ok guys, I have the Comand, a wiring adapter from audiocomp converting C to C1 and C2. I wish to add an auxiliary input to the comand. I have ordered the aux in from the stealers. I have read that the wires need to go in pins 4, 5, 13, and 14 of the C2 connector. How do I do that? I have looked...
  20. SANJP

    Tv Input A 211 827 68 42

    Does This Command Unit For W211 Have Tv Input, Does Anyone Know ? A 211 827 68 42 Thanks
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