1. W

    Where can I get this dent / scratch sorted? (pictures inside)

    Hi guys Got a bit of a dent and scratch on my C class. See pics below. Any good places I can take this in east London / Essex? And how much should it cost to sort? Thanks
  2. RickyBurrows

    bad vibrations inside cabin?

    This started yesterday I put the car (e320 cdi sport 07 plate) into reverse and felt very bad vibrations as I was going backwards, now today it happens on startup and when I put it into reverse it's constant bad vibrating, when in drive it dissappears but when I slow down to point of almost...
  3. T

    Diesel Smell inside cabin (W212 E350cdi)

    My seven year old Mercedes E350cdi has developed an odd problem where there is a smell of diesel fuel in the car when the engine is running and the car is stopped. Truth be told it smells more of exhaust/diesel fumes. Now when the car is moving the smell vanishes but when stopped at the lights...
  4. Robdata

    Front tyres worn inside

    Even the treat overall is very good on my front tyres, they are really bad on both sites on the inside. Car is 2013 C63. Is that common or is this a trip to do camber?
  5. stwat

    2017 ARCH KRGT-1- Jay Leno's Garage; Celebrity Gossip Inside

    Has Keanu been sniffing the white powder before this interview? He certainly seems more animated than he ever has been in any of his acting roles,,
  6. gr1nch

    Overtaking on the inside are destined for the undertaker's the old adage goes. Though we all are in the end, I guess they meant early. Today heading north up to Lincolnshire, two lads in a lowered, matt grey 3 series bombed past me on the inside at 100+ , with me doing 70 and about to overtake a lorry. The lorry was a way off perhaps 6-10 car...
  7. M.A.94

    Cleaning out inside of lights using ammonia and distilled water

    Right so a bit of background as to what is going on, my friend has a VW Passat and has recently got a hold of some W8 headlights (rare + expensive) for free. The only issue is that the xenon headlights are not giving out enough light and its been identified that the problem is that the inside...
  8. M

    W211 a credit card fell inside dashboard

    Apparently (after 13 yrs of use) my merc has a gap between windshield glass and the dashboard. I left my main credit card on the dash and it slid inside. Whats the easiest way to extract it?
  9. W124newbie

    W124 indicators not clicking inside

    Hi guys, Just recently the indicators have stopped clicking inside the cabin when flicking up or down. They still flash and externally are still working. I had this problem last year and from memory I think that they weren't flashing either, so I replaced the relay with a new one from...
  10. F

    Whirring noise inside cabin

    Hi all, When I first put key in ignition I get a strange whirring noise that seems to be coming from the front seats? Lasts for a second or two then it's gone. Seems to do it each time you first start the car sometimes it will do it if you start the car later on in the day. Anyone any idea...
  11. F

    Front tyres worn on inside.

    Is that due entirely to tracking? Or is there any other possible issues that could possibly cause this. I am actually talking on the innermost ,err, tread segment. There car steer and feels just fine. The tyres are half worn otherwise. Speed bumps I rarely ever need to use at all...
  12. M

    S205 - Boot / tailgate fully open this morning, frozen inside!

    Hi All, Woke up this morning to an icy car on the driveway, with the boot wide open and the contents covered in frost. Thankfully nothing taken and care still present and correct! Anyone else had this experience? I've had the obvious thought of leaning on my keys in my pocket from inside the...
  13. B

    W211 mirror inside plastic cover

    I was replacing the LED strip on my RH mirror today and I broke one of the pins on the inside plastic cover thingy. This is how it looks: The WIS for removing/installing the outside mirror cover says that this part is damaged during removal of the cover and should be replaced so there...
  14. M

    "Screech" from inside passenger side

    Hi Just noticed it but when I first get in the car there's a "screech" type noise from the glovebox area. Disappears after a few seconds or if I turn the key. It's like an electronic type noise not mechanical if that makes sense? Any ideas please? Thanks Mark.
  15. alistairgd

    About to Purchase new coupe, would welcome opinions... photos inside

    On Tuesday I will probably be ordering my next MB - the new coupe, I am struggling to decide on a couple of points though and would welcome any opinions. 1. Engine I'll be 50 this year and in all my years driving I've only ever owned petrol cars. Today I drove both petrol and diesel engines in...
  16. 4

    w211 270 cdi inside air filter

    Does the w211 has inside cabin air filter ?
  17. uumode

    Inside of my alloys polished

    I can polish the insides of my wheels without taking them off :) Got carried away and cleaned the wheel weights as well.
  18. C

    W209 Infamous stepper motor click inside dash

    Hi, It happend in my car about 6 months ago. I did attempt to take the dash apart to get to it at the time but only got so far. I couldn't see/understand how to remove the top half of the dash, the part where the air vents are fitted. I was easily able to remove; glove box centre console...
  19. SmartMAC

    Pot hole damage and buckled wheel. Pics inside.

    Not a happy cahp at the moment. I did this on way back from work yesterday and I am sure it is going to cost me loads of money. Do I have a case to put a claim against the council? If so, do I have to get it repaired before I do? I managed to talk to the house owner near the pot hole who told...
  20. optimusprime

    puzzle W124 inside door.

    Can any W124 owner tell me what this is .Need to know urgent. it was found inside rear passengers door. It fits in there some place to stop the water draining in to the car and ending up on kick plate. :wallbash:See picture.
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